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2002/9/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:25884 Activity:high
9/13    What's the difference between Aikido and Hapkido?  Thanks.
        \_ As far as I can tell, Aikido is a Japanese art and Hapkido
           (Hankido as well?) is Korean.  Ha[np]kido incorporates
           techniques from TKD, Aikido, and Judo.  I believe both words
           mean the same thing in their respective languages (stuff about
           universe and harmony and way and all that).  I don't do either
           of those arts, though, so you might be better off using google.
                \_ which one will more effectively allow me to kick your ass?
                   \_ Run fu -geordan
                   \_ !fu -- Gal
                   \_ 9mm-fu but others prefer .38-fu.
                      \_ 45ACP!  45ACP!  45ACP IS THE STANDARD!  Gun caliber.
                      \_ Ah, gun fu.  I prefer the .45 ryu style. -geordan
                         \_ again, it's all about !fu.
        \_ I've taken both, but neither for very long.  Aikido tends to
           be a lot more about moving in circles and "using an opponent's
           strength against them", a lot of throws, some joint work, but
           not all that much.  Hapkido seems like it has a lot more
           locks, some throws, just a little bit of striking, and less
           philosophy / cultivation of a mindset.  The difference in my
           perception may have more to do with taking Aikido at a private
           place and taking Hapkido at Cal, though, than the actual
           differences between the two.  -niloc
        \_ Hapkido is a nice mix of things - throwing, kicking, mat work,
           rolls, wrist techniques, falls.  If you're interested, just go
           to RSF and watch one of the Hapkido club workouts, or take the
           PE class.  It's a very useful all-around martial art, and the
           cal club is both fun and very affordable - mds
           \_ i did not *really* apreciate how great the UC martial
              arts program at cal is until I saw what martial arts are
              like at other suposedly great schools. enjoy it while you
              can. if you have access to the RSF, now is the time to try
              whatever martial arts you're interested in.
2002/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:25885 Activity:nil
9/13   \_ To whomoever deleted this: fuck you, you cock-gobbling pile of shit.
           \_ It might help if you actually added a brief note about it.
              URL's with no commment or explanation are often culled out of
              hand.                               -mice
              \_ That's a really annoying habit that people have here. !op
              \_ How about this: you pretend there's a little comment next to
                 the bare url saying "this is a link that might be of interest."
                 for some things there just isn't any reasonable explanation.
2002/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:25886 Activity:nil 66%like:25877
9/13   If you have to ask, you don't know.
2002/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:25887 Activity:high
9/13    'The latest police figures show that 76.5% of convicted rapists
        in Copenhagen belong to that 5% of the population [muslim immigrant]'
        Daniel Pipes refutes Socialist Danish Politicos defense of Muslim
        immigrants impact on Denmark
        \_ how is this url related to iraq?  i don't understand
2002/9/14-16 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25888 Activity:high
9/14    does soda support smtp over ssl?
        \_ FWIW: SMTP over ssh works (using port forwarding) -lim
           \_ I already know that, but would prefer not to keep ssh'ing in
              to send mail.
              \_ Why not just stay ssh'ed in? Anyway, what's so great about
                 smtp over ssl? Do you need to make sure your employers
                 aren't reading your raunchy emails?
                 \_ Like they don't have keyboard loggers or hidden spyware
                    running if they cared.
        \_ For fuck's sake, why use SODA for anything that you want to have
           the appearance of security.  it's EMAIL for fuck's sake.
           \_ I was going to say something like that.  Instead, I'll just say,
              "Antonio Banderas!  Eckes!  Ditto!" for the movie preview crowd.
           \_ well, according to that logic, why do we bother requiring ssh
              at all?
              \_ Protecting logins is much different than protecting email.
                 With a local login breach, you expose the organization to
                 liability.  no one cares about your email.
                 \_What if the e-mail contains sensitive data about the
                 \_ Okay, I guess I'm doing something wrong, because don't I
                    need to provide a login/password to send mail to out of
                    soda, or is soda an open relay?  are passwords always
                    encrypted when authenticating to smtp?
                    \_ Actually, yes.  Only ssl pop and imap access are
                       allowed.  And you don't "authenticate to smtp".
                       Don't try to be clever without doing your research.
                       \_ Sorry.  Is "are passwords always encrypted when
                          providing authentication to an SMTP server" better?
                          I guess I'm just retarded; even when using secure
                          password authentication for SMTP, I can't send email
                          to other hosts.  And no, I am not a dormy; I'm just
                          an alum with no SMTP-fu.
                          \_ You don't authenticate with an SMTP server. Ok?
                             telnet localhost 25. helo foo, mail from: me
                             rcpt to: csua@csua, data, you suck, .
                             Nowhere do you supply a username or passwd
                             \_ that's fine and dandy when you're sending mail
                                to users on csua, but what about to elsewhere?
                                won't you get a "no relaying" error message?
                                and if there's no authentication, wtf is the
                                auth command for?
              \_ I hate dormies who take everything to extreme and silly
                 conclusions and therefore argue for the opposite.  Here's the
                 other direction, "Let's unplug soda for optimum security. No
                 one can be trusted, anything less is unsafe".  Stupid dormy.
              \_ One is about protecting data, the other is about protecting
                 your password, which includes more than just data.
2002/9/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:25889 Activity:very high
9/14    Cal leading 15th ranked MSU 25-0.  Wow.
        \_ Boller rushing for a TD was AWESOME! Why didn't they fire
           Ho(l)moe long ago?
           \_ what about Boller catching a TD?
        \_ Man, I wake up, and it's 39-14. I was thinking we had no chance
           against a real team since we hadn't played against one yet.
        \_ 5 turnovers...we normally don't score that many points!
        \_ 3-0!
                \_ no Ho(l)moe anymore.
                   \_ and to think, he was offered an extension before
                      last season...
                   \_ Hey, it's still his recruited classes playing
        \_ do you think they'll be top 25 ranked by the end of the season?
           \_ when they beat Michigan instead of Michigan State, we'll talk
2002/9/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25890 Activity:moderate
9/14    Bush to U.N.: 'Show Some Boner'
        \_ More like "back up your own resolutions or become completely
           meaningless and irrelevent".  Laws without enforcement are worse
           than no laws.  Laws must be consistently backed by force and
           punishment.  Doing otherwise only encourages law breaking.  Without
           a UN to worry about Hussein would have been assassinated or blown
           up years ago.
           \_ I am *not* a Bush supporter, and generally disagree with just
              about everything he has ever said.  In spite of that, I think
              he made a very good case to the UN.  one wonders why he didn't
              start out by making this case to the UN instead of prefacing
              it by months of counter-productive saber-rattling.
              \_ Because if he just walked in and begged them to do something
                 up front he would've been laughed at.  By saber rattling along
                 the way he made it clear he was dead serious and they better
                 *do* something or we'd do it for them *and* ignore them in the
                 future given their previous do-nothing record.  Also, there's
                 this funny idea about how the US is not subject to the 3rd
                 world pit that is the UN.  He made a good case but didn't tell
                 them we'd abide by their decision if it their plan was to
                 ignore it and hope it'd go away while they munched sand and
                 dug their sandy pits a little deeper.
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