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2002/10/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26113 Activity:nil
10/5    Idiot, why don't you just zero the whole motd if this is the only
        stuff you're going to leave behind?  It's the same effect.  I partially
        restored a few things for those who aren't complete nerds.  If you
        want /etc/motd.nerds so badly, ask the politburo or VP for it.
        \_ want politics threads?  sex threads? post 'em.  don't whine.
           \_ duh, you think I don't?  It doesn't help if some nerdling kills
              them every 5 minutes.  I don't want other people to start posting
              non-nerdling threads; they already do.  I want the nerdlings to
              stop purging everything interesting every 5 minutes.
2002/10/6-7 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:26114 Activity:low
10/5    When I do lpr, lprm, lpq, etc I always specify -P<dest> tag. Besides
        going to the actual printer to look at what <dest> is what is a way
        to look at all the printer names on the network?
        \_ adopt DNS Service Discovery, a component of ZeroConf/Rendezvous.
        \_ /etc/printcap on many systems
        \_ lpc status all
        \_ If they're running CUPS, <DEAD>hostname:631<DEAD> depending on their
2002/10/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26115 Activity:high
10/5    I have FreeBSD 4.3 and want to upgrade to 4.6 using
        /stand/sysinstall. apparently I need to have the version of
        sysinstall built for 4.6...can I just download the sysinstall
        binary? if so, from where? thanks.
        \_ use the src, luke.
           \_ shut up, you fucking nerd!
              \_ Look, if you looked into any documentation on updating
                 FreeBSD, you would find that the /usr/src tree will let
                 you easily update to any post 4.0 version.  Try thinking
                   particular attention to the mergemaster bits.  -John
                 before jerking that knee.
              \_ only those with knowledge deserve to have attitude.
                 Why don't you make yourself life eaiser by switch to
                 \_ Perhaps this 'flame' wouldn't be so laughable if you'd
                    learn the fucking language, dumbass.
        \_ Read up on how to update with CVSUP.  Mail me if you have questions
                \_ Don't forget to read /usr/src/README and UPDATING, paying
                   particular attention to the mergemaster bits.  Also,
                   updating-via-cvsup knowledge has been scientifically drip-
                   squeezed from scotsman's head by our finest scientists and
                   collated at \
                    books/handbook/cvsup.html  --finest scientists
        \_ use cvs to fetch the 4.6 src code, rebuild kernel and other system
           binaries, then use cvs to update the port collection.  There
           is some sort of guide on or
        \_ Only slightly off topic: before going to 4.6.2 you should know that
           4.7 is due "very soon now".  It was supposed to be released Oct 1,
           but they slipped a bit.  Any day now for the final, final code.
        \_ why not just run redhat?  fuck this building from source crap
2002/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26116 Activity:high
nn10/6  Wow... this is almost as pathetic as the Woz guy.  If any of you know
        this Nathan guy, do him a favor and *dont* hook these two back up!
        \- is this for real or a potential way to embarass someone by either
           "outing" the person or saying someone who isnt gay is gay? --psb
           \_ I think op is assuming the craigslist poster is female.
              \_ A reasonable guess, considering the above ad is W4M...
           \_ Where'd you get the idea the post was from a man?  It's clearly
              some psycho chick looking for her ex-bf.
              \_ I am not psycho!  I love him!  I mean, er... she loves him.
2002/10/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:26117 Activity:moderate
        Just because you're French and cut deals with terrorists on a daily
        basis doesn't mean they won't attack you too.
        \_ which deals are those?
           \_ You live on Earth, circa 2002AD, right?  The French have a looong
              history of cutting deals and _trying_ to placate terrorists.  It
              never works but they keep trying.
              \_ well, they're french.  what alternatives do that have?
                 it's cut deals or just surrender and let the terrorists
                 goose step down the champs elysees.
                 \_ hey that worked out well last time.
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