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2002/9/8 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:25801 Activity:moderate
9/7     alexf, were you in that seminar-like course about 4 years
        ago that steve rudich from cmu taught, which was like a
        cross between cs170 and math 55, but more entertaining?
        \_ Err, that was Spring '98. I was in high school (in SoCal,
           furthermore). That is to say, "no." -alexf
2002/9/8 [Politics] UID:25802 Activity:very high
9/7     this is a all-[african]american us open final!
        \_ Racist.  They made it there on merit, not race or color.
                \_ How is this racist? Any comment about someone's
                   ethnicity is immediately called racist. The race
                   card is played too often, and trivializes the
                   \_ are you saying this because I am black?
        \_ nazi
           \_ Hey, some of my best friends are nazis.
2002/9/8 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:25803 Activity:nil
9/7     A complete disgrace.
        School-sponsored 9-11 Remembrance Day to exclude
        patriotic symbols and religious references
2002/9/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25804 Activity:high
9/7     That was yesterday's troll, twink.
        \_ Go fuck yourself, petulant juvenile twit.
           \_ It was yesterday's troll, twink.
2002/9/8 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:25805 Activity:nil
9/7     Motherboards have a spec called FSB, what is the significance of
        \_ ObYermomboard
        \_ front side bus, like anything else on a mobo, the faster the
           \_ What does it connect to?  Memory?  Peripherals?
              \_ It's the bus between the CPU and memory.  For future
2002/9/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25806 Activity:nil
9/7     UCLA ee guy, what's your favorite restaurant in Westwood? Cowboy
        Sushi? Where do the hot chix hang out?          -ucla cs guy
2002/9/8 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Display, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:25807 Activity:very high
9/7     I'm building my own system. I've decided to get my CPU+MB from NewEgg.
        What is a good place to get mem, HD, and my Geforce? As for the case,
        I gotta go to Frys cuz I gotta see what the case looks like in person.
        \_ Before ordering anything from anyone, go look at
           Great prices and out of state so no taxes.  I had them build 2
           custom boxes which showed on time and to spec with decent parts
           on the unspecified stuff.
                \_ seems cheaper, maybe YOU should check it out
                   \_ Taxes, son, taxes.  I know newegg and others.  Also,
                      newegg isn't building custom systems which micropro will
                      do for you.  I've done the math.  On some systems you
                      can save as much as 10 bucks if you carefully order parts
                      from all over the net and then you still have to build
                      the damned thing.  "seems cheaper" is not cheaper.  Just
                      trying to give someone some help which you're not.
        \_ say I'm getting a MB with KT333 chipset. The FSB is rated 100/133,
           so how much more will I gain from using DDR2700 over DDR2100? Is
           DDR2700 good only when the FSB is 166? This info is not on
           tomshardware by the way.
           \_ 2700/CL2.0/333 >> 2100/CL2.0/266 by 0-25% depending on how
              memory intensive your application (game) is.  If you're building
              a top end system then get the 2700/CL2.0.  If you're going to go
              light on the cpu, video, or some other speed related part, then
              save your money across the whole system and get 2100/CL2.5.
2002/9/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:25808 Activity:kinda low
9/7     Is there any interaction between using DSL and the modem at the same
        \_ If your routes are setup correctly there shouldn't be.
2002/9/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25809 Activity:high
9/7     where are we?
        \_ last?
           \_ No, honorable mention. Yes, we've had better years. If you're
              so manly -- how well did YOU do on Hilfie's contest when you
              were an ugrad? (And yes, some of the better teams' members are
              on Soda too, but they most likely wouldn't be so lame as to
              post the above.)
              \_ The only 'contest' when I was an undergrad was surviving his
                 class while taking a full load of other eecs/math/physics
                 classes.  Cute little contests are for boosting self esteem
                 for kids.  I didn't need a self esteem boost when I was in
                 school.  We all knew where we stood because grades didn't
                 yet suffer from massive grade inflation.
                 \_ the above was addressed to the posters of the url and the
                    "last?" -- if you are neither, that message is not for you;
                    otherwise, stop whining about our standing, you have no
                    whining rights if you consider yourself above the contest
                    in general.
                    \_ Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.  Either way it's fair game
                       on the motd.  And actually yes I do either way because
                       if these things are getting published on the net and
                       Cal is looking lame then it makes it look like I came
                       from a lame school.  Also, either way, bite me.
                 \_ alright alright let's just stop this shit now before
                    it gets (further) out of hand
                    \_ out of hand?  on the motd?  how could that happen?
2002/9/8-9 [Reference/Religion] UID:25810 Activity:high
9/7     how true are the stories in the bible?
        \_ You've got to be kidding asking this on the motd, right?
        \_ xenu will get you if you believe in the bible
        \_ none of them are true
           \_ There's likely some truth to them in the general sense.  Example:
              it is 99.9999% likely that a 30 year old man who was the son of
              a Jewish carpenter was a prophet and had followers and got his
              ass crucified.  Did he drive the demons from a man into a herd of
              animals and then run them off a cliff?  Unlikely.
        \_ look at it this way, Islam and Judaism also recognize Abraham,
           Joseph, etc etc. These religions didn't branch off till later
           but the fact that 3 religions have the same records in the
           beginning really says something.
           \_ Yeah.  Two of them forked from the third.  By this
              reasoning rumors that are repeated enough become true, regardless
              of the truth of the original source.  By the way,
              people are saying that giving me money prolongs your life.
              \_ you've got to have the hair.  it's all about the hair.
                 just ask dogbert.  post a jpg of your hair in /csua/tmp/
                 and mabye you'll get rich.
                 \_ I've got great hair.  You must have faith and send money to
                    my paypal account to be saved.
           \_ If the 3 religions have the same records independently, then
              it is significant.  But how can you be certain there was
              never any interaction among the people of these religions?
              \_ Uh, there's no doubt Islam and Christianity were direct
                 offshoots of Judaism in that sense.  World Religions 1A.
                 \_ I know that.  So that invalidates the previous
                    poster's statement that "the fact that 3 religions
                    have the same records in the beginning really says
                    \_ I was agreeing with you.
        \_ A bit OT, but check out The Sins Of Jesus; it's by some
           Berkeley physics prof.  As a novel it's rather poor, but it
           suggests some interesting theories-- like why did Moses turn a
           staff into a snake instead of performing some more logical
           miracle?  (A: because it was a trick that was performed
           commonly in Egyptian courts at the time).  He also explains
           the parting of the Red Sea like this: if a bunch of slaves
           escape, they'll assume the pharoah will chase them, but the
           pharoah can just assume they'll die in the desert.  The
           Israelites see a mirage of water closing behind them and think
           "Our creator has saved us!" when in fact there was no chasing
           army at all.
           \_ I had Muller for physics, I missed a lot of the lectures but
              I remember the one when he said some student of his gave him
              death threats because of that book.
           \_ I had Muller for physics too.  Great lecturer.  Pretty good
              researcher.  But his book is nuts.  It flat out contradicts the
              Gospel accounts in several places.  Basically, it's a solution
              looking for a problem.
        \_ definition: miracle
             2. Specifically: An event or effect contrary to the
             established constitution and course of things, or a
             deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural
             event, or one transcending the ordinary laws by which the
             universe is governed.
             \_ 4. The occurrence of a CSUA male getting laid (not by
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