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2002/10/8-9 [Reference/Military] UID:26128 Activity:very high
10/7    Anyone think the sniper killer is an anti-gun nut?
        \_ it's Binladen's spirit coming back to haunt us!!!
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ BTW, any chance that the police will ever catch him?
        \_ There is no chance that anyone thinks that, fool.
           \_ There was one theory that the person who sent out the anthrax
              letters was one who tried in vain to convince the govt to put
              more effort into anti-bioterrorism.  So someone may also derive a
              similar theory which this sniper is someone who wants the govt to
              tighten gun control.  I think it's just some evil person who
              kills for fun.  -- yuen
              \_ who's going to ruin it for responsible gun owners.
                \_ if we all could carry, he'd be dead after the first murder
                   \_ This is my absolute favorite tongue-in-cheek anti gun
                      control argument.  God bless the NRA.
                      \_ Gov Ventura advocating arming teachers after Columbine.
                         But a better example is israel - subtract the
                         Palestinian problem - every Israeli is drafted ,
                         including women, and probably have full auto weapons
                         at home.
                         \_ At home? You have obviously never been to Isreal.
                            Many people just carry them strapped over their
                   \_ Doubtful. Those who carry can't shoot accurately past 7
                      yards in a stressful situation. Being mortally wounded
                      counts as a very stressful situation.
                   \_ Doubtful. Those who carry have handguns and even then,
                      can't shoot accurately past 7 yards in a stressful
                      situation. Being mortally wounded counts as a very
                      stressful situation.
                      \_ This also assumes that the sniper is standing in
                         plain sight for an extended period of time after
                         taking the shot.
                         \_ Not really.
              \_ Yeah and then like I was reading this thread on alt.conspiracy
                 at band camp last summer and....
                 \_ and you have the special high-caliber sniper flute, yeah?
                    \_ You to put my flute in my pussy?
        \_ Yeah, an anti-gun nut got a gun with a scope, and enough training to
           fire it accurately at long range.  Sure.  Here's a hint: even with a
           scope and tripod, it's still hard to hit your target at a good
           distance on the first shot.
           \_ given the state of gun control in MD, it would be more likely
              that he was arguing for less regulation, not more.  Neither
              seem remotely likely.
              \_ It's a she, you stupid fucking feminazi man-hater!
              \_ Both of you are fucking stupid.  It's just some psycho.  Why
                 does everything have to be some sort of fucking lame political
                 statement.  Sometimes a rampaging psycho sniper is just a
                 rampaging psycho sniper.  Sheesh!
2002/10/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:26129 Activity:very high
        Chinese biker dude falls to death while trying to jump Great Wall.
        Last two links show them ensuring he will die by not stabilizing him
        before moving him.
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
          \_ OFF CLIFF!
        \_ Hey, look, this is China.  They've got lots of extra people.  One
           more or less makes no difference.  It is to everyone's benefit over
           there and the rest of the world if the idiots kill themselves.
        \_ idiots...  no wonder stunt organization is so much more anal in
           the US.
        \_ Told you helmets didn't work.
           \_ Right.  Well, a token bike helmet sure doesn't, that's why
              real stunt riders wear standard full-helmets w/ neck support.
           as those here to know enought about not moving an injured body.
        \_ aww, GROSS. i can hear his bone fragments jostling from here.
           what idiots moving him like that. --aaron
        \_ Well, just because the caption says "shortly before he died",
           doesn't mean that he wasn't already dead.
        \_ People in third world countries on average are not as well-educated
           as those here to know enough about not moving an injured body.
           It's natural instinct to think "Oh no, he's hurt!  Take him to the
           doctor quickly before he dies!"  Even some moms and dads here will
           react this way when their kids fall from a high chair.
           \_ The reason this is more well known among the general US
              population is due to 3 reasons mostly: People watch
              (1) Fooball, (2) WWF, (3) Ice Hockey.
              \_ Hmm, I don't watch WWF, Ice Hockey or "Fooball", and I
                 know that.  BTW, is "Fooball" some kind of programming game?
                 \_ I don't know about fooball, but I've been playing
                    barball for years.  never knew it was a spectator
           \_ The last picture shows someone in a uniform that looks like
              either law enforcement or medical, so, it really is a pathetic
              state of affairs over there in 3rd world land.
2002/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:26130 Activity:moderate
10/8    That's just disturbing.
        \_ I agree.
           \_ Nope.  You're wrong, son.
              \_ URL?
2002/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:26131 Activity:insanely high
        "I've actually had people pass me and say, 'You're my hero.'" -Tom Holub
              \_ We dont need another hero.
                 \_ Tom is hero enough for me. -#2 Tom fan
        \_ Keelan >> Tom.
        \_ ED! ED! is the STANDARD form of personal transportation!
        \_ wow... can I be you?  are there classes I can take?
        \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD! Form of personal transportation.
        \_ Damn, Tom is that old?  Thought he was my age...
           \_ Could be.  Are you old?
           \_ Just because he *acts* 16 doesn't mean he *is* 16.
2002/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:26132 Activity:very high
10/8    Ex-FBI Chief Rejects 9/11 Criticism
        "I repeatedly testified before Congress that FBI agents were
        statutorily barred from obtaining portions of credit reports on certain
        national security subjects which used car dealers could order and
        No wonder.  Silly law.
        \_ used car dealers shouldn't be able to either.
           \_ I'm not really sure what parts of credit reports we're
              talking about.  I looks to me like they mean the whole
              report.  I guess I have a question.  Who should be able to
              read credit reports then?  -jrleek
              \_ No one but people who need it to conduct business with you and
                 only with your permission.
           \_ They don't unless you give them permission to look. He wants
              the FBI to have access to your financial records without
              requesting a warrant.
              \_ whatever happened to respect for the bill of rights?
                 \_ That went out over 50 years ago.  Don't kid yourself.
                        \_ so i guess we just give up right now?
        \_ How do you plan to catch terrorists before they attack without
           violating the "right to privacy" you are so freely giving them?  -ax
           \_ motdformatd was here.
           \_ "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary
              security, deserve neither liberty or security."
              -Benjamin Franklin
        \_ How does obtaining credit reports help with catching
           terrorists?  Nothing on the credit reports has any information
           that's even remotely related.
2002/10/8-9 [Reference/Military] UID:26133 Activity:high
10/8    "Bowling for Columbine"  Michael Moore's latest creation.  If you
        liked "Roger & Me", you'll love this one.
        \_ Thanks. I'll go check it out. That means it's better than "Canadian
           Bacon", right?
           \_ Yeah, I'm sure it's VERY objective about gun control. I wish you
              people would consider blaming the right people, i.e. lack of
              parents, and other social safety nets, than the guns themselves.
              Back in 70's you could buy full-auto weapons in California, no
              problem, were there any Stocktons or San Ysidros or Columbines
              back then?
                \_ Michael Moore is a NRA member, grew up among and enjoys
                   shooting guns. - danh
              \_ listen dude, owning a big gun or a big SUV only goes to
                 show that you have a small penis.  You need a penile implant
                 because no assault weapon or SUV is going to enlarge your
                 self image.
              \_ I don't blame the guns at all. *And* I know how to format.
                 \_ motdformatd was here.
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