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2002/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:25963 Activity:nil
        An amusing, pick-me-up type animation.
2002/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:25964 Activity:kinda low
9/19    Baseball pre-empts firefly.  Good job over at KTVU channel 2.
        Stupid bastards.  It might suck but at least I should get a chance to
        see for myself.
        \_ yeah, why can't they keep the stupid sports shows on like ESPN or
2002/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:25965 Activity:nil
9/19    If you start hearing about how palestinians from gaza/west bank are
        being denied basic human rights and not allowed to go to Israeli
        hospitals for treatment you'll know why after this:
2002/9/21 [Finance/Banking] UID:25966 Activity:kinda low
9/19    Got a situation in closing escrow. We had an inspection with builder
        and found problems. They have 5 days to fix them. Our final
        walkthrough is next Wed 3pm.  But then we also have to fund and sign
        the loan documents on Wed noon, (before the final walk through). If
        we don't sign the loan documents on Wednesday, closing moves into
        October.  If there are problems that the builder hasn't resolved, we
        don't sign off on them then closing moves into October. Is there a
        problem with signing the loan documents before finding out if there
        are any problems the builder hasn't fixed even though we have the
        right to not sign off on the itemized list of problems?
        \_ yes.  once you move in, you can't use the threat of cancelling
           as leverage.  Their hurry tends to go away.
           \_ Shouldn't your real estate agent be taking care of these things?
              \_ New homes don't have agents.  Just you and the builder. Hey
                 who is the builder?  Which company?
        \_ Tell the builder if you don't get final walkthrough before signing
           docs, you'll walk away from the deal.  Consider suing them for any
           monetary losses in the escrow (up front payments, etc.).  Once you're
           legally bound, you're screwed.
           A little more leverage would be to find if the loan has a 3-day
           recision (back-out) clause.  That would allow you to sign the papers,
           but cancel them after the walkthrough.
2002/9/21 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:25967 Activity:moderate
9/19    Where can I get naked pix of Rebekah Revels?
        \_ You can't.  There aren't any in public.
        \_ kazaar has everthing.
           \_ It does not have RR naked because there are no public pics.
              \_ Who is Rebekah Revels?
2002/9/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25968 Activity:high
9/19    Why do blond women age faster?
        \_ They also tend to use makeup and such starting at an earlier age,
           which accelerates the deteoration of their skin.
           \_ Bullshit.  Where do you get your stats that say light haired
              chicks use makeup at an earlier age?  What a load of crap.
        \_ Effects of the sun.
        \_ Effects of my big black cock
           \_ Perhaps you should think about washing it every so often.
        \_ Who says so?
           \_ Men who like women.
        \_ blond women have lighter skin, which is more vulnerable to UV.
        \_ blonde and white people are genetically inferior, that's why.
           \_ no cookie.
        \_ because blondes have more fun?
        \_ genetics and dry skin
        \_ Michelle Pfeiffer is still hot.
           \_ Nicole Kidman is still hot.  MP?  In your "h0t yerm0m" dreams.
2002/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:25969 Activity:insanely high
9/20    More Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy - but I thought it was all
        about a blow job.
        'Democrats Are Fined $243,000 for Fund-Raising Violations
        (People's Republic of China)'
        \_ If you pack the FEC, you can get away with anything you want.
           Bush violated the Fund-Raising laws by the tune of $2M but
           got away with it on a 3-3 vote of the FEC:
           Not to say that what Gore did was right, but both sides do
           this kind of stuff all the time.
                \_ I'm sorry, your analogy is 100% wrong.  Clinton sold
                   out national security to COMMUNIST China for personal
                   gain.  Bother to follow the Loral Space investigation,
                   I thought not.
                   The case you mention, unfortunately, describes
                   the state of election financing in this country, and
                   is peanuts compared the 1996 scandal.
                   the Ron Brown saga? I thought not.
                   for a campaign add - ubiquitous is elections.  It was
                   The case you mention is about someone using soft-money
                   1996 scandal.
                   for a campaign add - ubiquitous in elections.  It was
                   political ploy by McCain, peanuts compared to the
                   1996 scandal.  You are being intellectual dishonest
                   to compare the two.
                   And FWIW, there were Republicans involved in the
                   1996 election scandals, the lewinsky affair was a
                   cover for them all.
2002/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:25970 Activity:nil
9/20    The Brits have SAS, the Germans have GSG9 (sp?), what do we have, and
        have they been proven to be as good as the other elite teams?
2002/9/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25971 Activity:very high
00/00   The motd was so completely stripped of any interesting threads by our
        local nerderific censor that it seemed better to just clear the entire
        thing and try again rather than attempt to resuscitate that pathetic
        excuse for a motd.  It had to be destroyed in order to be saved.
        \_ yermom
        \_ yermom           \_ HOLMOE!!!
        \_ Isn't there a policy allwoing squish-age for repeated munging
           of the motd (referring to the censor not the euthaniser)?
           \_ Go squish the motd censor.  It's not like half of us don't know
              exactly who it is.
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