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2002/9/25 [Uncategorized] UID:25996 Activity:nil
9/24    What program decodes files that begin with
        =ybegin line=128 size=37294 name=test.txt ?? uudecode is not it.
        \_ that is yEnc.  Hit google.
2002/9/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25997 Activity:high
9/24    I turned away better looking women than this.  What blind idiots
        decided this ugly honker waving chick was Miss America quality?
        \_ dont you know? its not looks, its the talent competition!!
           \_ no, it's all about world peace.
                \_ no, it's alla bout inner values.  -John
2002/9/25 [Politics/Domestic] UID:25998 Activity:very high
9/24    Hehe... an entire generation of young conservatives about to enter
        college... leftists at Cal should prepare to become a minority.
        \_ not too suprising.  Kids grow up and realize that their little
           sheltered world isn't the real thing.  Notice all the things
           children were more conservative about were relgious.
        \_ the 80's and 90's were already pretty conservative.
        \_ Decepetive headline. It's that damn liberal media distorting
           the truth again!
        \_ The only thing worse than some snotty whiny badly dressed child
           who labels himself a "liberal" is a snotty whiny J-Crew-dressed
           child (usually with large glasses) who labels himself a
           "conservative".  If this is the same crowd that was in my high
           school jr. republicans debating club, caveat berkeley.... -John
           \_ Difference being these kids didn't label themselves.  These are
              just kids in bulk, not political activists.  It's not the same
              crowd from your clique.  It's just kids.  Lots of kids.
2002/9/25-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:25999 Activity:very high
9/25    Sergei Bodrov Jr. may have been killed. Damn, I just saw his movie
        on Bravo a week or so ago. Cool movie/actor/everything. I couldn't
        understand the credits though.  Too bad he's gone.
        \_ He is dead. Point. If his group wasn't on the path of avalanche,
           rescuers would find him by now.
        \_ Another vodka swilling dead Russian?  BFD.  He had a life expectancy
           of about 30 anyway.
           \_  I learn something
              new every day...
              \_ Me too.  Not only did I leard "BFD" today, I also learned
                 Google has a page for this kind of stuff.
              \_ Next you'll be telling us you never heard of BFE either.
                 \_ Or BFI.
        \_ Update: they might have found his body. MDTF.
2002/9/25-26 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:26000 Activity:low
9/25    How do I tell browsers to cache my external style sheet?
        I'm using <link href="my.css" ...> to link to the css file.
        \_ won't most browsers cache it on their own?
2002/9/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26001 Activity:high
9/25    Is there any site to check the historic blue book value of a vehicle in
        a certain year other than now?  E.g. I want to check the value of a
        1984 model car during the year 1996.  Thanks.
        \_ is run out of my closet! - danh
        \_ get a used book?  Or maybe can help you?
           \_ only has current values.
        \_ Hrm, do libraries still exist??? If you can't visit, you can call.
2002/9/25-26 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26002 Activity:high
9/25    Now what?  Maybe they'll go pay per view....
        \_ "Illegally paying a person to fight."  I don't get it. How is this
           different from professional boxing?
           \_ professional boxing is licensed.  -tom
                \_ You are intentionally being funny right?  I had assumed you
                   were - and thought that a clever comment - until i
                   remembered that you are a big gov. liberal and may well
                   actually consider that an important difference. -crebbs
                   \_ uh, it's fairly important to the question I was
                      responding to, which was how bumfight is different than
                      professional boxing (that is, why the bumfighters are
                      getting arrested).  -tom
                        \_ I know people are stupid, but i'd be willing to
                           wager that tOP is aware that pro boxing is licensed.
                           \_ I wouldn't...
                           \_ what else is there for him to "get"?  -tom
2002/9/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Consumer/Camera, Computer/Networking] UID:26003 Activity:moderate
9/25    Okay, going to ask this again since it got nuked while I was rudely
        getting my beauty sleep--looking for tips on placement of 802.11b
        APs (5 AirPorts in a mid-sized building with ca. 70 clients.)  Also,
        curious whether it's best to use the same frequency on all APs
        or increment it, and whether there's a common method used by clients
        to pick an AP if they receive signals from several.  ok tnx.  -John
        \_ It's in the motd archives.
             \_ Where are the motd archives?
                \_ this question has been asked before... check the archives.
2002/9/25-26 [Science, Politics] UID:26004 Activity:nil
9/25    bad times for Bell Labs:
        This is just sad, although I think the editorial staff at Science
        and Nature share some small part of the culpability.
2002/9/25-26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26005 Activity:moderate
9/25    What is the plural of "unix"?
        \_ eunuchs
        \_ Multics. :-)  -- yuen
        \_ Multics. :-)  From
           "One of whatever Multics was many of" or "Multics without balls."
           (Kernighan)  -- yuen
        \_ There isn't one.  You don't have 5 unix in your machine room.
           You have 5 unix servers.  Unix is an adjective which modifies
           other nouns.  It isn't a noun.  It doesn't have a plural form.
           \_ Hey idiot it can be a noun in certain usage.  For instance
              in the sentance "The most popular open source unix available
              today is Linux." is a legit sentance and unix is a noun.
              Oh and the plural would be unixes.
              \_ Nonsense.  That's short hand and colloquial for, "... open
                 source unix operating system available ...".  And if you
                 insist on being stupid, it's "unixen".
                 \_ Unix refers to a family of operating systems, and hence
                    can be a noun. So STFU, moron.
                    \_ Ask AT&T about that.  No need to insult you further.
soda [19] dict unix
3 definitions found

From WordNet (r) 1.7 [wn]:

       n : a powerful operating system developed at the Bell Telephone
           Laboratories [syn: {UNIX}, {UNIX system}, {UNIX operating
           \_ Yes and being smart you noticed a lack of plural options.  This
              definition is the (tm) version anyway.  Sheesh.
2002/9/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26006 Activity:moderate
9/25    Has anyone bought one of the new cooper mini cars?  Which dealer
        did you go to?  Do you like the car?
        \_ Test drive one. The ride is fantastic.
           \_ I test drove one and had a lot of fun.  Now, I'm shopping
              around to see which dealer has the lowest markup, decent
              service, and not too long of a waiting list.  -op
              \_ i know a dealer in San Diego w/ no markup, but long waitlist..
        \_ Scoff scoff.  My girlfriend bought an old Cooper British Open
           (British Racing Green.)  It regularly blows the new ones off the
           road when it's curvy.  And the new ones have plastic wood lookalike
           interiors.  And they're BMWs.  Scoff scoff.  -John
           \_ You can get brushed chrome on the Cooper S. And I haven't seen
              any with the plastiwood interior-- must be some lame option.
              I'd like to see your old cooper outperform a Cooper S. They're
           \_ And BMWs are what? ... not fast enough for you?  Have you been
              paying attention to cars lately?
2002/9/25-26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:26007 Activity:moderate
9/25    UCLA ee guy who's your DSL ISP, Case-Of-Command or DSLExtreme?
        \_ DSLExtreme --ucla med student
                \_ where you live at med student? Gayley? Tiverton?
                   \_ i live w/ my parents in bh. leave me alone.
2002/9/25-26 [Finance/Banking] UID:26008 Activity:nil
9/25    Are E-LOAN's rates competitive compared to what loan agents offer?
        \_ If you get a good loan agent they can kick eloan's rates ass by
           thousands.  Eloan is nothing special.  My agent rocks.
2002/9/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:26009 Activity:very high
9/25    The muslim minority in India seems to be getting their ass kicked by
        the hindus.  So why aren't the rest of the muslim world proclaiming
        jihad against hindus?
        \_ Because there's a billion of them but only a few million Jews.
           Cowards and bullies only attack smaller people.
           \_ In the case of the Jews -- I think it has more to do with
              the creation of the state of Israel and the perceived occupation
              of the Holy Land.
              \_ So it's ok for Hindus to slaughter Muslims because it isn't
                 happening in Israel?  Uh huh....  What happens if a Hindu
                 kills a Muslim in Gaza?  Do they declare jihad on India?
                 \_ Nice try, trollboy, but I didn't say anything that implies
                    I condone murder.  Try growing up before posting to motd
                    \_ Oh, that's right, you simply justified it by saying
                       their perceptions and the existence of a Jewish state
                       makes it ok somehow.  Okey dokey!  Thanks!
                       \_ He was justifying nothing, you dumbfuck kneejerk.  I
                          agree: grow up.  --scotsman
                          \_ Signing your name doesn't save you from being an
                             ignorant slut.
                             \_ Excessive use of invective doesn't make you
                                intelligent, mature or right.      -mice
           \_ What about US?  There are almost 300 million Americans.
              \_ They know we won't really do anything with our power.  Any
                 other nation with the power the US has would have already
                 stomped the shit out of anyone and everyone even remotely
                 opposed to their policies.  Can you imagine France with the
                 power the US has?  China?  Zimbabwe?  Iraq?  Mexico?  and
                 *not* using it more than the US does?
                 \_ We Chinese are peaceful!  Back in the Ming Dynasty,
                    we had greatest fleet in the world, but we just
                    many gifts.  Eh hem!
                    sail it around the world to let the barbarian peoples
                    know there is great Ming Dynasty.  We also give them
                    many gifts.  Eh hem!  - CCP
                       than the US?  -- Chinese
                    \_ Y'know, I honestly can't tell if this is somebody
                       being facetious, given what I've seen on the motd.
                       \_ I'm also baffled.  Is it real?  Is it a troll?  Is
                          it sarcasm?  Something else?  A mix?  It's the motd.
                    \_ We Chinese are peaceful?  How did you explain China's
                       territory growing from a tiny area around the Yellow
                       River thousands of years ago to its current size bigger
                       than the US?  And we had the greatest fleet in the
                       world back in the Ming Dynasty?  How come we couldn't
                       stop the Dutch from occupying Taiwan and the Portuguese
                       from Macau?  -- Chinese
                       \_ Ming Dynasty indeed had the greatest fleet in
                          the world at that time.  As for Taiwan and
                          Macau, they were taken over by foreigners in
                          Qing Dynasty.
                          \_ The Dutch took over Taiwan (then known as Formosa)
                             in 1624.  Ming Dynasty became Qing in 1640.  And
                             Macau went to the Portuguese in 1573.  -- Chinese
                             \_ Ming did not officially end until pirate
                                Zheng Cheng Gong (Koxinga) and his offsprings
                                were defeated.  Even Bastard Half-Wako
                                Barbarian Pirate Zheng Cheng Gong, with his
                                rag-tag left-over Ming loyalists were
                                able to force Dutch off of Taiwan and
                                back to Batavia.
                                        - CCP (Chinese Chauvinist Pig)
                                      any problem.
                                \_ Either way, 1624 was Ming not Qing.--Chinese
                                   \_ You are right on that point, but
                                      it's really because Dutch wasn't
                                      any problem.  - CCP
                       \_ For a Chinese, you are dumb!
                          Chinese map was already about this big back
                          in the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago.  It hasn't
                          a waste of money.  Dutch and Portuguese only
                          came about 100 years after that.  Besides
                          Dutch and Portuguese wasn't causing any
                          problem back then.  Even ex-Ming pirate
                          changed much since then.  Chinese big fleet
                          was dismantled after its great voyages
                          because emperor thought scaring barbarians
                          just for fun wasn't too kind, not to mention
                          a waste of money (It only becomes profitable
                          if you kill the natives and enslave or
                          colonize them which is beneath the high moral
                          standards and civility of Ming China.)
                          Dutch and Portuguese only came about 100 years
                          after that.  Besides Dutch and Portuguese wasn't
                          causing any problem back then.  Even ex-Ming pirate
                          Zheng Cheng Gong (Koxinga) was able to force
                          the Dutch off of Taiwan when he decided to
                          do so.
                                - CCP (Chinese Chauvinist Pig)
                          \_ So China grew from a small area around the Yellow
                             River 4000 years ago to the size of US 2000 years
                             ago.  What an achievement for a peaceful race.
                             --- Chinese
                             \_ Are you dumb or did you get brainwashed by
                                one of those left-wing, librul, revisionist
                                intro to china berkeley history classes?  Ever
                                heard of peace-loving, woman-hating, bone-headed
                                Mr. Confucius, founder of Confucius-ism, and
                                also pot-smoking Mr. Lao, founder of Lao-ism?
                                (He mispelled the first letter of his name
                                      you stupid racist!  (The point is
                                      Buddhism was introduced into China.)
                                while smoking pot, so it became Tao-ism.
                                We will correct his mistake here.)
                                They were both born around 2000 years ago.
                                A few hundred years after that also came
                                Mr. Buddha.  China before is different
                                from China since.  It has nothing to do
                                with "race"!
                                        -- CCP (Chinese Chauvinist Pig)
                                \_ Sorry, but Mr. Gautama Buddha was an Indian
                                            Chinese is war-loving!
                                   prince, not Chinese.  -- Chinese
                                   \_ Again, it has nothing to do with "race",
                                      you stupid racist!  Who the fuck is
                                      "Guatama"?!  (The point is Buddhism
                                      was introduced into China.)
                                      Stop being facetious!
                                        -- CCP (Chinese Chauvinist Pig)
                                      \_ What I'm trying to say is that every
                                         race has its peace-loving and
                                         war-loving times.  Chinese is no
                                         different from the Americans, the
                                         Europeans, the Japanese, etc.
                                         -- Chinese
                                         \_ That's my point!  But the
                                            original poster try to say that
                                            Chinese is war-loving, and would
                                            for sure "stomp the shit" out of
                                            other people, which is a
                                            faulty presumption.  Also,
                                            it has nothing to do with race!
                                            It's more like culture.  Too
                                            much military power is always
                                            a danger.  We must be very
                                            careful in its application.
                                            Otherwise we will become Genghis
                                            Khan. - CCP
                                \_ Mr. Lao *misspelled* the first *letter* of
                                   his name?  Wow!  I didn't know Mr. Lao
                                   spoke English 2000 years ago.
                                   \_ Very funny!
                                      Change "mispelled" to "mispronounced"!
                                      Stop being facetious! - CCP
                 \_ France? France would've surrendered to Bin Laden
                    already. --dim
                    \_ That's the New France from WWII to now.  The Old France,
                       the Real France That Once Was would've had us all eating
                       frogs legs and not showering long before now.
                       \_ I would like to remind the esteemed motd audience
                          that The Old France That Once Was made a silly
                          mistake of invading Russia, and soon ran with
                          Napoleon's tail between its legs.  The Old France
                          indeed.  Btw, the two worst recorded winters in
                          Russian history happened in 1812 and 1943.  Just
                          some food for thought.
                          \_ I didn't say they were good at it.  I said they'd
                             \_ Sure you did.  You said they 'would've had us
                                all eating frogs legs'.  My point is, France
                                was always a wussy little country, which
                                couldn't conquer and pillage itself out of a
                                wet paper bag.  Back-pedaling slime.  Apologize
                                at once!
                             use it.  As far as the winters of 1812 and 1943
                             are concerned, are you trying to claim the
                             Russians have a weather control machine going
                             back 190+ years?  Fancy that!
                             \_ Nah, I am trying to say there's some magic
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