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2002/9/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:25855 Activity:high
9/11    On SunOS 5, how do I use the -k option in "sort" to specify multiple
        sort fields?  I tried "-k start1,stop1 -kstart2,stop2",
        "-k start1,stop1+start2,stop2" and "-k start1,stop1 start2,stop2" but
        none works.  The man page doesn't descript this.  Thanks.
        \_ I never got -k working sanely.  I use the +n format just fine.  I
           use perl if I get desperate.
2002/9/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:25856 Activity:very high
9/11    Is there a way to get seconds from the epoch with a shell command
        on Solaris? Like date +%s?
        a. Solaris 2.6/7
        /usr/bin/truss /usr/bin/date 2>&1 | /usr/bin/awk '/^time/ {print $NF}'
        b. Solaris 8
        /usr/bin/perl -e 'printf "%d\n", time;'
        \_ perl -le "print time()"
           \_ damn you dave, beating me to it.  no, wait, that can't
              be dave.  he wouldn't have bothered with the ()'s.
              perl -le 'print time'
           \_ perl -le 'print $^T'
              \_ is that mconst?
                 \_ no.
        \_ install GNU date
2002/9/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:25857 Activity:high
9/11    So what broadband should I get in Berkeley?  AT&T cable?
        SBC-pacbell DSL?  DSL through a different firm like Earthlink
        or Speakeasy?
        \_ Do it by price.  It's mostly the same.
        \_ AT&T BI cable has 256 kbps upstream.  Other than that there is
           price and month to month vs one year contracts.
        \_ A couple points of information on the matter:
           - Check out  Kind of information overload,
             but somewhat useful.
           - AT&T varies a lot by location, but service quality seems to
             decline steadily over time.  Six months ago the cable modem at
             my apartment was great.  Now it's more or less unusable maybe
             80% of the time.
           - All DSL providers in the East Bay are doing transit through
             Pacbell or Covad's lines.  In effect, they are resellers.
           - Most DSL providers now require a 1 year contract, and charge
             a hefty fee if you cancel service early.  The only one I've
             found that does not is DSLExtreme.  That said, DSLExtreme
             waives the cost of the DSL modem if commit to a 1 year contract.
             DSLExtreme is a PacBell reseller.
             Please let me know if you find other DSL providers that don't
             require a 1 year contract.
           - Speakeasy has excellent service and enlightened policies (i.e.
             allows you to run servers; does not arbitrarily decide to
             firewall off ports 25 and 80).  Speakeasy is a little more
             expensive than most other providers I've seen.  Speakeasy is
             a Covad reseller.
           - A friend of mine has Earthlink DSL.  It is PPPoE, which is lame.
             Earthlink DSL firewalls off port 25 so you can't use
             non-Earthlink SMTP servers.  At one point, Earthlink was owned
             by COS.  I'm not sure if COS still has a controlling interest.
             This may affect whether or not you want to do business with
           - pacbell dsl sale: $29 first 3 months, $50 thereafter,
             1 year commit,  but free DSL modem, free self-install kit,
             and no "connection" fee.
        \_ I found through As an East Bay (actually
           Sonoma County) ISP, it resells PacBell DSL, as the above poster
           noted. I've had very good service -- 4 static IPs, servers allowed,
        \_ I had a good experience with directv dsl.
        \_ Once AT&T took over the @home network, service has been high=
           Quality.  But eariler, our ld motorolla modem was failing. I
           bought a Linksys modem and a Linksys router. Things now work great.
           \_ I have the opposite experience.  I had better service when
              it was @home.
2002/9/12-13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:25858 Activity:high
9/11    So can you export audio in linux in a similar manner as exporting
        \_ nope
        DISPLAY ?  if so, how?  How about from one "player" to multiple
        exported "sound displays"?
        \_ Check out esd (Enlightenment sound daemon.)  I believe it allows
           you to serve/access sound remotely.  -John
           \_ Is there a ewd so I can serve warez along with my mp3s?
                \_ Yes, it's called ftp.  -John
                   \_ You're so old school.  I want streaming p2p warez.
        \_ In a word, no.
        \_ You don't seem to understand what $DISPLAY is all about.  This is
           an "X11" (and X10, etc) thing.  Not a Linux thing.  You can not
           stream your stolen mp3s to your buddies from your pirate mp3 server
           with a simple variable setting.
2002/9/12 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25859 Activity:nil
9/11    I hate people who block ping requests, it is so annoying and of so
        little (in fact i'd go as far as to say NO) security value.
        \_ some people just block all icmp.. for valid security reasons -shac
2002/9/12-13 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25860 Activity:high
9/9     How do i go about extending unemployment benefits?  Is it pretty much
        automatic.  Do I have to wait till i've gotten all my original benefits
        or should i apply before my first 6 months run out?
        \_ Apply before your benefits run out.
         \_ No, you have to wait till your benefits have run out before you
            apply for an extension.  Apply right after you get your final
        \_ Enter a field with lots of profitable long-term career
           opportunities, like systems administration.  -System Administrator
           \_ worked for me, but you seem bitter.  -SA
                \_ Not bitter, amused :)
                   \_ Oh. Nm then.
              \_ You extended your unemployment benefits by becoming a SA?
                 \_ Yeah something like that.  I get a check every other week
                    plus 16 days a year off.
2002/9/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25861 Activity:very high
9/12    bush's gonna' do it.  he's really gonna' do it.
        \_ You just figured this out?
        \_ Um, after this morning, he might have the UN on board.
              \_ What happened this morning?
           \_ don't think anyone dare to cast the veto.
              \_ Spain and Kuwait are on board but that's not being reported.
              \_ Didn't Russia say last week that they're going to cast the
                 \_ No, they just want more IMF concessions.
                 \_ After the case Bush presented, if the UN doesn't do
                    anything, it should be disbanded.  Or at least we should
                    leave it.  If it passes resolutions it has no intention of
                    enforcing, it's just a posturing money-pit.
                    Full text of Bush's address:
                    enforcing, it's just a posturing money-pit.  Full text of
                    \_ George the 2nd's case is very one sided. He forgets
                       that the Iraq "problem" of the 1990s could have been
                       avoided had George the 1st order the taking of Baghdad.
                       He's probably got other motives too: 1. Elections are
                       coming up and there is nothing like a good war to get
                    Bush's address:
                    \_ George the 2nd's case is very one sided. He forgets that
                       the Iraq "problem" of the 1990s could have been avoided
                       I hope Russia and some of the EU nations hold thier
                       ground and veto this preposterous attack on Iraq.
                       George is also brushing over the risks involved. Iraq
                       will become YA GI grave yard like Korea and Vietnam.
                       had George the 1st order the taking of Baghdad.  He's
                       probably got other motives too: 1. Elections are coming
              another country where your ideas can get you arrested and shot
              w/o trial. America - love it or leave it. Period.
                 \_ Under the current administration America is turing into
                    Nazi Germany (we already got something like the Gestapo
                    with the Dept. of Homeland Security).
                       up and there is nothing like a good war to get
                       republicans elected 2. A puppet regieme in Iraq that
                       supplies US oil companies with cheap crude will really
                       help out his backers in the oil industry thus ensuring
                       that he has a large amount of money for his re-election
                       campaign.  George is also brushing over the risks
                       involved. Iraq will become YA GI grave yard like Korea
                       and Vietnam.
                       \_ If we lose enough troops that might shock the American
                          public into remembering that a protracted ground war
                          isn't fun and games, no matter how technologically
                          advanced we are.
                       \_ How remarkably ignorant.  The reason the elder Bush
                          didn't take out Saddam Hussein was fear in the
                          administration and country that the coalition would
                          fall apart (sound familiar?).  As far as a potential
                          quagmire goes, the same prediction was made about
                          \_ There is no armed "Northern Alliance" for the US
                             to have do the hard work for them. And the US has
                             led the UN use of sanctions against Iraq which
                             is a very sore point among Iraqis.
                             \_ The war between the Northern Alliance and the
                                Taliban can be likened to the battle between
                                David and Golliath...and David's big bad
                                brother, the B-52.
                                \_ Saddam's learned that lesson already. Unless
                                   the US starts bombing cities, B52s will be
                                   a lot less effective as will most airpower.
                                   \_ hahahahahaha...We've already shown we can
                                      take out their anti-air whenever we like.
                                      And bombs dropped from the sky still blow
                                      up things on the ground.  In fact, they're
                                      even more precise now than they were 11
                                      years ago.
                                      \_ Sigh. Not AA, not tanks, not trucks,
                                         not tanker trucks. Individuals. Think
                                         Hui, think Saigon.
                                         \_ If you think Iraq is like Vietnam
                                            (culture, geography, etc.) you need
                                            to get a grip.
        \_ YES! American People need more "Living Space."
           \_ Don't you dare compare America to Nazi Germany. Please move to
              another country where your ideas can get you arrested and shot w/o
              trial. America - love it or leave it. Period.
                 \_ America - love it or change it. Troll.
                 \_ Under the current administration America is turing into Nazi
                    Germany (we already got something like the Gestapo with the
                    Dept. of Homeland Security).
              \_ Have you considered working for John Ashcroft?
              \_ Or maybe a burning tire necklace.
              \_ Loved her. Left her. Now she does tricks on San Pablo.
              \_ Woohoo! That's America too now! You es eh! You es eh!
                 \_ Ridiculous child, you know nothing about oppression.
                    \_ But thanks to the changed America, I'll know more about
                       it. And knowing is half the battle.
                       \_ Bombing Red Cross warehouses is the other half.
2002/9/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25862 Activity:nil
9/12    What some ex-dot commers are doing:

Subject: Re: annoying message about cookies doesnt work for MOZILLA

Dear d

 Thank you for your letter. I apologize at this time we are not compatible with

 I apologize for this inconvenience.


Sarah Abruzzese
Customer Care

d wrote:

> hi there
> My cookies have been set to "Enable all cookies" for my browser Mozilla 1.0
> (which is NOT the same thing as Netscape, which your code seems to think is
> the same thing [yes, I know that Mozilla is commonly known as Netscape, but
> it's a different story]).  Yet I still cannot get past that annoying "Knowing
> more about our audience" page.  I am able to view the rest of the pages fine
> using IE and Netscape (4.7).
> PLEASE FIX THIS BUG.  I find it hard to believe that no other Mozilla user
> has brought this to your attention.
> d
        \_ whoopie. now use another browser.
           \_ no I think it's called "losing visitors".
                \_ it's the original poster who loses in that case,
                   not the washington post. one lost visitor means
                   nothing to them.
              \_ no. LOTS of sites dont work w/ nscp4.x and mozilla and
                 netscape 7. That's how it is now, move to IE like the
                 rest of the world or suffer.
                 \_ I've been using mozilla 1.0/1.1 and except for a few minor
                    font size errors everything has worked fine.  --!sheep
                        \_ mozilla 1.1 allows you to set a minimum font size.
                           Rockin'.  -tom
2002/9/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:25863 Activity:high
9/12    Secondary theme on DSL - I have pacbell and I'm suffering many
        dropouts because I can't authenticate on PPPoe.  Sometimes their
        server is overloaded, sometimes reseting my routers fix it.  So...
        pay them $15 extra for *5* static IPs, or find another PB reseller
        who gives you 1 static, risk a new set of problems?  -jor
        \_ AT&T cable doesn't use PPPoE and has had fewer failures in the last
           2 years than our office T1.
        \_ what router do you use? I use pacbell in SF with a netgear
           RP114 and have no problems whatsoever.
           \_ Linksys classic 4 port.  After idle period, it often can't
           connect tothe PPPoE server.  Sometimes (but not always), this
           can be resolved by power cycling the linksys, and the dsl modem.
           \_ never buy another linksys product. I've used both linksys and
              netgear routers, and the differences are day and night.
              The netgear can be left on for years while the linksys
              \_ this unit worked great for two years, only recently got
                 screwy.  Could be aging badly, or could be antoher indication
                 that PPPoE bites on SBCnet.  In general, I liked the brand.
              needs to be resetted every couple of weeks. The linksys
              also frequently drops connections in major games like
              Quake, Everquest, etc, while the netgear holds the
              connection rock solid. Linksys had major problems with
              my company's VPN connection, drops connection in 10
              seconds, while the netgear worked out of the box. If it
              really bothers you so much, ebay it and get a netgear.
              Their new firewall series is around $100 (fr114w,
              fr114p) with SPI. Personally I will never buy another
              piece of linksys crap. I've used it for over 2 years and
              I've had enough.
        \_ Directv gives one static 1 address to all subscribers. The service
           has been fairly reliable for the past year except that you need to
           power-cycle their gateway once in a while. Other than static IP,
           this service is very similar to PacBell DSL in most other respects.
        \_ Try I've had no problems with them for over a year.
           You get a static IP and they do all the billing so you don't have
           to deal with PacBell at all.
2002/9/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25864 Activity:high
9/12    Free pics of Kaoru, to be compared with the H0t A41@n chik (sic)
        yesterday.  You be the judge.
        \_ the other girl was cuter.
           \_ Cuter and not air brushed or photoshopped.
        \_ Hi, I am hot Asian girl looking for cute guys to chat online
           /tmp/ChatRoomRealityCheck.jpg                -John
           [reposting for John because I think it's funny]
                \_ Whoah, I have #1 fan?
           \_ That's disgusting.
        \_ Reposting the chick's pic:
           \_ can anyone posts the craigslist link?
           \_ Just curious, did any of you try to contact her?
              \_ Someone said he set up a date already for Saturday night.
                 \_ everybody please imagine a picture of a soda geek
                    showing up for a date expecting a hot asian cutie and
                    wound up getting sodomized by the big fat white guy
                    in the above picture.
                    \_ everybody please imagine the one soda geek who got off
                       his fat ass and made a real effort to meet someone
                       somewhere other than h0zerchat and actually meets a real
                       chick and actually gets laid.  or gee, maybe meets an
                       average looking chick and actually gets laid.  in the
                       meantime you're sitting here imagining geeks having hot
                       man sex with the big fat white guy from the picture
                       \_ I'm trying... I just can't do it.
2002/9/12-13 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Industry/Startup] UID:25865 Activity:high
9/12    What some ex-dot commers are doing:
        \_ What's really funny is that, bust or no, a lot of my fellow
           contractor/consultant friends decide to drop out and do "hey-
           I-have-a-life-to-lead" sort of things, like go learn a language
           and grow wine or whatnot, even though they are thoroughly
           employable, and could still be doing fairly lucrative consulting
           work.  Not many people I know who work for large organizations as
           permanent employees take that option, usually because of some sort
           of fear of the uncertain (these are generally single, young,
           without kids, educated.)  I wonder whether it just has something to
           do with the way some people look at work (entrepreneurs vs.
           employees) rather than "oh, he failed, now he's a slacker".)  -John
           \_ They _say_ they can be doing lots of exciting and well paid
              things but _choose_ to grow wine and attend community college.
              Sounds more like sour grapes to me.  "I can be successful anytime
              I want but I'm gunna grow grapes!"
                \_ No, these are people who've turned down contract
                   extensions.  Job situation in Europe isn't quite as bad as
                   it is here.  Maybe just an early midlife crisis :)  -John
                   \_ Jobs here aren't that bad, it just isn't as golden as
                      it used to be.
                        \_ That's nice to hear--most people I speak with give
                           me the impression that it's pretty grim, even for
                           high-end IT professionals.  -John
        \_ I like the guy who is going to Harvard Business School *after*
           running his own company into the ground. Way to go! --dim
           \_ Hey!  He's got experience now!
              \_ Yeah, so why go to Harvard?
2002/9/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:25866 Activity:nil
9/12    Got a job interview for next week.  They use Foundry.  I've never
        touched a Foundry in my life but the online docs make it look like
        it uses a CLI the same as Cisco's IOS.  Is this true?  Does my Cisco
        fu apply directly to Foundry?
        \_ Foundry is similar but slightly different in annoying ways. You'll
           \_ Anything in particular I should know?  Thanks!
2002/9/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:25867 Activity:kinda low
9/12    "N.Y. Lottery Drawing Pops Up 9-1-1"
        Coincidence?  You name it.
        \_ oh my god! wowowowow!  I wonder how many millions of random
           numbers did *not* have 911 in them today?!  Conspiracy?
           \_ Do you understand how the New York State "Numbers" Lottery work?
              Three independent digits from 0-9 are drawn in order.  So the
              probablility of getting 9-1-1 is only 0.001.  Since there are two
              drawings every day, the odds of getting 9-1-1 on Sep. 11 is
              0.001999, or slightly less than 1 in 500.
                \_ yeah i know it's not that statisically improbably,
                   but it's still really spooky
                \_ how many other states have similar drawings?
                   \_ At least CA doesn't.  Besides, how many other states
                      were attacked on 9/11?
                      \_ Two.
                         \_ Exactly.
                \_ wowowoowow that's soooo amazing!  wowowowowowoow!  There
                   *must* be black helos and tin foil hats in there somewhere!
                   woowowowowowowowo!!!!  I can't get over it!
2002/9/12-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25868 Activity:high
9/12    KALX recruitment meeting today, 7:30pm, 145 Dwinelle  - danh
        \_ I don't think that there are any undergrads on the motd...
           \_ We killed them and ate their souls.  -alum
           \_ Both alums and undergrads can be part of the station.
        \_ I was an undergrad last semester... I attended this meeting then...
           everyone I talked to was a complete putz. I offered to build
           a database w/ web interface for their music library and DJ
           playlists (which I've done professionally before) but there
           was already a team of incompetent DJ-cum-programmers on the job
           who had been putzing around with design docs for like 2 years.
           I gave up.
                \_ I am sorry to hear your input was not considered and sign
                        your name next time you want to insult people. -petr
                   \_ It's the motd.  He can insult putzes anonymously if he
                      wants to.
        \_ that "incompetent dj-cum-programmer" designs the interface
           between kaiser's patient database and the guys who
           pull up your data and ignore you when you call kaiser,
           he must know a thing or two. - danh
           \_ That explains a lot of my Kaiser problems....
        \_ KALX techwise is still in the stone ages...but at least there's
           finally digital editing equipment.  -warm w.o.e.
           \_ What is this "digital" of which you speak?  --KALX
                \_ The "D" in DAW. -petr
        \_ I'm a bit out of the loop, but I thought there was some newish
           equipment in the production least a step up from
           reel to reel...maybe "digital" is a stretch.   -wwoe
        \_ there's a Grand Plan to convert the carts to a digital
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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