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2002/9/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:25891 Activity:high
9/14    Blinded VIGILANCE
        Unfortunately Reagan's politicization of the CIA is omitted,
        but useful information nonetheless.  Read about diversity
        quilts and 'moral' espionage at our intelligence agencies.
        When a civil aircraft crashed into the White House in
        Clinton's first term, the running joke in Washington
        was that it was James Woolsey trying to get a meeting
        with the President.
        \_ It all went downhill bigtime when that idiot Carter said our agents
           could no longer associate with known criminals and other unsavory
           types.  As if the local girl scouts would know anything.
           \_ But this is par for the course for the modern liberal (as opposed
              to the classical liberal who believed in something).  It's more
              important to feel good and look good than to be right or efficient
              or successful.
2002/9/15-16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25892 Activity:high
        Ritter says he has no clue what Iraq has or doesn't have.  Just
        assumes western intelligence agencies would know.
        \_ The guy is nuts.
        \_ where does he say that? i didn't see it.
2002/9/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25893 Activity:high
9/14    UCLA ee guy, to sync up, there are 3 orientations right?
        1 9/25 9-12pm Engineering Orientation at 4000A Math Science
        2 9/25 5-7:30pm Welcome reception
        3 9/26 3-6pm Computer Science orientation (you have this?)
                                        -ucla cs guy
        \_ I'm guessing since he's not CS, he doesn't have #3.
        \_ they say that a Cal Eng BS is equivalent to Eng MS from other
           schools that are not 1st tier. Is this really true? Do recruiters
           accept this as a general rule of thumb? Christine wanna comment?
           \_ No one puts Cal that high on the scales of anything.  Your
              typical recruiter wouldn't know Cal from Cal State Hayward.
              \_ This is sad, but true. Emphasis on 'typical', though. Some
                 are quite aware. Regionalism is a factor, too. --dim
                 \_ Some = so rare as to not count.  I've talked to a few
                    dozen recruiters in the last 6 or 7 years.  The typical
                    recruiter not only doesn't know what Cal is or how it
                    compares to Cal State Hayward, but doesn't know the
                    difference between a hardware guy, a coder, a sysadmin,
                    or an HR assistant if they all have the word "unix" on
                    their resume.  They're just pattern matching.  More
                    matches = better fit!
           \_ Since most tech recruiters are pretty clueless about technology,
              it is true that most recruiters don't know to weigh a Cal EECS
              degree heavily during resume consideration.  (e.g., they will
              weigh it, but weigh it the same as Stanford or UCLA or even
              in shameless cases, Harvard or Cal State **)  However, most
              hiring managers give a lot of weight to people from Cal EECS.
              In many cases, hiring managers will explicitly say they prefer
              someone with a Cal or MIT or CMU Engineering degree to their
              recruiter.  In the end, the hiring manager is the one who makes
              the decision, so that's the opinion that counts. (Plus, if your
              hiring manager doesn't have awareness of your educational
              background in Cal EECS, a red flag should go up anyhow).
              So to sum up:  a Cal Eng BS does matter, and it usually weighs
              as heavily or more as/than an MS from a non-first tier
              university. --chris
              \_ Stanford and UCLA are both awesome ee schools.  (UCLA CS
                 is unfortunately not as good).
                        \_ Isn't Dave Patterson from UCLA?
                           \_ One outstanding PhD does not a good program make.
                 \_ but not as good as Cal, especially on the CS side
                    of things.
                    \_ Cal has the best ee (and math) in the country.  I am
                       not sure the gap is that wide, especially if you are
                       a smart ugrad with research interests, and there is
                       someone at Stanford/UCLA/whatever that better matches
                       your interests.
              \_ But what are your odds vs a Stanford MS with your Cal BS when
                 the hiring manager hasn't specified Cal=Better?
                        \_ wouldn't that depend on the manager who has a
                           bias since he graduated from Cal|Furd?
        \_ why would it matter? 3-4 working experience==MS degree, and
           besides no one ever asks or judges you by the school you went
           to 5 years ago.
2002/9/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25894 Activity:nil
9/14    Bush to U.N.: 'Go Bear!'
        \_ More like "back up your own resolutions or become completely
           meaningless and irrelevent".  Laws without enforcement are worse
           than no laws.  Laws must be consistently backed by force and
           punishment.  Doing otherwise only encourages law breaking.  Without
           a UN to worry about Hussein would have been assassinated or blown
           up years ago.
           \_ I am *not* a Bush supporter, and generally disagree with just
              about everything he has ever said.  In spite of that, I think
              he made a very good case to the UN.  one wonders why he didn't
              start out by making this case to the UN instead of prefacing
              it by months of counter-productive saber-rattling.
              \_ Because if he just walked in and begged them to do something
                 up front he would've been laughed at.  By saber rattling along
                 the way he made it clear he was dead serious and they better
                 *do* something or we'd do it for them *and* ignore them in the
                 future given their previous do-nothing record.  Also, there's
                 this funny idea about how the US is not subject to the 3rd
                 world pit that is the UN.  He made a good case but didn't tell
                 them we'd abide by their decision if it their plan was to
                 ignore it and hope it'd go away while they munched sand and
                 dug their sandy pits a little deeper.
2002/9/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:25895 Activity:nil
9/15    See this movie, "Series 7: Contenders".
2002/9/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:25896 Activity:kinda low
9/15    Ms. 34B, come to papa!  M..M..M..
        \_ Someone was up very early/late with some one handed keyboard action.
        \_ nothing wrong with a 34D
        \_ PicsP
2002/9/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:25897 Activity:nil
9/14    'You have to kill in the name of Allah until you are killed',1442,640288,00.html
2002/9/15 [Computer/Networking, Computer/Theory] UID:25898 Activity:nil
9/15    I want to block,,, etc
        etc etc on my router. Is there a blacklist I can find? Thanks.
2002/9/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:25899 Activity:moderate
9/15    McCain and Powell in '04
        \_ what the fuck are you talking about?  are you implying
           that the republicans will dump bush, or that these
           guys are going to defect to some other party?
           \_ These guys will bring ethics and reason back to the
              Republican party.
              \_ when someone says "foo and bar in '04," where
                 foo and bar are prominent political figures, I
                 tend to assume they are implying that they
                 will run for president together.  so let me
                 restate my question--what the fuck is the OP talking
                 about? if they're just saying that McCain and Powell
                 are great people, what does that have to do with
                 2004?  aren't they great now?  won't they be great
                 in 2005?
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