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2002/9/27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:26020 Activity:moderate
9/26    Any photog here?  It looks like B&H doesn't carry Agfa Ultra 50
        anymore.  Is it discontinued?  If so, what's the most color-intense
        negative film available nowadays?  Thanks.
        \_ why when you have digital camera+photoshop?
        \_ you mean something like Kodak Portra VC (Vibrant Color)?
           \_ No, Ultra was much more intense than that.  It was as intense as
              slide film.  In fact it was so intense that it looked unnatrual.
              I'm going on a trip soon so I want to buy some again.
              \_ have you searched the photo review sites?  I've seen a few
                 reviews of film out there.
        \_ you may find this interesting:
           it mentions Agfa Ultra, so it must be a pretty accurate site,
2002/9/27 [Uncategorized] UID:26021 Activity:nil
9/26    Military summoned in bank robber manhunt in Nebraska this morning
2002/9/27 [Science/Space] UID:26022 Activity:insanely high
9/26    life on venus.
        \_ That presumption is a little premature.  All they've done is
           find some chemicals with a telescope -- not at all the same
           as finding life.
           \_ Hydrogen sulphide?  Some bugs must be farting as hell! :-)
              \_ Ya, maybe.  But conditions are extreme on venus and the
                 planet is pretty unexplored -- I think it's a little too
                 soon to get excited.
        \_ stupidity on earth.
           \_ Idiot.  Keep up with the news.
              \_ How about a url.
                 \_  from -urld
                    Not my or the OP's fault if you can't keep up.  Good thing
                    you didn't sign.
                    \_ on average, the signed posts are the stupidest.
              \_ You fucking dumb ass dumb assy assface shitlicker...
                 I am aware of the "news" in question which is nothing more
                 than a dumbass speculation based on some gas.
                 \_ I used to like assy, but these days I use yammy.
                 \_ Luddite.  You could get hit on the head with an apple and
                    still not believe in gravity.
                    \_ Dude -- the notion that a handful of gasses means
                       'Life On Venus Oh My God!' is just stupid.  Doubting
                       the conclusion in light of the non-existant evidence
                       doesn't make the guy a Luddite.  Relax.  Have a beer.
                       \_ Apple, head, bonk.  Gravity?  No evidence.
                          \_ Chicken Little, the sky is falling, waahhh!
                             \_ *laugh*  That's a terrible analogy.  WTF are
                                you talking about?  I don't think you fully
                                comprehend the deep plot and subtext to be
                                found in the Chicken Little parable.  Or, to
                                put it in plain English, you're a fucking
                                idiot.  Thank you for participating and don't
                                worry about that gravity thing.  No one has
                                ever seen gravity.  It's just a theory.
                                \_ Relax, son.  Don't get yer panties in a
                                   knot.  I think the point that *you're*
                                   missing is that one can be skeptical
                                   without overreatcing or being a Luddite.
                                   without overreacting or being a Luddite.
                                   Why is this such a difficult thing for you?
/                               \_ Or it's just acceleration.
        \_ They have discovered ZOG's secret base.  ZOG will have to kill
           you now.
           \_ ZOG!
              \_ much lamer than the original
           \_ Take off every zig! For great justice!
              \_ Use motdedit, you fucking asshole.
2002/9/27 [Transportation/Car] UID:26023 Activity:high
9/26    I'm soliciting opinions on good bicycle wheel builders in the East Bay.
        Recommendations? I've been jerked around by Missing Link enough so
        don't even go there. This assumes you all know a well-built wheel from
        a hole in the ground.
        \_ I have never gotten a well-built wheel from a bike shop, including
           Wheelsmith.  Build it yourself.  I gave the CSUA my older edition
           of Jobst Brandt's "The Bicycle Wheel"; it's not hard, it just takes
           some time.  -tom
           \_ I agree it's a good book, but I'm moving into a new house and
              studying for a licensing exam, Tom. I don't have time. --ulysses
2002/9/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:26024 Activity:high
9/27    Mexico has more billionaires than England, and yet...
        'Bill could bring relief for U.S.-Mexico border hospitals'
        'Dealing with the High Cost of Health Care'
        \_ some of the richest people in the world live in some of the
           worst-off countries in the world.  this is by no means a
           \_ But only a handful overall.
        \_ "In Mexico, the top 1 percent own 50 percent of the wealth."
            The URL is largely irrelevent, but that fact is from there.
            And there are many more and crazier statistics than this. Its
            called the growing gap between rich and poor. Learn about it.
            In fact, statistics like the one you mention often only attest
            to things being worse not better since it says more about how
            rampant corruption there is than how rich the nation is.
            \_ In the US, nearly 50% of the population pay no federal income
               tax.  That's scarier, IMO.
               \_ For reference: "Taxpayers in the bottom half paid only 4
                  percent of income taxes in 1999, according to the IRS."
                  Here I don't know whether "taxpayer" means people/couples who
                  filed fed tax returns, or people/couples who actually had to
                  pay some tax.  Either way, it probably doesn't include those
                  who didn't file returns.
               \_ So what?  They still have to pay payroll taxes.
                  \_ The point is a voting majority who can impose more taxes on
                     the voting minority with no consequence (indirectly of
                     course, since voters don't introduce legislation federally,
                     but since more and more the answer of the day is
                     policy-by-poll, I'm worried).
                  \_ The point is a voting majority who can impose more taxes
                     on the voting minority with no consequence (indirectly
                     of course, since voters don't introduce legislation
                     federally, but since more and more the answer of the day
                     is policy-by-poll, I'm worried).
                     \_ Yea, the number of votes should be based on the
                        amount of tax paid.
                        \_ Who was it that said democracy is only ok until the
                           voting slobs figure out they can vote themselves
                           goodies at other people's expense?  We're at that
                           point in history right now.  I know you're being
                           sarcastic but it doesn't work when there's a huge
                           disconnect between the power to vote and influence
                           government and the costs associated with those same
                           votes.  Something to chew on.
                           \_ Alexander Tyler.  I think.  ~peterm/.plan
            \_ There's *always* been a huge gap between the rich and poor.
               When exactly do you think this wasn't so?
               \_ It has grown larger in the last 50 years:
                  \_ Not the last 50 years.  I meant through all of recorded
                     history.  The last 50 years is barely a statistical blip.
        \_ The real issue is why do we need to spend more US taxpayer dollars
           to take care of some other country's ill citizens?
2002/9/27 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:26025 Activity:high
9/27    Who was the guitar player last night on "Scrubs"?  What song was he
          \_ Colin Hay from Men At Work.  Overkill.
             \_ Thanks.
        \_ Oh gee, where should I look? Oh, I don't know, maybe the NBC
           Scrubs home page? "A performance of the hit 'Overkill' by Colin
           Hay, previous member of the band Men at Work, highlights the
2002/9/27-28 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:26026 Activity:very high
9/26    Just curious, who's an EE/CS grad student here? What is the average
                                                  \_ Do you mean on the motd
                                                     or at Cal?
        GRE subject score?
        \_ Me.  2310 general, 840 cs.
        \_ Me.  2310 general (q790 a800 v720), 840 cs.
                \_ who is this, paulos? nweaver?
                \_ what percentile is 840?
        \_ Me.  2280 general (q800 a800 v680), 900 cs.
                \_ how important are high gre scores for admission
                   to cal cs?
                   \_ their semi-official position is that once all your
                      general subscores are in ~90th percentile, and your
                      subj is in ~95th, they don't care (it can't affect
                      you positively to have anything higher than that). below
                      that, they'll notice, but it's likely to be a low
                        \_ I was not aware that they even look at your
                           verbal score. 1/2 of my TAs can't even speak
                        \_ and where did you get this info from?
                           \_ His ass.
                              \_ It was probably alexf.
                      \_ Newton, who is nice dean or something or other, told
                         me this. -!op
                         \_ I like him but never thought of him as "nice".
                        \_ Newton+nice??? I was his reader, he was not very
                           nice. He only talked to the head TA. He didn't
                           even know the other TA's names and he didn't seem
                           to care. He just wanted to get it over with (150).
2002/9/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:26027 Activity:high
9/27    Can some kind soul give me a hint for _eliminating_ banner pages under
        CUPS?  Online docs only seem to refer to changing them..  -John
        \_ try  it is the best ad block i have used.
           win32 only, though.  Wish there is an linux version
           \_ banner pages in a printing system, twink
           \_ he's talking about banner pages in a printing system, twink
              \_ HA! I knew someone would have the same problem.  In
                 cupsd.conf, set "Classification" to the empty string
                 (that's the default) and set ClassifyOverride to "off".
                 The next time you print something from KDE, click
                 Properties and go to the General tab.  In the lower left
                 is a "Banners" section; set both start and end to "none",
                 then click Save and click ok.
                 \_ Thanks much, folks.  -John
                 \_ Wow... lemme know when my granma can figure this out and
                    Linux will be ready.
2002/9/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26028 Activity:high
9/27    Al Gore can't decide which poll to pay attention to.
        \_ explain your comment, please.  what conflict are you referring to?
           \_ All the way back he was always in favor of bombing Iraq, invading
              Iraq, and ousting SH.  Back to 91.  Even earlier this year he was
              saying Iraq was a big threat, etc, etc.  Now he's done yet
              another self-reinvention and has decided the only way he can
              differentiate himself from his Dem opposition for the Dem'04
              nomination is to come down against doing anything to/with/in
              Iraq.  It's pretty obvious.
              \_ Where in his speech does he come down against doing
                 anything to Iraq? He said we should finish off Al Qaeda
                 first and then take out Iraq.
                 \_ I won't pre-digest your food for you either.  Try it again.
        \_ I hear that Strom Thurman no longer supports the bombing of
           Vietnam and Cambodia. Damn liberals, what is the world coming to?
           \_ he has fond memories of the stone age and realizes things were
              better then.
        \_ Here is the Gore speech:
           What are you talking about?
2002/9/27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26029 Activity:nil
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