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2002/9/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:25841 Activity:high
9/11    Humor for the day: Florida again fucks up an election.  I think this
        should be a Two Strikes thing.  We should rescind all elections in
        Florida until they can figure out how to do it right.  Even California
        somehow manages with lower literacy rates and more people.
        \_ What do you expect from a state run by "Jeb"?
           \_ ok, what would you do to fix the problem if you were
              governor of florida?
           \_ Uh oh, lefty didn't read the news this morning....  Please go
              read an article, any article, before sticking your agenda driven
              foot in your mouth again.
              \_ I'm not a lefty, just someone who likes making fun of morons.
                 Guess I hit a soft spot with you, eh?
                 \_ Uhm, no, you're a lefty and an idiot.  your comeback is
                    incredibly weak.
2002/9/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:25842 Activity:high
9/11    When do you think a 9/11 movie will be made?  ala Titanic or
        Pearl Harbor?
           \_ Collateral Damage (Arnold) is already on DVD.
        within 3 years: ...
                          \_ It will be a made for TV movie first,
                             (probably NBC or CBS) before it hits
                             the big screen with famous name actors.
                             (I predict Kevin Costner will play a
                             fireman or police man)
        within 5 years: .
        within 10 years:
        more than 10 years: .
        \_ It'll be a long time before they can make bucks off 9/11 without
           getting utterly smashed for it (which costs money).  I think it'll
           be at least 10 years.  M*A*S*H was a long time after Korea, the
           Vietnam movies weren't until many years after, etc.  The Titanic
           was an act of stupidity, not terrorism.  WWII movies were being
           produced as propo-tainment throughout the whole war so that's
        \_ MASH was definitely about Vietnam, they just got away with
           it by basing it in Korea.
           \- mash was a comedy. most ofthe 'nam movies were critical.
              to make heroic/human interest stories i dont think will take
              that long. i bet there will be human interest stuff within
              18mos. mopw a movie with actors playing OBL and the terrorists
              might be a while. a question is will they use the real footage
              from the explosions or fake. --psb
              \_ mash was a comedy?  Sort of.  It was very dark comedy and had
                 plenty of drama as well.  Try some reruns.  We both agree
                 some sort of movie will happen, only time will tell.
                 \- i think it is pretty hard not to characterize the TV show
                    as a comedy. i suppose it's a harder call if you are
                    talking about the movie. if you are talking about the
                    books, then they vary a lot ... there are some that are
                    pretty silly. the timing in the case of the mash books
                    was probably partly motivated by the vietnam war. see
                    also the greek play "persians". ok tnx.
                    \_ Yes, it was a comedy but nothing like the sitcoms of
                       today.  There were plenty of episodes that were pure
                       drama with some real heart wrenching stuff you won't
                       see today in an ER clone.  I was going to mention the
                       movie as different from the tv show but I think I'll
                       stick to my 'dark comedy+drama' line.
           \_ The first Vietnam movie was pro-military and came out during
              the war. See "The Green Berets."
              \_ I love how in the opening seen, the various green berets
                 are introduced by saying what languages they speak, which
                 is supposed to be impressive, even though the languages
                 they speak are all random northern european languages,
                 not vietnamiese, french, or some onther useful language.
                 then there are the vilages in what is very obviously
                 southern california in which JW is always talking to
                 some "chief " or another.   finally, there's the
                 sun setting over the south china sea at the end...yep,
                 a real classic.  right up there with Red Dawn.
                 \_ What was wrong with Red Dawn?  You're just down on white
                 \_ Ah yes, the invasion by private plane. Hilarious.
                 \_ I love how you spell 'scene'
              \_ It's a John Wayne movie.  Need I say more?
        \_ "Bin Laden Lookalikes Audition on 9/11" --yuen
2002/9/11-12 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:25843 Activity:high
        how stupid can a pope be?
        \_ Not as stupid as the shrub. -chialea
        \_ It's an easy thing to say when it wasn't the Vatican on the
           receiving end.  Ya know, the same folks that caused more death,
           misery, wars, and suffering than any other single group on the
           planet in the world's entire history.  They said they were sorry
                \_ the pope was shot and almost assasinated.  He visited
                   and forgave his shooter.
                   \_ so?
                      \_ "It's an easy thing to say when it wasn't the
                          Vatican on the receiving end"
                \_ I think it's a close race with Stalin
                   \_ I'll grant you on body count but the popes
                      still have it on the multi-continent thing and total
                      time/lost generations.
                   \_ About how many did each of them kill?
                      \_ Some say about 20m of his own people for Stalin.  The
                         figures for the popes/church are not available or as
                         easily figured.  For example, do you count the dozens
                         of millions who died in South American at the hands
                         of the conquistadores with the pope's OK?  How many
                         on each side died during the crusades?  What effect on
                         public health did the pope's anti-science stance have?
                         One was a butcher of people, the other has murdered
                         entire societies and delayed human advances by several
                         \_ Stalin never condoned having sex with children
                            \_ It's not the Catholic Church's fault.  It
                               was the will of the Great Spider.
                               \_ I'm gonna miss "Family Guy."
                                  \_ Me too.  However, that was a reference
                                     to South Park.
                  \_ If you want to talk total deaths, Hitler beats them all.
                     If you want to talk own people killed, probably Mao is #1.
                     \_ Hitler? Justify. You can't blame Hitler directly for
                        the WW2 military deaths since after all it was
                        Britain and France who actually declared war first.
                        This was after Poland and Stalin also invaded Poland.
                        Since Stalin and Hitler both "caused" WW2 and Stalin
                        killed ~20M in camps vs. Hitler's high ests. of 6M,
                        Stalin takes the cake.
                        \_ He declared war on the Soviet Union and troops
                           acting under his orders killed 20M Russians. Add
                           that to the 6M Jews and 4M or so other Eastern
                           Europeans killed at his command and he takes the
           for some of that stuff, now it's ok to take the moral high ground.
           Oh yeah, let's do it for the children.  We need to make sure
           there's enough children around to molest. --stupid pope #1 fan
           \_ you should go to a GWAR concert.  they kill the pope on stage by
              feeding him to a giant dinasaur.
        \_ What's the CSUA username/password at the NYtimes? :"For full
           access to our site, please complete this simple registration form.
           \_ csuamotd/csuamotd -geordan
                \_ Thanks.
        \_ So, why are you calling him stupid?
           \_ Troll.
              \_ and a fat one at that.  Some people actually do believe
                 in forgiveness and empathy and self examination...
                 \_ Don't feed trolls.
2002/9/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:25844 Activity:nil
9/11    Big power outage in Foster City right now.  Transformer blown up.
        Terrorist attack?
        \_ Foster city?  A power transformer?  Terrorism?  No.  Just standard
           lack of training and lowest bid practices.
        \_ Is there anything worth terrorizing in Foster City?
           \_ Isn't that where you can get cheap, tasty ice cream sundays?
           \_ I used to work there.  There wasn't even a decent burger joint.
              If Foster City was entirely destroyed I don't think anyone would
              really notice.
              \_ Burgers at Red Robin seem good.
                 \_ I don't know if it was there when I worked there.  I
                    would've killed for something as 'good' as red robin.
           \_ Foster City is in the landing path for SFO-bound flights.  Planes
              fly pretty low around there.
              \_ That's a big claim to fame and a good reason to blow up a
                 power transformer.  Uh yeah whatever.
        \_ my car broke down this morning. terrorist attack???
           \_ Was your car blown up?  Did it affect 3000 (according to PG&E)
2002/9/11 [Uncategorized] UID:25845 Activity:nil 50%like:25306
9/11    [ A moment of silence has passed ]
2002/9/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:25846 Activity:insanely high
9/11    H0t A41@n chik wants YOU!
            \_ D00D U N33D 4 B373R 5P3111NG CH3CK3R! 175 5P3113D H07
               4ZN CH1K! not H0t A41@N chik.
        \_ H0t? Not really.
                \_ I don't know... that's pretty hot to me.
        \_ Are foreign students from Japan able to write English like "if
           things click"?
                \_  yeah, me too, what the hell are your standards?  And if
                    if you wonder why you are still single, well, stop.
                \_ I'd qualify her as very cute, rather than hot
                   \_ agreed -2nd OP
                   \_ what's wrong with you people? she has almost no
                      female attributes. No hips, no tits. Relentlessly
                      average face and skeletal arms & legs. bah.
                \_ That picture looks suspect, like it's a picture of some
                   model or something.
                   \_ How do you know that she's not a model?
                      \_ Fair enough.
                \_ better looking than most japanese women.
        \_ Looks pretty hot to me.  But are foreign students from Japan able
           to write informal English like "if things click"?  Maybe it's a
            \_ They can if they have coaching.  My ex teaches Japanese right
               now and she certainly could have taught them such slang.
           \_ Too scrawny.  How do you know that's really her?
        \_ Just curious, is the same person posting all of the
           craigslist personals?
        \_ It's a hoax.  The photo is professional, scanned from some magazine
           or taken from a web site.  That's a new way of collecting email
           addresses so that you get on some match making or personals
           web site.  Seriously.  Do you think women that look like that
           need to look for desperate, geeky guys on the internet?
           \_ That's not a professional photo.  If you've paid a so-called
              professional photographer for pics with such mediocre quality,
              then post your email and I'll get you the info for a *real*
              professional friend of mine who takes *real* pictures.  I was on
              the high school year book staff and we took photos of similar
              quality.  You also don't know much about Japanese chicks....
                \_ you are SUCH a total nerd. "I was on high school year book!"
                   tell us about your mathlete scores!!!!
                   \_ missing the point, duh.  try again.  don't make me send
                      your sorry ass back to english-for-engineers.
        \_ I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that photo is a Japanese
           model named Karou (sp?)... do a web search for some photos.
           \_ You can really tell one skinny random chick from another based
              on 1 photo on yahoo?
           \_ be sure to give a full report later, private.
              \_ here... you be the judge:
                 \_ login & password please ;)
                 \_ not even close.  do all asians look alike to you?
        \_ Haha while all you losers were doubting her existence, I set up
           a date already for Saturday night.
           \_ be sure to give a full report later, Private.
              \_ If he's still alive.
           \_ OK stud, and you are?
           \_ I'm laughing at you.  I felt you should know that.
        \_ Hi, I am hot Asian girl looking for cute guys to chat online
           /tmp/ChatRoomRealityCheck.jpg                -John
           \_ I think I'm going to spew.
2002/9/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25847 Activity:high
9/11 on Nelson Mandela saying
        the United States is a threat to world peace.  I gave up on the second
        line where it says "Sentenced to life in prison on desolate Robben
        Island...".  Yes he was held by the government but at least be honest
        about it; it was a palatial estate the likes of which I can never
        dream of affording.  I'd gladly give up my job and life here to be
        held captive at his former prison/estate.
        \_ would you really want to be captive in one spot for 25
           years?  not that I think mandela is the greatest, no one mentions
           that he used to be a terrorist.  granted, fighting the aparteid
           policies of south africa almost excused just about anything.
           his wife waited for him for 25 years, then he divorced
           her for some sweet young thing just as soon as he was
           released from jail. - danh
           \_ 25 years in paradise?  Would you turn down a ticket to Heaven
              for eternity too?  Don't forget all those burning tires around
              the necks of non-ANC blacks.
        \- from the pictures i have seen of his cell it didnt seem palatial.
           do you have a picture? being married to winnie mandela was probably
           a worse sentence. ok tnx.
           \_ He was held in confinement (yes, prison) not in a cell for most
              of the time on a gorgeous estate.  I saw pics in a magazine.
        \_ Other views around the world are similar:
           I had no idea the Koreans hated us that much. Anyone got a link
           to the video mentioned in the article?
           \_ OBYankeeGoHome!
2002/9/11 [Uncategorized] UID:25848 Activity:nil 72%like:25852
9/11    Send this stupid woman a dictionary:
2002/9/11-12 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:25849 Activity:high
9/11    What I love about Berkeley:
        * cheeseboard pizza
                \_ cheese board cheese >>> pizza
                   \_ no, both are fantastic. the cheese is just more eleet.
        * No need to wear trendy clothes.  (I couldn't afford them anyway.)
        * no fake tits.
        * the weather

        What I hate about Berkeley:
        * stinking bums on telegraph asking for change (damn you paolo!)
        * no hot chicks.
        \_ But fake tits > flat tits.
                \_ Not the ones that stick straight out.  Nothing wrong with
                   flat;  hairy is the problem.
        * the weather
        * mountain biking in the berkeley hills

        What I hate about Berkeley:
        * stinking bums on telegraph asking for change (damn you paolo!)
        * no hot chicks.
        \_ There were a TON of hot chicks at the 9/11 memorial today on
        \_ Really?  Try the CSA/CSU/TSA/HKSA booths at Sproul around noon.
           \_ Not an AZNophile.
        \_ Berkeley, while still sub-optimal, has made MASSIVE strides in
           attractive female breeding and thong technology.  Someday (I
           estimate ca. 2135) it will catch up to some of the lesser cities
           around the world in that regard.  -John
        \_ It's already better than SJSU.
2002/9/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:25850 Activity:moderate
9/11    ibble ibble! blah blah!
        \_ Too true!
           \_ url please!
              \_ obgoogle.
                 \_ Troll!
2002/9/11-12 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25851 Activity:low
9/11    Is it commonly accepted to use rsync between two machines using a
        null passphrase? I haven't found any good workaround. The next best
        thing would be to type the key once per reboot, but that is
        inconvenient and the key stays in memory. So... after a few days of
        googling, root+null passphrase is the best I could come up with.
        \_ If it's a low security site, you can do the null passprase to a
           junk account and then have cron or whatever copy/move the files
           out.  jailed shells and what-not are easy enough to setup without
           jumping through too many flaming hoops.  Are these both internal
           machines?  Maybe NFS is the answer?
        \_ Install ssh, rsync over ssh instead of rsh and use a passkey.
2002/9/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:25852 Activity:high 72%like:25848
9/11    Send this stupid woman a dictionary: -urld
        \_ Isn't this story like 2 years old, or does this just happen every
           two years or so?
           \_ The news are just too niggardly to come up with anything new.
2002/9/11-12 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25853 Activity:kinda low
9/11    How much does it cost to rent a studio in Berkeley? It doesn't have
        to be specially nice or fancy. The only requirement is that it should
        be within a resonable walking or biking distance from campus.
        \_ Your firstborn
           \_ Hardly.  It's nothing like it was.  Where are all the signs
              offering finder's fees/bounties/bribes to landlords?  Any chimp
              with first/last/deposit should be able to get something.
2002/9/11-12 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25854 Activity:kinda low
9/11    I'm looking for a way in emacs to cut and paste text into a column.
        I want to be able to split a text buffer into two vertical halves.
        And use the xterm copy and paste to put stuff into the left half
        and the right half.  Is there such a thing?  Manually indenting
        stuff into columns is killing me. Thanks.
        \_ textmodes/two-column.el --pld
        \_ i would use emacs to edit the left and right halves
           seperately, then use paste(1) or something similar to put
           them together
        \_ how about the rectangle functions in emacs? M-x apropos rectangle
           \- in addition to the above suggestions, possibly picture-mode.
              i often do this stuff with M-x align-regexp. ok tnx.
2018/08/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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