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2002/9/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:25949 Activity:moderate
9/19    Do you have a Russian accent?  Want to do the voice of a sock monkey?
        Give me a few hours of your time and I'll put you in a film festival.              -brain
        \_ I haf a veri gud Russian aksent!
           \_ and yet you use indefinite article.  train harder young mensch
              \_ d'oh!  I'll work on that.
                 \_ *sheesh*   kids these days....
                    \_ Hey!  I'm sorry!  Sooo sorry!  Forgive massa!  Forgive!
                       \- forgiven.  this time.
2002/9/20 [Uncategorized] UID:25950 Activity:nil
        Thank god this POS has first amendment rights in this country.  Any
        other place and they'd whack his dumb ass.
2002/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25951 Activity:high
9/19    Okay, Korean food, guns, CS books...Not bad, but still BORING.
        Get it together folks!  The motd needs more of an *edge*.
        Stuff like this:
        \_ the motd right now is okay
        \_ Your link is stupid and a waste of bits.  The motd was better before
           you got here.  You have lame taste in URLs.
                \_ what's wrong with you? ILL Mitch is awesome.
2002/9/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:25952 Activity:very high
9/19    Here in the US nearly all the korean restaurants I've seen are
        koreak BBQ places.  Or other restaurants that serve a lot of meat.
        Is typical of the average diet in korea?  Or just korean
        food for americans?  Thanks.
        \_ My girlfriend says the preponderance of meat in korean restaurant
           food has to do with restaurants being a sort of a splurge. Food
           at home is dominated by broth, vegetables, seafood and rice.
           Kim-chee anyone? --ulysses
        \_ Trying to get it on with a Korean chick?
        \_ Typical Korean meals are heavier on vegetable side dishes,
           seafood and soup.
           \_ Yeah.  Try the place on Grand in the V of lake merritt.
        \_ beef is no substitute for the real dog meat.
           \_ or frog legs and snails for the french, and possum for
              rednecks. great observation.
           \_ or frogs and snails for the french, and possum for rednecks.
              great observation.
              \_ and remember, it's a felony to eat horse here in California.
                 that makes us a far more superior human being
                 \_ That's why we aren't part of the axis of evil.
2002/9/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25953 Activity:nil
9/19    Richard Butler on Iraq.  Gotta love those Australians sometimes.
2002/9/20 [Uncategorized] UID:25954 Activity:nil
9/19    >Electronic Data Systems Corp., down $19.26 at $17.20
        \_ that's it. i am over the edge.
           \_ Be polite and let people know to get out of your way
              before you splash down.
2002/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25955 Activity:nil
9/19    Is there a oneliner to print out all lines that are in one file
        but not the other?
        \_ look at grep -v -x -F and see what happens.
        \_ comm -23 <one file> <the other> (assuming both files are sorted
           \_ comm -13 is what i wanted. thanks. the grep thing didnt work.
              \_ They needed to be pre-sorted for that too, same as comm.
2002/9/20 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:25956 Activity:low
9/19    I was wondering if any current student who's not planning to get this
        year's football season ticket would help me get one.  If so, please
        email me at eyip. Thx. -Eric
        \_ Post a flyer at the dorms.  (I'm serious).
        \_ buy a young alumni ticket you cheapskate
2002/9/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25957 Activity:insanely high
9/19    Have any one actually read Bush's National Security Strategy?
        It looks like in the name of freedom and liberty, we are essentially
        going to destory any nation that has a remote chance of challenge
        US's dominating position in the world.
        \_ That is untrue.  China and India have more potential to challenge
           the USA's hegemony but we aren't stopping them are we?
           Is your generalization brush a bit too thick?
        \_ That is sadly how the US is. The US needs war to survive,
           we need to constantly find targets or otherwise people who
           backed little bush will not be getting rich. Bush actually
           doesn't give a shit about national security, he doesn't
           even know what it is. What he knows is, he who throw money
           into his campaign, he much pay them back with real hard tax
           dollar. You can bet that if, and when we are done with
           Iraq, we will immediately move on to the next target (that
           in time we will surely identify, anyone remember China
           before 911?) Without war, little bush know he will be
           facing critizm from all over regarding his administration,
           when we are in war, the country is much more united, and
           that's his edge. He'll be in the office for 4 years and
           we'll have 4 years of war. You can be sure of that. If it's
           not iraq, it'll be someone else. Bush doesn't give a fuck,
           he needs war to survive.
           \_ the problem right now is there's no balance in the
              world. The US is too powerful for any nation to
              challenge directly, so we do whatever the hell we
              please, with no regard to consequences or human life or
              whatever. And then you have this war hungry bush come on
              board, bin-ladin gave him exactly what he wanted, a way
              to put america into 4 years of war. What Clinton built
              in 8 years, bush destoried in a few months. The good
              thing is he'll only be in office in 4 years and we all
              hope the damage is not too severe. The same cannot be
              said for the other countries. You'll bet that after the
              war, there will be 100 more bin-ladins in the world that
              will want to destory everything that is about America.
              And people just don't stop and think why?
        \_ URL?
              \_ I read it and I don't think it says what you think it says.
                 It is reasonably balanced. -Bush Hating Leftist
        \_ Is this what your commie-berkeley education has help you conclude?
           Do you guys always just simply doubt everything America does to the
           world? I suppose you have a better alternative? Name one. Then go
           there and start accusing that government of the same thing. Better
           yet, look at history, find another #1 country that is as mostly
           benevolent as America. You will not. America - love it or leave it.
           Period.  [formatd]
           \_ This kind of shit is unprecedented in our history, pal, at least
              as an open book policy.  What ever happened to the republican
              rhetoric of "we can't serve as the world police force..."  I
              guess rigging an election makes one more aware of actual
              \_ Speak softly and carry a big stick and right makes might
                                                        \_ might makes right
                 both seem to have disappeared as well. George the 2nd's
                 speeches seem more like NBA/WWF pre-game/match bad mouthing
                 and blustering than serious deliberations on policy. I guess
                 anything more is too much to expect from someone who thought
                 greeks were "grecians".
                 \_ Here's someone who didn't read the new policy.  Come back
                    when you're grown up and stopped watching wrestling.
              \_ The policy is not to be the world's police force.  The policy
                 is to stomp the shit out of anyone that is working on ways to
                 kill us.  If they want to kill each other such as in Africa,
                 that's ok.  The new policy says nothing about that.  Not our
                 problem because we're still not the world's police force.
                 \_ Given this, why hasn't America invaded Columbia? Their
                    government is incapable of handling the drug trafficing
                    trade. Surely ridding America of the death, violence,
                    crime, and economic hardship caused by Columbian drugs
                    would be more useful than invading a country that might
                    have WMD that it could use.
                    \_ We have invaded Columbia. Where have you been? It's
                       mostly covert, though. --dim
                       \_ Hmm. This doesn't bode well for any new invasions
                          that are in the planning stage.
           \_ America != The Executive Branch. I love my country and the
              principles on which it was founded, but I do not love the
              activities of the current (or even most previous)
              \_ Which do you like?  Are you a Jimmy Carter fan?
                 \_ Truman, Ike, JFK and Reagan were okay. Before that,
                    TR, Lincoln, Jefferson and Madison.
           \_ All these native american nations... hmm... prime example of
              american's "benevolence"  And remember, we nuked 300k Japanese
              civilians for their suprise attack of Pearl Harbor which results
              in 3000+ mostly military casuaties.
              \_ Would you have preferred a ground invasion of Japan?
              \_ Ah my friend, how easily you forget the death march of
              \_ Japan raped and killed 300k in the city of Nanjing alone in
                 one week or so.
                 \_ Do you really believe the US gave a shit about what was
                    happening to the Chinese?
           \_ This person votes.  Scary.
              I left it, you have my permission to stay there.  -John
              \_ Stay where you are.  We'll get around to the rest of Europe
                 eventually.  You don't have to come back to be a part of the
           \_ This person votes.  Sweet.  So do I.  --fully agree with person
2002/9/20 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:25958 Activity:high
9/19    What goods (US) are expensive and hard to find in Japan?  Other than
        perhaps golf and alcohol. I'm looking for gift giving ideas. Thanks.
        \_ Cars. They like big powerful American cars, esp. Lincoln's and
           Cadillac's. They also like 60's muscle cars and harley davidson's.
        \_ Quality beef.
           \_ How can you beat Kobe beef?
           \_ *shake head* how about See's candies?  last i recall,
              can't find it there, and it's distinctly american.
              i've seen ppl give beef jerky.  or whatever is native
              to ur own country will be appreciated based on my past
              experiences.  Cal paraphenelia?
              \_ Actually, a coworker of mine was in Japan a few months ago
                 and said he saw See's candies in the airport for like $35/box.
              \_ we took See's candies to Japan on our biz trip and found out
                 later that they were sick of getting them. Maybe try Godiva's
                 \_ You mean Warren Buffett won't be making any more money!?!
              \_ there are already a few japanese brands of beef jerky.  tengu.
                 \_ Will it give you teleportitis?  Or teleport control?
        \_ us pr0n?
           \_ As if they don't have enough of their own.
              \_ but it's all censored.
                 \_ and is illegal to bring into the country if uncensored
                    \_ How about rated R movies like those "strong sexual
                       content" ones on Showtime?
              \_ But they love to see hot white chicks in action, just like
                 we love to see hot Asian chicks.
                 \_ Who's "we"?
        \_ Apples.  The common American apple.  I have it on *very* good
           authority that apples are a rare and special delicacy in Japan.
           Each one raised carefully by hand, a work of art.  And if you dare
           disagree about the price of apples in Japan I'm going to flip a huge
           ass table and run off and mope in the stairwell.
           \_ Apples are expensive because US apples are prohibited from
              import. So if you declare them, they will be confiscated.
              You could always try smuggling them in.
              \_ Fruits in general are expensive in Japan,
        \_ Bring a Michael Jordan signed basketball, or some Native
           American craft.
           \_ Along this vein, how about Dodgers and other sports crap? I'm
              sure they have it there, but it's probably heavily marked up.
              \_ Better off with Seattle Mariners. Ichiro is better known out
           \_ Or maybe baseball/etc sports cards?  Just guessing.
              \_ Baseball is the #2 sport there, after sumo.  But I don't know
                 if American baseball stars are popular there.
                 \_ Do they have sports cards for their own athletes or is this
                    an American thing?  (having cards I mean)
        \_ Ivory Tusks or Sea Turtle shells.  Saw it on the news.
        \_ Blonde women.
        \_ Yermom... oh wait, she's cheap and easy to find in Japan.
2002/9/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:25959 Activity:nil
9/19    Ultimate Race Mod for a Sentra:
        \_ That was really funny. Thanks.
           \_ It was?
2002/9/20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:25960 Activity:very high
9/19    ""The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for
        'Entrepreneur'"-GW Bush"
        \_ But they have 1000 words for 'surrender'. --dim
        \_ And snow.  They have hundreds of words for "snow".
           \_ excellent delivery.
        \_ they eat very well... and have lots of vacations. I'd like to
           live there. except that they hate jews.
           \_ Don't forget they only work 30 hrs a week.
              \_ Only in weeks when the trash collector's union isn't on strike
                 again bringing the entire country to a smelly halt.
        \_ French seem pretty arrogant.  I once met a French who has a strong
           accent.  When I saw him reading out some French signs, I ask him if
           he's French, and he replied "Yes I am French.  I'm proud to be
           \_ Wow, that's a great story.
                 would I?  Actually he did swear (I think) in French when he
                 got stuck behind slow drivers or people crossing the street
           \_ Nice try troll boi, but no self respecting frenchman would
              say "Yes I am French. I'm proud to be French." No, a true
              frenchmen would say, "Oui, je suis francais, mon pauvre
              amie de l'etats unis."
              \_ But if he said that in French I wouldn't understand that,
                 would I?  I quoted that verbatim.  Actually he did swear (I
                 think) in long French sentences when he got stuck behind slow
                 drivers or people crossing the street slowly even though I was
                 the only passenger and I don't speak French.
                 \_ Tout le monde sait le francias, excepte des sauvages et
                    des hommes anglais.
        \_ The above responders are all dense.  The joke is that "entrepreneur"
           comes from French. Haha.
           \_ Wow.  humour runs shallow on the soda...
           \_ That'd make GW Bush on par with Quayle.
           \_ Wow, you figured that one out all on your own?  The rest of us
              already heard the joke and didn't think much of it the first
              time around so we ignored it and went on about more interesting
              things related to the smelly French.  Where have you been?
              \_ like banging yermom? talk about smelly.
        \_ Alas, Bush never said it:
           \_ Good job.
2002/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25961 Activity:kinda low
9/19    I dutifully installed cygwin on win95.  However, some program, like
        tex and tcsh, dumps core or stack.  What is the problem?
        \_ I read somewhere that cygwin on windows 95 doesn't
           work so well
            \_ I wrote somewhere that win95 doesn't work so well, so what
                you read is pretty certainly true.  Umm, I'm not one of
                these "get a real OS" people, most of the time but
                Windows 95 ???
2002/9/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:25962 Activity:kinda low
9/19    if you deposit a check that has had a stop order placed on it,
        do you get penalized?
        \_ No, unless you draw funds based on that check.
        \_ Depends how shitty your bank is.
           \_ Wells Fargo charges you $5.
                \_ That's pretty shitty.
                \_ it's B of A. -op
                   \_ Well if you the great Bunch of Fucking Assholes you have
                      turn over your first-born. Seriously, STFW!
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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