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2002/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:25987 Activity:nil
9/23    In <DEAD>csua/skey<DEAD> should I use "computer with MD4" or "compute with
        MD5"?  Thanks.
        \_ Md4 -ausman
2002/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:25988 Activity:nil 60%like:25981
        One woman's claim to fame.
        \_ She looks stoned.  *Really* stoned.  More stoned than a Dell or
           Apple "it went beep! beep! beep!" commercial....
2002/9/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25989 Activity:insanely high
9/24    What about gals (straight ones)?  Are they supposed/allowed to go to
        bachelor parties?  What if these are not not sex/etc. ones?
        \_ No, they're not.  Why this insistence on breaking very simple and
           easy to understand traditions?  It is a *good* thing for a guy to
           have a chance to spend some time with his buddies before his whole
           life changes.  It is an equally good thing for the woman to do the
           same with her girlfriends.  Men to go men things.  Women go to
           same with her girlfriends.  Men go to men things.  Women go to
           women things.  The two shall not mix.  There's *tons* of mixed and
           couples only social events after marriage.
        \_ It's a bachelor party, let the bachelor decide.
        \_ Bachelor parties are vile and cruel events akin to the last
           mean given to convicts on death row. What would you like to
           eat they ask, while everyone knows that in a few short hours
           it will be "off with his head". At least on death row you
           know that in a few short hours you will be free from prison,
           in marriage there is no hope of reprieve or parole or execution,
           just a long unbearable unspeakable torture that ends only
           in death, which is longed for but never comes quickly enough.
           All men should strive to prevent the cruel subjugation of thier
           \_ bdg, it's you, you're back! i missed you! - bdg #47 fan
              \_ That wasn't BDG.  BDG is "D"ivorced.  The above thinks
                 marriage is til death do you part.
                 \_ HINT: Alimony. Divorce is not the end of marriage.
                    Marriage: Buy now pay FOREVER!
                    \_ FACT: There's no one getting alimony in CA anymore.
                       Child support, yes, alimony, forget it.  Get a job.
                       \_ Hi.  I know someone living in CA who is getting
                          alimony.  She got it very recently (last few years).
                          You are full of shit.  Go stick your FACTS up your
                          \_ Bullshit alert.  Thank you for playing.
                             \_ Sign your name and I ll e-mail you.
                       \_ Not all of us live in CA.
                          \_ So get divorced in Kentucky next time.  This host,
                             this org, and the vast majority of the people are
                             all in CA.  Excuuuuuse me for being so unfairly
                             California-centric.  Whatever.
           \_ So you mean... stop weddings?
              \_ Stop marriages. Stop weddings. End the suffering of
                 your fellow man.
                 \_ become a professional homewrecker?  where do i sign up?
                     \_ Check the personals for people looking for "discrete"
           \_ People choose to get married.  Prisoners do not choose the
              death penalty.  Your analogy sucks.
              \_ They chose it when they killed someone or often several
                 someones in cold blood.  Your typical DR inmate isn't human.
                 \_ The point is that the analogy makes the person getting
                    married seem like the hapless victim but they choose
                    to get married.
                    \_ My point is that the convict and the marriage person
                       *both* made their choices and have to live with them.
                       Prisoners choose the death penalty.  Men choose to get
                       married.  Neither is a hapless victim.
2002/9/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:25990 Activity:insanely high
9/24    Does anyone here have any experience with purchasing used laptops
        on the Internet? If so, care to suggest a reliable site for it? Tnx.
        \_ I do.  eBay
           \_ I did fine with ebay - found a vendor in New England that does
              high volume (hundreds of postive feedbacks) and sells thinkpads
              with service contracts good for another 9-12 months. -jor
           \_ Reliable?
              \_ Strictly speaking, it claimed to be a cancelled order (I didn't
                 care--it had the right specs for the right price).  It works
                 great.  The seller's rating was over 200, with nary a negative
                 comment, and he'd been selling for 2-3 years.
                 \_ I wish I had a link to the guy who had a 6300 rating, was
                    selling since 1997 and then skipped town with $300k stolen
                    from ebay.  It was in the SF Comical last week.
                    \_ Part of the research is checking what other auctions
                       someone is running.  If they suddenly have a lot of big
                       ticket items for sale and didn't before, you should be
                       concerned.  If that's the case I'm thinking of, it's old
                       news, and the ripped-off people formed a community to go
                       after him.  I haven't seen the full outcome for that guy,
                       but I know they ID'ed him and turned at least some of
                       their info in to the FBI.
                       \_ Ok, you're really smart, you'll never get ripped off
                          at ebay, you're right, I'm wrong.  Good luck.
                    \_ I work at an eBay-related company, and we just had a
                       person scam $5K worth of auctions this way (in $200-$500
                       increments).  The funny part?  He lived in the I-House,
                       and is now at home in Turkey.  The FBI is investigating.
                       He was likely an international student just finishing up
                       his time in Berkeley--going out with a bang.
        \_ Mac or PC?
           \_ Duh.  No one uses Macs.  No one with any sense anyway.
              \_ S00ry, I f0rg07 that B5D i5n'7 1337.
                 \_ BSD good.  Mac bad.  Why pay extra for Apple hardware?
                    There's *nothing* special or unique about it.  Go run BSD
                    on x86 hardware at 1/3rd the price.
        \_ I bought a used Vaio on eBay (in the box, w/ all orig packaging,
           etc) and it worked out fine. The guy was even in China or something.
           A friend however bought a PowerBook from some guy in Vietnam and
           never got the box after he mailed the money.
           The lesson here: buy PC's not MAcs of course... er, buy from China
           not Vietnam? I dunno... interpret the results as you will.
           \_ Ebay: roll the dice and get lucky sometimes.
              \_ Do your research and don't get burned.
                 \_ You can *always* get burned on ebay.  Plenty of people got
                    taken in ebay ripoffs by people with great ratings.  You're
                    not super smart, just lucky not to get burned... yet.
        \_ bought mine on ebay. it was traumatic, but I eventually got it.
           only buy from someone with spotless feedback. better yet, only use
           escrow or COD.
           \_ What are some good escrow companies?
           \_ I thought escrow companies are only for buying/selling real
              \_ Check out or
2002/9/24 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic] UID:25991 Activity:very high
9/23    Normally, are guys supposed/allowed to go to bridal showers?  And, is
        one supposed to give a gift at the bridal shower and then another one
        at the wedding ceremony, only at the bridal shower, only at the wedding
        ceremony, or something else?  Usually, what kind of gifts are
        appropriate at the bridal shower and at the wedding ceremony?
        \_ Dude, look, it all comes down to "weddings are for women". Period.
           The rest is bullshit.  Avoid it as much as humanly possible.
        \_ BDG!!!!!  Where art thou!!!  -your most loyal fan
             \_ I applaud you for not saying "wherefore".
           \_ Just as the poor hapless accused were never allowed into the
              closed door deliberations of the cardinals overseeing the
              inquisition, men are never allowed into the clossed door
              sessions known as bridal showers. These are activities where
              women gather together to share the torture techniques they have
              honed through the ages.
              In any case, as a man the OP should not participate in the
              undoing of a fellow man. But if you (OP) truly wish to give
              a gift, then give the gift of life to your fellow man by
              preventing this marriage and the living hell that will follow
              \_ Thank you for coming through.  Keep the faith bro!
                                -BDG's #1 fan
                 \_ If I can save one other soul from the eighth hell of
                    marriage then the suffering that was my married life
                    will have been worth it.
        \_ Gifts are NEVER appropriate at the wedding ceremony.  - Miss Manners
        \_ Guys do not go to bridal showers.  Gifts should be mailed to the
           couple after the wedding.  -tom
           \_ What?! It doesn't really have to be after the wedding does
              it? I'm about to mail mine to the couple, 3 weeks before
              the wedding. Should I put off on it?
              \_ It should be after the wedding--what if the wedding doesn't
              \_ Not really. It's more a hassle thing is how I've heard it. You
                 send them after the wedding so the couple doesn't have to cope
                 with the presents (and returning of said presents for cash)
                 while simultaneously preparing for the ceremony.
                 \_ Ideally someone else is taking care of the presents (best
                    man, maid of honor, co-ordinator). Even sending them after
                    the wedding has its problems (ie. long honeymoon, both
                    working, delivery trouble). 'Sup to the couple to let
                    folks know if one method is preferable.
                 P.s., co-ed bridal showers are beginning to happen. I've been
                 to one. -- guy
                 \_ It's a new way to torture guys. Like the baby shower thing.
              \_ hapless twinks - they are given at the reception after ceremony
                 \_ not according to Miss Manners.  -tom
                    \_ ceremony != reception twink
                        \_ Miss Manners explicitly says that presents should
                           be mailed to the couple afterwards, seeing as how
                           they are supposed to be heading off on a honeymoon
                           and they probably didn't bring a U-Haul to transport
                           all the gifts home from the reception.  -tom
                           \_ umm. that's what the bride's maids, best men,
                           and close relatives are for. Who's goign to stay
                          at home and wait for packages to arrive? are they
                          going to leave valuables on your doorstep until
                          your honeymooon is over. That's stupid. Miss Manners
                          is a liberal bitch.
                          \_ I've seen her called many things, but never
                             \_ She's about common sense and treating people
                                with due respect, no more and no less.
                                \_ That sounds suspiciously like something
                                   a liberal would say.
                                   \_ Say what?  MM is great.  No one here is
                                      less liberal than me.
                 \_ Chinese usually do it this way.
                    \_ Chinese usually give hongbaos (or angbaos).
2002/9/24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25992 Activity:kinda low
9/23    Pentagon has christened the upcoming Iraqi operation "Scorched Desert."
        \_ Like creme brulee?
        \_ Let's hope the Israelis don't make it operation "Glassed Desert."
          \_ before the Iraqis make it operation 'gassed desert' ?
        \_ I would call it "Operation Happy Fuzzy Bunny."  Now who would be
           against that?
           \_ mabey the famous heavy-metal band "basket full of puppies"
              could write the CNN themes song for the war.(
           \_ I'm totally in favor of Op HFB.  Imagine Heraldo Rivera 55 miles
              from the front doing his classic "we're under fire on the front!"
              routine while everyone around him goes about their business and
              tries to "Hi Mom!" the camera and he's going off about the
              dangers right there on the front of Op HFB.  Great stuff.
2002/9/24 [Computer/Networking] UID:25993 Activity:nil
9/23    Setting up a small-ish 802.11b network (5 AirPorts, ca. 30 clients
        across a building with two floors and about 15 rooms.)  Can someone
        give me some tips as to how to set the AP frequencies?  Is it best
        to have them all on the same, or on incremental frequencies?  Also,
        is there any uniform method by which wi-fi cards pick an AP (assuming
        one's in the same room, but overloaded, and one is down the hall,
        with a slightly weaker signal, will a new client pick the next AP?)
        Thanks.  -John
              "Designing AirPort Networks" has the tips you need.
        \_ Mix frequences, use all 3 (i think there are only 3 real ranges?)
           to maximize throughput. As for the other stuff, I don't know of
           any uniform method, but is your network all airports and mac?
           Never used apple, but dlink client allow you to choose an AP. Higher
           end stuff like cisco might have such load-balancing features.
           I think the Linksys client card just picks an AP for you.
           \_ There are 11, but they overlap; there are only 3 that are
              mostly distinct.  Use 1, 6, and 11, and try to keep the
              access points with the same frequencies away from each other.
              I think a client will always pick up on the strongest signal,
              there's nothing about congestion built into the protocol. -tom
2002/9/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:25994 Activity:very high
9/24    Any FREE online dating sites that have member pictures and allow
        you to send messages to other members? FREE being the operative word.
        All the ones I've seen so far cost money.
        \_ I think the springstreet personals network (it's what
           you're using when you use Nerve or The Stranger or The Onion
           personals) is free. - danh
        \_ Nerve?  Salon?
           \_ I don't think salon is free.
                \_ Their stock will be free soon.
        \_ It's 2002, not 1998.  Free, indeed!
        \_ The Soda MOTD.  Hope her pic is up on her web page.
2002/9/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Media] UID:25995 Activity:very high
9/24    Soon, all news and media content will be controlled by one super-
        company called Disney-ABC-CNN-AOL-Time-Warner, a division of Fox
        Broadcasting (okay, I made that last part up).
        \_ At least Fox will be a porn network someday.
           \_ You mean it isn't already?
               \_ "Hi! I've never actually watched but I'm going to mouth off
                   about something I might have heard something about once in
                   a weak attempt to look way kewl to my equally empty headed
                   'friends' on the motd!"  Go home.  Fuck yermom.  It's your
                   best and last hope.
                   \_ Cool, can you get that show on Fox?
                      \_ On the PPV Fox channel, yes.
                   \_ "Hi! I'm a festering asshole!" Go away. You're not
                      \_ The truth is rarely interesting.  It's much more fun
                         to just make shit up.  You'd know about that.
                   \_  You mean it isn't already? --poster who's watched Fox
                      \_ You have a weird idea of what pr0n is.  Is your
                         ideal 'h0t nekkid chik' a man about age 38, vote
                         republican and wear a grey suit?  I pity you.
        \_ Which will go down the drain within 18 months leaving us with a
           variety of independent news sources, thank god.
           \_ i wish there was a way to pay for a subscription to
              a specific *journalist* with out dealing with any
              paper or network.  i'd be willing to pay quite a bit
              of cash if i really thought i could get competent,
              unedited reporting from it.  i wish some journalists
              with integrity would try this. i'm sure i'm not the only
              one.  i'm so sick of the lies and fluff.
              \_ Watch or listen to the BBC. --dim
                 \_ Could you add a URL? Google wasn't too helpful. Thanks.
                 \_ Yeah, that way you can watch foreigners bash the US instead
                    of seeing US Citizens doing the hatchet job.
              \_ I like The Week magazine. It publishes excerpts from all
                 over the world and from across the political specrum. If
                 you only read the output of one journalist, you wouldn't
                      want to get a balanced perspetive, you need to read from
                 be reading much, though maybe someday you could mix and
                 match as you saw fit. -ausman
                \_ right wing bs.  read World Press Review instead.
                   \_ I have never heard of that publication before, thanks
                      for letting me know about it. The Week isn't exactly
                      right wing bs, though it is pretty mainstream. It is
                      at least a more or less independent voice. If you really
                      want to get a balanced perspective, you need to read from
                      all over the spectrum like The Nation and The Economist.
                      But I try to avoid stuff published by the megacorps. -a
                      \_ Those happen to be the two mags that I read! --elite
                   \_ Uhm, just because they publish things from the right does
                      not mean they have a "right wing bias".  They publish
                      from the entire spectrum.  Does it hurt your little brain
                      to read material from a different perspective sometimes?
                      It's always easier to just read the same self-reinforcing
                      swill everyday.  No thought required.  No challenge.
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