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2002/9/16 [Uncategorized] UID:25900 Activity:nil
9/15    Who has met Lee Felselstein at Interval?
        \_ ask ali.
2002/9/16-17 [Computer/HW/Languages] UID:25901 Activity:high
9/16    I need [a] recommendation for a couple of books.  One an introduction
        to verilog.  And another an introduction to how to write good
        verilog that can be synthesized.  Or one book if it covers both
        topics well.  I'm the SW guy looking to get into ASIC design.
        Amazon has 100s of verilog books.  They're very expensive and I don't
        want to waste money buying the wrong one.  Thanks.
        \_ Take EE319 @ Stanford.
        \_ for synthesis, ask a friend for the Synopsys tutorial.
        \_ My recommendations (no, I don't personally know J. Bhasker):
                "A Verilog HDL Primer" by J. Bhasker - Intro to verilog
                "Verilog HDL Synthesis, A Practical Primer" by J. Bhasker
                        - Intro to synthesis
           Side note: We'll see when verilog -> C occurs (if it ever occurs).
                - yakura
2002/9/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25902 Activity:very high
9/16    To the guy who had a date on Saturday night with that H0t A41@@n chik
                                                What's an Aaian? _/
        (sic) on craigslist, how did it turn out?
        \_ Learn to spell, its H07 4ZN CH1K ! H0t A41@n chik.
           \_ Or H07 42N CH1X0R.
              \_ Well either way, I also want to know.  --!OP
                 \_ "the guy" was pulling your leg, most likely. His hottest date
                    was probably his CRT.
                 \_ "the guy" was pulling your leg, most likely. His hottest
                    date was probably his CRT.
                    \_ Probably but that just means he's a loser.  She was
                       totally worth a shot.  Near zero effort, no risk, high
                       gain.  Yet another big strikeout for soda's 'men'.
                       \_ No argument from me. I'm already in a situation I'm
                          happy with, myself, or else I might have tried my
                          luck. Then at least one can say.
                       \_ You actually thought that was a real woman?
                          \_ Child, I've dated off of craig's list. They were
                             all the real thing.
                             \_ what's craig's list?
                          \_ Uh oh, here come the "there are no real women on
                             the net" trolls.  Son, there *are* real women on
                             the net.  You won't find them on any of your
                             bookmarked pr0n sites.
        \_ It was fun, but I don't think we will be doing it again.
2002/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25903 Activity:high
9/16    what is a good usenet news reader for windows?
        \_ NewsFerret.  Hard to find, but great for searching.  -John
        \_ outlook bar none.
           \_ Yeah.  non-buggy newsreaders are for wimps
        \_ Agent.
              BNR(Binary News Reader) is good if you are only downloading binary
           \_ Start with Free Agent. Upgrade to Agent if you like it. Also,
              BNR(Binary News Reader) is good if you are only downloading
              binary files.
           \_ Agent sucks cause it doesn't view pictures inline.
              \_ Iview.  Tag and execute dozens at a time, each gets it's own
                 no frills window and you can get off on a few pics while the
                 next 50+ are loading.  ;-)  Better than inline.
        \_ I can't believe Sodians didn't mention Xnews.  I used to use
                           \_ Is it installed on Sodia?
           Agent myself, stumbled to this Xnews on accident because Agent
           had some problem with Netscape.  Once i switched to Xnews,
           there is no turning back.  Xnews has almost all the good stuff
           Agent has (i.e. regex filter), but lighter and it's FREE.
           only problem i have is to display different languages in
           different groups.  Xnews' website is not reliable, do a google
           and search for keyword for "Xnews" and "Luu Tran" for other
           downloading site
           \_ What if the only thing I'm doing is download yenc encoded multi-
              part binaries?  Is Xnews better for that than Agent?
              \_ if that's all you care about, try GrabIt
         Or use yProxy
        and use any newsreader
                 you want.
                 \_ It's all I care about.  Thanks for the links.
2002/9/16 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:25904 Activity:very high
9/17    Davis commercial says he'll restore the 40 hour work week.
        Let's vote for him!
        \_ Uhm, what?
           \_ that's what the tv commercial said.  I don't know more than
        \_ restore it from what?
           \_ 9-track tapes
              \_ Wasn't the 40 hr work week lost before that technology
                 was available?
        \_ Screw the 40 hr work week, lets go with the EU standard of
           a 35 hr work week.
           \_ And a European quality economy that makes our current situation
              look truly stellar and robust.  Hey, anyone up for a garbage
              strike nation wide?
           \_ You don't want to dominate the world economy anymore?
              \_ I'm just saying that if Gray wants to further limit
                 the CA businesses, he shouldn't stop with a 40 hr
                 work week, he should go all the way and embrace the
                 the 35 hr EU STANDARD! work week.
2002/9/16-17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:25905 Activity:insanely high
9/17    Informal survey.
        I have a full-time job and I work
        under 30 hours per week: ..
        30 to 35 hours per week:
        35 to 40 hours per week: ....
        39 < work < 41 per week: .
        40 to 45 hours per week: ......
        45 to 50 hours per week: ..
        50 to 60 hours per week:
        60 to 70 hours per week: .. (damn it...)
                                 \_ why are you guys working so hard and are
                                    you getting compensated appropriately?
        over 70 hours:
        \_ And my commute takes
           no time at all (I work from home):
           less than 10 minutes: ..
           10 to 30 minutes: .
           10 to 30 minutes: ...... (yay!)
           45 to 60 minutes: ..
           30 to 45 minutes:
           45 to 60 minutes: .... (assuming this is one-way)
           60 to 90 minutes: ...
           more than 90 minutes:
           no time at all (I live at work):
        \_ Do you subtract lunch or does that count as "work"?
           What about email/motd breaks?
           \_ If you're on their clock, you're at work no matter what you're
              actually doing.  We're doing an office move soon which will add
              10 minutes each way to my BART trip (extra walking).  That 20
              minutes is coming straight off my chair warming time.
              \_ What about a quickie with the hot HR manager?
2002/9/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25906 Activity:nil
9/17    Dear motd censor, a lot of us bored alumni read the motd for
        entertainment.  Please don't deny us our very modest pleasures.
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