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2002/10/4 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26093 Activity:high
10/3    This is yet another reason to not vote Libertarian:
        \_ My friend just emailed this to someone who takes that stuff
           and that guy got *really* defensive.
           \_ Yeah well wait til he turns purple... permanently.
2002/10/4-5 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:26094 Activity:low
10/3    Many people have seen me using Emacs and recommended jEdit
        instead.  Has anyone converted to jEdit and what's your opinion?
        \_ M-x jedit-mode
2002/10/4 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:26095 Activity:very high
10/3    Watching a Nicole Kidman movie right now which only reminds me that
        Tom Cruise must be gay.
        \_ he's probably too busy taking vitamins, sitting in saunas,
           and giving all his money away down at the local dianetics
           org.  mabye his masters at scientology headquarters told
           org.  maybe his masters at scientology headquarters told
           him she was in league with xenu.
           \_ This is no laughing matter.  Kidman is not a scientologist and
              did not wish to convert.  I am guessing Cruise received a
              lot of pressure from the Church of Scientology that likely
              influenced his decision.
              \_ i'm not laughing.  i've tangled with these motherfuckers
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live
                 because the whole building was controlled by them,
                 and we were being threatened by them.
                 posting anything containing the word "xenu" increases the
                 number of poeple who will find out the truth, and helps
                 stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live because
                 the whole building was controlled by them, and we were being
                 threatened by them.  posting anything containing the word
                 "xenu" increases the number of poeple who will find out the
                 truth, and helps stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 i urge evryone to google search scientology, xenu, and to
                 read the recent Time magazine article about them(it's online.)
                 \_ Check out for good information.
                 \_ They've got money, lawyers, blackmailable confessions on
                    almost everyone in their organization, and copyright law
                    on their side. Not nice folks.
        \_ he just wanted to make love to her tush.
           \_ actually, he just wanted her to make love to his tush.
              \_ Url?
        \_ How can give up NK for that skank he's with now?  It's a crime.
           \_ that skank is still an upgrade from Mrs. Cruise version 2.
        \_ Why?  You actually think NK is pretty in any way?  You actually
           liked Moulin Rouge?
           \_ Didn't see MR.  NK is very hot.
              \_ Agree. She looks like she'd be very fun with the angry sex
                 thing. Which may be why TC broke up with her. To get her mad.
        \_ where's tawei these days?
                \_ what does he have to do with any of this?
                   \_ Isn't he dating Nicole these days?
        \_ Shockingly, the degree to which your partner is decorative is
           not one of the prime factors in the success of a relationship.
           \_ XENU!
2002/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:26096 Activity:nil
10/3    Woohoo!  Don't have to vacuum floor no more!  Courtesy of MIT.
2002/10/4 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26097 Activity:kinda low
10/3    Where can I get undergrad rankings? Interested in Harvey Mudd, etc
        \_ 1. harvard
           2. princeton
           3. yale
           4. mit
           5. - 9. various other east coast schools
           10. stanford
           11. cal
           12. - 200. more warm body environments
           201. harvey mudd
        \_ U.S. News and World Report?

          \_ US News' rating system is pretty arbitrary, and doesn't apply
             at all to schools which only have undergraduate programs (like
             Mudd).  -tom
             \_ sure, it's arbitrary, but when people say a school is ranked
                such and such, they are refering to the usnews ranking,
                wether it's stupid and arbitrary or not.  i've worked with
                several people from all of the schools listed above since
                graduating, and am damn glad i went to cal and not some
                stupid east coast school where all the students are
                \_ Identical can be good. Cal has so much variance, ymmv a lot.
                   There are really smart cal grads (like myself) and really
                   dumb ones (like you, heh). At your stupid east coast school,
                   what you see is what you get (alllooksame).
             \_ One can make the argument that providing teaching alone does
                not make a good undergraduate environment, especially for
                people who actually wish to become scientists and engineers
                themselves.  I agree with that argument.
                \_ i also agree.
                \_ The counter-argument is that at a school like Mudd,
                   undergrads work directly with their professors and are
                   given top priority, which doesn't tend to be true at
                   research universities.  It's a tradeoff.  -tom
        \_ CS ranking or overall?
        \_ Where do CalTech, CMU and Cornell rank?
           \_ Caltech
2002/10/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:26098 Activity:insanely high
10/4    how did John Walker Lindh even break the law, causing him now
        to be sentenced to 20 years in jail? what's illegal with joining
        the taliban, despite their unusual beliefs and practices?
        \_ I think this is how it goes: 9/11 was done by Al Qaida, so we
        \_ I guess this is how it goes: 9/11 was done by Al Qaida, so we
           calssified Al Qaida as an enemy to this country.  The Taliban is
           assocated with Al Qaida, so we classified the Taliban as an enemy to
           this country.  Now, it is illegal for a citizen to join an enemy
           to this country, so Lindh broke the law.
           \_ ex post facto
              \_ not so.  he stayed there with them *after* 9/11 and *after*
                 he knew american soldiers were there fighting against his
                 terrorist pals.  thanks.
                 \_ Yeah because walking out of a fanatical camp in the
                    middle of Afghanistan with no food, money, or support is
                    the best thing to do.
                    \_ 1) tough shit, 2) others managed to change sides or
                       safely surrender all over the place, 3) tough shit
                       \_ Who? Name one American citizen fighting with the
                          Taliban who did so.  They'd have shot his ass as
                          a deserter.  Lindh's going to jail because the
                          Feds have shown his lawyers enough evidence to
                          suggest he helped kill a CIA spook who was
                          conducting "interrogations" in the POW camp,
                          and his lawyers told him to take 20 over the chair.
                          \_ Why must it be an American I name?  As far as we
                             know there was only 1 traitor there when Mike
                             Spann was murdered.  Did you have a point?  Your
                             cheesey 3rd grader quality attempt to redfine the
                             debate by putting words in my mouth was beyond
              \_ IDF allows anyone to apply as long as they can read,speak Hebrew
                             ridiculous.  Frankly, this stupid prick is safer
                             in a cell than on the street where someone is
                             going to kill this punk.  He'll suck some prison
                             dick but he won't be dead which he should be.
                             \_ Don't be a schmuck.  You must name an
                                American because JWL was an American and
                                would've been shot had he tried to defect
                                from the Taliban.  Why he didn't ID himself
                                as such when the Spann and the rest of the
                                "interrogation" squad showed up is a
                                mystery, but perhaps he didn't know the
                                rest of the prisoners were going to riot.
                                My point is that he's going to jail not for
                                just being in the Taliban or being a "traitor."
                                \_ Child, I don't *have* to but because you're
                                   so cute, I will anyway.  Go look up the 4
                                   guys that got picked up last week.  1 of
                                   them didn't like his new psycho jihadi
                                   friends and left.  Jihad Johny didn't ID
                                   himself because he (in his mind) was talking
                                   to the enemy, ya know, the enemy, Americans.
                                   A mystery?  What utter crap.  How can you
                                   expect to be taken even halfway seriously
                                   spewing about how a bus sized hole in your
                                   line of 'reasoning' is simply a mystery
                                   while simultaneously making bogus claims
                                   about what I *have* to prove to you?
                                   Because you lost based on reality and now
                                   you lost on your new self-defined reality.
                                   Go home, read some newspapers, keep up with
                                   what's going on in the real world and you
                                   won't be forced to look like a jerkoff here.
                                   He was *LUCKY* to get only 20 years.  It was
                                   a *VERY* generous offer.  If he pulled that
                                   shit as a citizen of *any* other country on
                                   this planet, he'd be dead if he was lucky
                                   and never see the sun again if not.  This is
                                   the only country that doesn't execute
                                   fucking traitors and other scum like JWL.
        \_ John Walker is an American citizen, and thus owes allegiance to
           this country (immigrants take the oath explicitly, he was born
           into it).  By fighting against American troops, he committed
           treason.  It's kind a scary anti-utopian word, but he can be tried
           for it nevertheless.  Personally I think he got off easy.
           \_ treason is a scary anti-utopian word?  say what?  I agree that
              he got off easy.  So did all the FBI & CIA traitors who sold us
              out to the soviets.  Life in prison is way too easy.
        \_ *Any* participation in a foreign militia is grounds for loss of
           citizenship.  Bush was soft.  He should have had his citizenship
           revoked, then put in federal prison, and when his prison term was
           over, he should be deported.
           \_ the only exception is Israel.  Lots of Americans serve in the
              Israeli military and wave the Israeli flag around.  Who do
              you think they're loyal to?  Frankly, I think anybody who served
              in ANY foreign military should be deported.  Including all the
              \_ Talk to your Reps about eliminating the possibility of dual
                 citizenship and while you're at it see if they'll get someone
                 to enforce the other weak immigration and citizenship laws.
              \_ IDF allows anyone to apply as long as they can read,speak
              \_ yeah how do they get around the law to do that?
                 that's always confused me.
                 \_ Wasn't Israel to become the 51st state? j/k ;p
                    \_ I thought that was Britain, although Blair denied it a
                       few days ago.
              \_ Really?  A recent episode of JAG talks about a jew in US
                 marine who goes to join the Israeli military, and whether he
                 should be treated as a traitor.  I didn't watch the episode
                 and didn't know the outcome.  I just heard the trailer on the
                 \_ No, not really at all.  They're making shit up because the
                    average person doesn't know either way and accepts their
                    anti-semitic lies as facts.
                 \_ Please do not rely on TV drama to get your understanding of,
                    well, anything.  My work here is done.
                    \_ You mean Westwing isn't real life?
           \_ flying tigers.
              \_ you mean the american pilots getting paid by uncle sam to
                 fight for the chinese using american weapons, american ammo,
                 lead by american commanders?  those flying tigers?
           \_ You are full of crap:
              \_ True, but the little fucker is still a traitor and should be
              \_ Relevant quote: "Although a person's enlistment in the armed
                 forces of a foreign country may not constitute a violation of
                 U.S. law, it could subject him or her to Section 349(a)(3) of
                 the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(3)] which
                 provides for loss of U.S. nationality if an American
                 voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S.
                 citizenship enters or serves in foreign armed forces engaged in
                 hostilities against the United States or serves in the armed
                 forces of any foreign country as a commissioned or
                 non-commissioned officer."
                 So it looks like I just made the mistake that it's only
                 officers that are automatic.  If you're not an officer you have
                 to be involved in hostilities against the Lindh.
                 \_ Jeez! Don't you know a non-commissioned officer is an
                    enlisted man. You stupid Berkeley types who never understood
                    the military or it's structure. So no. You made a big
                      \_ At least I can format @ 80 columns
                    \_ <Sigh> How pathetic and puny...
                    \_ Not all enlisted people are NCOs.
                       \_ Are you a dumbass?  He said all NCOs are enlisted.
                          Your statement is true, but is not a refutation of
                          what he said, and is simply irrelevant.  Your idiocy
                          is pissing me off, go away.
        \_ On a related note, I heard that permanent residents here are allowed
           to serve in our military, and maybe even required to served during
           war time.  How does that work with their citizenship elsewhere?
           \_ Who cares what their third world homes have to say about it?
              \_ But to whom are they supposed to be loyal?
                 \_ if they were so loyal, why did they leave?
                    \_ welfare for illegal aliens available here.
2002/10/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26099 Activity:nil
        \_ Have you ever seen the way they dress and carry themselves?  Ugh
2002/10/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:26100 Activity:very high
10/4    I didn't see the entire survivor thailand, but why didn't people
        like that asian gal?  Is she annoying?
        \_ she's the only one with a brain on the team; the stupid people
           tried to vote her off.
        \_ Hey it's towers of hanoi!  I know lets uhm move stuff around at
           random and lose an incredibly easy challenge and look like total
           morons in front of millions of people.  I got tired of seeing the
           sappy love fest team anyway.
           \_ Blowing a 8-4 lead in the rewards was more entertaining.
        \_ is she the one from Cal?
        \_ She is 'executive recruiter' in NYC.  IOW, brainless. -jor
          \_ she is from Cal, and she's clearly the brightest person on the
             \_ Maybe so but that doesn't say much when you see who else is
                \_ fair enough.
        \_ Darn!  I missed the whole thing!
2002/10/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:26101 Activity:insanely high
10/4    Which of the following #endif comment in C is better?
        (a) #ifdef FOO
              ... foo code ...
              .... non-foo code ...
            #endif /* FOO */
        (b) #ifdef FOO
              ... foo code ...
              ... non-foo code ...
            #endif /* !FOO */
        \_ a actually makes sense.
           \_ to normal people, but I'm sure that some 1337 l1nux d00d5 will
              like (b) better. (Trust me, I've seen stranger)
              \_ Ah, the GNU way.
                         \_ please learn to spell, its GN00 not GNU.
                            - 1337_5P34Kd
        \_ The first one is better, since !FOO is usually used to match
           a ifndef FOO.
        \_ I don't get the joke.....
           \_ Me either.  Some sort of ultra nerd thing I guess.
              \_ It's not a joke.  I'm trying to figure out how to write my
                 code.  Thanks for the responses so far.
                 \_ Uhm... ok.  You realise its the same code and only the
                    final comment is different by a single character?  Neither
                    way is "better".  Comments are there to make sense of your
                    code for others.  I don't think you need that comment at
                    all unless you work with monkeys in which case it won't
                    matter anyway.  Good luck!
                    \_ Yes, only the final comment differs by a single
                       character.  I should've mentioned that the code between
                       the #if and #else and between the #else and #endif is
                       usually pretty long, about 100 lines or so.  So I want
                       to see which comment makes the code more clear to
                       \_ Oh.  In that case I'd use the first one.
                          \_ Okay.  Thanks.
        \_ A.  the #endif goes with the #if, not with the #else.  Otherwise,
           it'd be #endelse.
2002/10/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26102 Activity:high
10/4    Is fam used on csua? Couldn't we use fam to do proper motd locking and
        \_ Unnecessary.  It's not just a problem to solve, but a tradition
           to uphold.  "proper" motd locking would defeat one of the classic
           features of the motd, namely to show who is the courteous and
           uncourteous among us.  Using motdedit is a sign of higher thought.
           \_ motdedit is not the only way to avoid smashing other people's
              posts.  keep your motdedit fascism to yourself.
        \_ And screw up a great system where people overwrite each others
           posts? Surely you jest.
2002/10/4-5 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Humor] UID:26103 Activity:high
10/4    woman loses car in puddle. hilarious photos:
        \_ Staged.
           \_ OP is a freshman, let him enjoy the 'hilarity'.  It's harmless.
              \_ You've obviously never seen what "puddle" can entail
                 given a sufficiently poorly-maintained piece of road in
                 eastern europe. Yes, this may well be real, and it may well
                 have been beyond everyone's control. Removal of head
                 from ass is left as an exercise to the above poster.
           \_ Its still funny.
              \_ One of the 'stupid link sending' idiots in the office sent
                 that around a few days ago.  It wasn't funny then either.
           \_ I think it is great, not staged, and very funny. what a puddle.
              beware if you can't see the road ahead.
              \_ So true, so true.  It's a metaphor for life really.
                \_ So what actually happened?  Why were they trying to
                   sink a car?
        \_ not stupid, not staged... my friend's friend sent me the link,
           and he said the woman was his mom's friend.          - OP
           \_ Bullshit.
           \_ Right.  Your friend's friend's mom's friend.
                \_ Like one of those 682 degrees of separation things....
        \_ That's a puddle?
2002/10/4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:26104 Activity:nil 60%like:26107
10/4    Quality protest in action:
2002/10/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:26105 Activity:high
10/4    Anyone need a firewire hub?
        \_ I liked it better when it was called Hubzilla.
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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