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2002/9/9-11/18 [Uncategorized] UID:25811 Activity:nil
9/8     We went to Costco today and bought sodas, candy, and chips.
        Those who would like to purchase some are welcome to come by
        the office and do so.  --pboynton, ajani, jhs
2002/9/9 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/HW] UID:25812 Activity:moderate
9/8     What are some professional (or at least very high-quality) video
        editing programs, for a PC? I've heard lots about Adobe that powerful? thanks.
        \_ professional?  Avid.  Otherwise, a lot of people prefer Vegas
           Video over Premiere.
        \_ I got a Pyro firewire/Premiere bundle a few months back. If it
           wasn't for the included CDROM video tutorial, I don't think
           I would've really figured out Premiere. It's not very intuitive
           if you haven't video editin before and the manual is suck.
2002/9/9 [Reference/Religion] UID:25813 Activity:high
9/8     Will someone please wipe the motd and all the religious overtones?
        \_ no. -God
           \_ God has no place within these walls, just like facts have no
              place in organized religion!
2002/9/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25814 Activity:high
9/8     where can i get a cal b&g skin for winamp3?
        \_ wow, we're 2-0 and people are jumping on the bandwagon already...
           \_ "GO BEAR!"  --tien #1 Fan
                \_ hi tien, nice to see you on motd  --kngharv
                   \_ Tien was having ssh troubles but I'm here! --tien #1 Fan
                        \_ Ah good for you!  How you doing?
                           Don't forget to study!  -CLT
                \_ When Tien was new I passed by him on campus and was shocked
                   into silence when he waved, smiled, and then asked me how I
                   was doing.  Being treated like a human being on campus was
                   so utterly alien I didn't know how to respond.  I eventually
                   burbled out a weak "uh, ok" as he passed by.
2002/9/9 [Recreation/Woodworking] UID:25815 Activity:high
9/8     Suppose I build a bookshelf outa the nice red oak wood. Would it
        look nice if I paint it white? I know what pine looks good w/ white
        but is there anything I need to do to red oaks? Thanks.
        \_ why use good wood and then paint it?
           \_ because he's prole.
              \_ Are you a Fussel fan or has prole entered the general lexicon?
               \_ uhh, prole has been around since before you were born.
                  \_ Not in this context.
        \_ If you paint it, does it matter what the wood underneath was?
        \_ In case the above didn't make it clear to you: no it won't look
           good.  You're ruining a good piece of wood.
        \_ What kind of wood should I use if I want a white melanine look?
           I'm looking for something as solid as red oaks.
           \_ particleboard
        \_ Not sure what they used (not particle board) on the new yankee
           workshop, but it was stable and doesn't sag like particle board
           and takes paint well. you should check with your local home
           depot type store.
           \_ whitewashed cinderblock doesn't sag either.
        \_ Maybe try a pine. It's cheap, but real wood.
        \_ go to ikea, prole
           \_ Never understood why people hate IKEA so much. IKEA has better
              design items at decent than most American furniture stores.
              Would you rather go to Levitz? Now that's prole.
              \_ Because once you outgrow college you'll hopefully outgrow
                 IKEA and acquire some sense of adult taste.  It's fine for
                 college when you're moving around a lot and don't have a lot
                 of room.  Nothing wrong with IKEA for college students and
                 apartment dwellers, but IKEA isn't the height of style either.
2002/9/9 [Computer/HW] UID:25816 Activity:high
9/8     Where can I buy compressed air in cans (for blowing off dust) within
        a walking distance from the campus? I have already checked in the
        campus computer store, ace hardware, and radioshack. They don't carry
        \_ Maybe the Used Computer Store on Shattuck?
           \_ *Never* go to the UCS on Shattuck.  They're a bunch of low life
              criminals.  I'd know because I (briefly) worked for them.  Do not
              support criminals.
              \_ Strong accusation. What did they do that was criminal? --dim
                 \_ Uhm, duh, ripped off their customers?
              \_ I worked there once too.  They certainly are kind of miserly
                 I wouldn't call them criminals though.
                 \_ Why? Would that be an insult to criminals?
                 \_ Did you see how the boss man and his ugly wife ran things?
                    Were they still stealling directly from, I mean dealing
                    directly with customers or did they hire a bunch of other
                    people to mind things so they wouldn't have to dirty their
                    hands coming into contact with the public?  --worked there
        \_ They are sold at darkrooms/photography stores.  Check the
           ASUC darkroom and Looking Glass Photo on Telegraph.  -- alice
           \_ Is putting a shopvac on reverse considered unprofessonal these
           \_ Looking Glass: 548-6888
2002/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:25817 Activity:nil
9/7     this is actually not a torll.  does anyone believe any of that
        crazy babylonian stuff from Snow Crash?  how much did Stephenson
        just make up?
        \_ Well, it was all fiction except for the parts about
           Raven doing yermom.
        \_ I read about it in a sci-fi soft cover trash comic book so it must
           be true.
2002/9/9 [Reference/Religion] UID:25818 Activity:high
9/7     Is it true that Nietzsche killed God?
        \_ I don't think he did.  He did do yermom, though.
           \_ The real question is: did yermom do God?
              \_ My god!  yermom is the virgin mary!  that makes *you* christ!
        \_ No, it's:
           God is dead.  --Nietzsche
           Nietzshe is dead.  --God
           \_ Leave it to the motd to supply drunken dormie wisdom.
2002/9/9 [Reference/Religion] UID:25819 Activity:nil
9/7     Re: truth of bible (see below)
        Is it true that Mary begot Christ in a virgin birth?  Does this
        qualify as human cloning?  My Israeli friends tell me that christ is
        the bastard product of Mary with one or one of many Roman soldiers.
        Should I believe them or the bible?
        \_ Nautius Maximus, his name was...promised her the known world.
        \_ ObYerMom:  It's true that a bunch of soldiers raped yermom,
           oh wait, no, she did it for money.
        \_ troll?  I don't understand why people are biting
           on the "how true are the stories in the Bible" troll.
           \_ duh, obviously its a troll.  that doesnt mean it isnt fun.
        \_ Um, current technology allows virgin birth without cloning (hint:
           in vitro fertilization).
2002/9/9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25820 Activity:high
9/8     Is @cal forwarding down again all day? What the hell? It's an
        embarrassment to Berkeley! Shit I should've never trusted them
        in the first place!! My ISP is far more reliable! They suck
        you in with a permanent email forwarding address and then the
        service goes down for days. Bunch of idiots!!!
        \_ Is there a number we can call about the service?
        \_ This gives Cal a bad name, just like the programming contest
           and Cal Football.
           \_ We've won our past three games against 5th tier teams!
        \_ I think it may have come back up.
2002/9/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:25821 Activity:high
9/9     On why being 7 years old in Iran can be fatal:
        \_ that has nothing to do with being 7.
           \_ it has to do with being 7 in Iran.  If she was 30 her dad would
              not have gotten an axe out.
        \_ Did this happen in Tehran or the arab equivalent of a hodunk town?
        \_ there is nothing specific about Iran.  Fucked up shit like that
           happens all over the place.  Isn't it also humiliating that
           they even checked whether she was still a virgin?
           \_ seems somewhat appropriate given the situation. maybe that's a
              a standard autopsy thing.
           \_ all over the place? uh, no.
        \_ "Rape often goes unreported in Iran where the conservative
           society sees it as bringing shame on the victim and family."
           Clearly, it's the victim's fault for being raped.  How shameful.
           and if anyone has a more reliable news source for this i'd
           appreciate it.
           \_ Dude this is so main stream even CNN has it.  I think Time might
              have done it already too.
              have done it already too.  IIRC, they sentenced the 4 rapists to
              death or some such thing and a bunch of others got jail time.
              They're appealing but currently in prison.
2002/9/9-10 [Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25822 Activity:high
9/9     Let's say I am writing a multi-threaded email client and I want to
        allow for messages to be sorted. Problem: to sort elements I need
        all elements and if this thing is supposed to scale retrieving all
        messages when changing a sort order will not work. How do real world
        mail clients or applications in general deal with this?
        \_ you only fetch the headers and sort based on that info...
           thats how current clients do it.. you fetch the body when
           you actually want to read the message. -shac
           \_ I think he was asking "how do i sort this if I've got incoming
              email at the same time I'm sorting?".
              \_ i actually read that as "retrieving all messages every time
                 i change a sort order..." which makes more sense... all you
                 need to do is before you resort check if there are new
                 message headers, if so then add them, THEN resort. some
                 mail clients dont even do that.. you hafta tell it to check
                 for new messages, then resort by date or subject. -shac
                        \_ yup, that's it. The problem is not re-sorting but
                           (avoiding) retrieving all messages because there
                                can be a lot of them and if there are many
                                users there goes the neighborhood. I can't
                                retrieve all messages because it's a
                                web-based client with pagination (think OWA)
                                so there's a space vs time trade-off and I
                                am always fetching headers a page at a time.
                                IMAP server-side sort should solve
                                this but apparently it's still in experimental
                                stages... --OP
                           can be a lot of them and if there are many users
                           there goes the neighborhood. I can't retrieve all
                           messages because it's a web-based client with
                           pagination (think OWA) so there's a space vs time
                           trade-off and I am always fetching headers a page
                           at a time. IMAP server-side sort should solve this
                           but apparently it's still in experimental stages...
                           --OP [ reformatted - motdformatd ]
                 \_ Your bad English grammar fu is superior to mine.  I bow to
                    your superior ability to decipher non-English texts and
                    extract meaning.
        \_ no idea how commercial apps do it but as a first cut how about you
           sort what you've got and then do an insertion sort on any new mail?
           Most folks are mostly sorting on date received so you'll just end
           up sticking new mail at the front or back.  If you know what you're
           sorting on such as date you can take advantage of that fact to speed
           things up and "cheat".
2002/9/9-10 [Finance/CC] UID:25823 Activity:very high
9/9     I got a 0% APR offer from a credit card that I haven't used in years.
        It's 0% for all purchases and cash advances till 2/03.  If I write
        a $36000 check (my credit limit is $37000) to pay the principle of
        my mortgage now, and then pay $36000 to my credit card on 2/03, would
        it look bad on my credit history?  I'm trying to save a few hundred
        dollars on mortgage interest.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes.  Don't fuck around if you care about your credit history.
           You should also read the very fine print.  There are probably other
           fees in there.  I shred these things.  I get them all the time.
        \_ Where do you plan to get the $36000 on 2/03?  They are hoping
           that you won't come up with it and will have to pay their 20%
           interest rate from 2/03 until you come up with the money.
           \_ Some of it will come from saving up from my paychecks during
              these few months.  The rest will be from my mutual fund and money
              market accounts.
        \_ Your overall amount of credit will go up, which will lower your
           credit rating marginally, but if you already own a home, it doesn't
           matter as much. Make sure there are not cash advance fees.
        \_ Your credit rating will drop.  My friend moved all her car loan
           (14+% APR and all) to 0% credit card, you'd think that it's a
           good move and all.  Much to her surprise, her credit rating dropped
           like a rock (50 points I think).  If you dont care about your
           credit history until you pay the loan off, then it does not matter.
           \- From most fo the credit card 0APR offers I have seen, the fine
              print puts on enough restrictions to make this not really viable.
              The cash advance fees will kill you. A fee is paid immediately
              rather than over time. So if the length of the loan is really
              6mos, then a 5% fee = 10% annual rate at 0APR interest rate.
              \_ Fee usually has a cap of something like $50. --dim
                 \_ Like I said above, read the fine print.  Understand it.
2002/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25824 Activity:high
9/9     Being a unix-phile, I'm just not up on windows software, what's
        the recommended packet sniffer for use with windows2000?
        \_ I have my windows box on a shared hub and use my unix tools.
        \_ You could always use tcpdump for windows. Windump, that is.
        \_ Try out ethereal --scotsman
2002/9/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:25825 Activity:moderate
9/10    anyone have an acct on eecs inst. machines?  Can you
        tar up ~cs61b/hw and put it in /tmp?  Thanks!
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>.  Take your pick.
        \_ bribe the prole
2002/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:25826 Activity:nil
9/9     anyone remember that bizarre Grim Fandango parody
        song using actual sound from Grim Fandango, that was
        linked from the Old Man Murray website about 2.5 years ago?
        Where'd it go?  What am I talking about? - danh
        \_ /csua/tmp/geordan/pub/grimhand-dango.mp3?  Should finish
           uploading by the time I finish this motd entry. -geordan
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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