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2002/10/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:26073 Activity:high
10/1    I am trying to modify an application with a pretty complicated post and
        i seem to be missing the variable names or the values that i got from
        just reading the source.  Is there a way I can change the file it posts
        to to "myfile.[php||pl||sh||whatever" and have "myfile" just dump
        exactly what is being posted to it?
        \_ if you're using the CGI library in perl,
           you can dump out all post values the page is receiving
           easily, i think the syntax is something like
           print $query->dump; - danh
            \_ Undefined subroutine CGI::dump
                \_ and actually i just tried the below
                   on a different machine and i got the same error,
                   it works on soda though - danh
                   \_ Was it a linux box? Mine is.  But your are right it works
                      fine on soda and i can just post to a .cgi here. - tnx.
                \_      #!/usr/bin/perl

                        use strict;
                        use CGI;
                        my $query = new CGI;
                        print $query->header();
                        print $query->dump;
2002/10/2 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:26074 Activity:low
        Global warming = ice age. Be afraid.
        \_ How is this any more reliable than USA Today or Rosie Magazine?
           \_ WHOI is one the most well-respected academic institutions
              in oceanography in the world. Do you trust scientists not to
              talk out of their asses like the press usually does? I would
              hope so... (at least to some extent)
              \_ as a professional research scientist, I assure you that
                 I *am* part of the giant left-wing conspiracy.
                \_ Relax, the ice age won't be for a few years.
              \_ I'm with you on that one brother!  Scientists have *never*
                 talked out their asses.  I'm still there with the flat
                 earthers, the angels on a pin guys, the unicorn and dragon
                 zoologists, the mice spntaneously appear in dirty rags, the
                 never been on the moon hoaxers, the coming ice agers, the
                 coming flooders, the coming fire stormers, and the scientific
                 creationists.  No sirreebob!  No scientists has ever blown
                 smoke out his ass.  Scientists know everything about
                 everything and have never been wrong in the past or modern
                 times.  Look son, there's nothing magical about a scientist.
                 It's just some guy who knows more about a subject than you
                 probably do but that doesn't mean he knows everything or that
                 he's even at all correct.  The sky is not falling.  The thing
                 reads like an anti-communist scare pamphlet from the 50s.
                 \_ but the sky is falling.  as the earth travels through
                    space in its orbit, it cuts through the sky in a huge
                    2pi(93million miles) long path
                    \_ It's sort of a freaky curved fall, then.
2002/10/2 [Reference/BayArea, Industry/Jobs] UID:26075 Activity:insanely high
        "... full-time longshoremen earn an average salary of $80,000 a year,
        while the most experienced foremen average $167,000."
        And they still shut down all the west coast docks and tumble the
        already bad economy in order to demand more.
        \_ hmm, if they so importent that the can hurt the economy that
        \_ hmm, if they so important that the can hurt the economy that
           simply maybe the DESERVE high salaries.
           \_ The work is important, the workers are not.  It's grunt work.
              Any high schooler with 4 hours training could do it.  People who
              stock grocery shelves are important, too.  You think they should
              get $80k starting and $167k for 'experienced' stock shelvers?
        \_ The docks locked out the workers, not the other way around.
           Train harder.
           \_ You really buy that "we didn't slow down; we were just trying to
              follow the safety procedures" crap?
              \_ And you really buy the "there was an undeclared slowdown"?
           \_ With average pays at $80K and $167K, why do they deserver
              immunity to competition from non-union workers?
                 \_ Duh.  Go read *anything* on the net about union tactics.
                    This is classic strategy.  The counter punch lock out is
                    a new response, though.  Jeeze, I know it's the motd but
                    if you know *nothing* about a topic, take 5 seconds to
                    look on google before posting and wasting all those bits.
              \_ They cite the death of five workers over the previous
                 months. You know what? If my boss started hedging on my
                 contract, I'd start following all of his stupid rules too.
                 \_ They're OSHA rules.  If all OSHA rules were followed, the
                    economy would collapse *and* people would die on their
                    job trying to follow them.
        \_ You're missing the point. They don't necessarily want more money,
           they want to keep their jobs. The companies want to hire nonunion
           folks to handle some of the new tech going in. The new tech will
           eliminate union jobs. The union want the company to put union
           folks in those new jobs instead of having them laid off.
           \_ With average pays at $80K and $167K in this economy (and I bet
                 \_ sure I'd prefer that they trained me.  Hell, I'd prefer that
                    they paid me for doing nothing at all.  But why should
                    they *have* to?
              they get OT pay as well), why do they deserver immunity to
              competition from non-union workers and layoff?
              \_ Ignore the union bit for the moment.  Would you prefer that
                 your employer trained you for new technology or just outright
                 hired someone else instead?  okay, bring the union back into
                 this, they work to make sure this doesnt happen, to make sure
                 you are not just discarded because your employer doesnt want
                 to provide relevant training.
                 \_ sure I'd prefer that they trained me.  Hell, I'd prefer
                    that they paid me for doing nothing at all.  But why
                    should they *have* to?
                    \_ so you dont mind being disposable.
                       \_ He didn't say that at all.  He said he'd prefer not
                          being disposable, in fact but doesn't see why they
                          should be *forced* to not dispose of him.  Please
                          learn to read basic English.  Thanks.
        \_ my parents are/were both union workers, so I'm biased,
           I wonder if the rest of you feel this way?
           \_ That you're biased?  Sure!  Why not?  Ok, I feel you're biased.
              Happy now?
        \_ I'm a union (tech) worker, but I hate the goddamned union. It's
           retarded that these fat fucks can get by on their skills that havent
           been updated since the DOS days and havent bothered picking up
           skills that theyve been taught in training. and since we have the
           same job title, we get paid the same, so i get paid the same as
           lazy fat fucks.
           \_ You know nothing and more nothing about this issue but it's the
              motd so who cares?
2002/10/2 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26076 Activity:high
10/2    is it true that at Stanford you ask for your receipt instead of
        your diploma since you buy your degree instead of earn it?
        \_ I'm no 'furd fan, but isn't that like any school, including
           Cal? we pay tuition too you know.
           \_ But for such a tough CS school to give out such an easy MS
              degree, it looks to me they're selling it.
                \_ so how come cal's MS isn't "easy"? isn't it the same?
                   \_ At least Cal requires a thesis.
           \_ Yes, but you can drop a class up until the last day without
              any problems. Gotta D in a class? Drop it, take it until it
              gets better, and, by the way, here's the bill for your tuition.
2002/10/2 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:26077 Activity:kinda low
10/2    I saw a fluff news piece that was really pushing the sidekick
        (sold by t-mobile).  Now my wife wants one.  Anyone know anything
        about these?
        \_ extensive Chronicle review:
        \_ I want one but it said coming soon on the website.
           \_ It's out.  Coworker got one yesterday.
2002/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:26078 Activity:nil
10/2    How can I calculate the amount of power that a circuit that
        I designed consumes? can I just refer to the spec sheets of the
        individual IC's, see how much they consume, and add them up?
2002/10/2 [Computer/SW/Database, Consumer/PDA] UID:26079 Activity:kinda low
10/2    Anyone know how to convert palm dba (calendar) format to csv?
        I'm replacing my Prism w/ an iPaq.
        \_ You should be able to export from the palm desktop.
        \_ I was able to Shift-select all of my addresses and export
        individually or all. Selecting individually gives me the option of
        comma spaced or tab spaced file, but if I clicked on export all, it
        would only accept the format that Palm Desktop uses. I can't select
        the calendar individually, only ALL, which uses the Palm Desktop
        database format.
2002/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:26080 Activity:high
10/3    (restored)
        What (free) DVD ripping software do you use for Windows that converts
        to mpeg or avi?
        \_ rip to VOB files first and then convert.  It's not that hard.
           \_ I don't have a problem ripping the VOB's.  When I try to convert,
              all the programs I have crash.  Could you name one that you use?
              \_ well, I use a combination of dvd2avi and either tmpgenc or
                 \_ When I try to save to .avi with dvd2avi, it just says it's
                    finished, and the avi is 0 bytes long.  When I use
                    VirtualDub to open the vob, I get the error:
                    MPEG Import Filter: pack synchronization error
                    What am I doing wrong?
                    \_ despite its name, don't use dvd2avi for saving an AVI.
                       this is all explained in detail on a number of websites
                       (such as doom9) ...
                       \_ Okay.  I've skimmed through the docs on doom9 and
                          another site ( and don't see a simple
                          top-to-bottom description of vob->avi (or other
                          format).  What am I missing?
2002/10/2-3 [Science/Disaster] UID:26081 Activity:kinda low
        Wow.. I feel sorry for anyone in the way of this....  When I was a kid,
        we got hit by sub-hurricane 85 mph winds which was really scary but
        didn't do much but break some windows and rip off part of the front
        door.  135 is going to kill people and cost billions in damage.
        \_ More indirect costs of global warming....  Hurricanes have always
           been with us, but now we shall have more.
           \_ Uhm, no, not really.  Thanks.
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