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2002/9/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:25794 Activity:nil
9/6     Silicon Valley WebGuild meeting Weds. 9/11 in San Jose.  Topic:
        "Diaster Recovery - Are You Ready." Speakers from IBM Crisis Manage-
        ment Team and Legato.  More info - cathyg
        \_ Disaster Recovery 1A: Make tapes daily, send off site, pray, keep
           resume shiny and up to date.
2002/9/7-8 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Media] UID:25795 Activity:kinda low
9/6     Is there a good non-chain video store in the south bay? I'm looking
        for something with a big selection of nonmainstream movies, the
        equivalent of Movie Image in Berkeley or Le Video in SF...
        \_ Any other laid-off silicon valley folks want to start one up w/ me?
           \_ You got angel funding?  bwahahahahhaa!
2002/9/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:25796 Activity:nil
9/6     I need to write a Highly Secure (like banking/gambling level security)
        web application.
        Is Java any more secure than php (ceteris paribus).
        And what is the best way to go about getting an outside agency that
        will do a thorough audit when i'm done.  I don't need some h0zer to
        run a nessus/SAINT scan and throw it on some letterhead.
        \_ i'd trust java a bit more than php.  it's actually a main dev
           concern, where with php it seems like it's been an afterthought.
           take it with a grain of salt.  i'm a sysadmin, not a developer.
        \_ Concerning audits, I would do two types;  first of all, don't
           underestimate h0zers with nessus/SAINT.  Peer review is a Good
           Thing (tm).  Don't hesitate to ask people you know to hammer away
           at it.  You'll also, for the suits, want a (mainly pro-forma)
           formal audit--depending on your level of funding, you might want
           either a consultancy that does a lot of security work, like kpmg
           (ugh, disclaimer, I think they're all pretty worthless, but this
           is for the suits, remember), or one of any number of smaller
           outfits to have a go at it.  Otherwise, you can probably find
           someone CISA certified through ISACA ( with
           strong application audit clue.  If that's no good, mail me and
           I can probably help you find someone, obBlatantPlug.  -John
2002/9/7-8 [Recreation/Humor] UID:25797 Activity:low
9/6     Dear H0zer, please stop editing other people's posts.  If you want to
        reply, feel free, but editing their statements isn't funny and only
        fucks up the thread.  If it offends you that much, just do us all a
        favor and delete it instead.  Thanks.
        \_ that would be paolo, stop insulting H0Z3R
2002/9/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:25798 Activity:nil
9/7     Someone was asking about CNN newsclippings on Sept 11?  here is
        something which may be of interest to you:
2002/9/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:25799 Activity:high
9/7     Why must we send inspectors to Iraq? Don't we have spies?
        \_ Humiliation value.
           \_ I'm so sick of hearing about how humiliating everything is.  This
              is the world stage, not Ms. Smith's third grade class.  There are
              big powerful countries and little shitty countries.  The big
              countries always get what they want.  The shitty ones always
              cave.  No one would spend real money or risk lives to humiliate
              anyone in some 4th rate shithole.  Ridiculous.
        \_ To confirm publicly what our spies (and Mossad) have told us.
        \_ To scope out the hot chix.
2002/9/7-8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25800 Activity:kinda low
9/7     UCLA ee guy did you get your BruinCard yet? Do you have to pay
        tuition first to get the card?
        \_ yeah i got it. now stop asking me dumb questions.
                \_uh oh sounds like a troubled marriage.
                  \_ nothing that a nice spending spree at Fred Segal
                     cannot fix
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