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2002/9/6 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25784 Activity:high
9/5     why attacking iraq is a bad idea:
        \_ What is the alternative?  In the very near future an Islamic
           state not aligned to the West will go nuclear - what then?
           Evidence has not been made public, it seems prudent to wait
        \_ What is the alternative?  In the very near future Iraq
           will go nuclear - what then?
           Evidence has not been made public, all of this rhetoric is
           taking place in a vacuum of information.  It seems prudent to wait
           until that time before engaging in conjecture.
           One would think with all of the uproar about the human suffering
           caused by the sanctions, one would want Saddam (along with the
           sanctions) to go.  Of course, there is the very real possibility
           that we are still divying up the spoils of the Cold War.
                \_ they *will* go nuclear.  the question is do they have
                   the *will* to use it.
                   \_ Whether they have the will or not, having a nuke will
                      give them more bargaining power (e.g. "If you attack
                      us, we'll nuke Israel")
        \_ So what if Iraq go nuclear? We can invade a country just because
           he might has nuke sometimes later?  Remember, we are the one
           who used nuke against civilian target in the history of mankind.
2002/9/6 [Computer/Networking, Recreation/House] UID:25785 Activity:nil
9/5     anti-terrorist activity for sept. 11:
         I'm going to stimulate the economy by installing 1000sq ft
        of hardwood floor, get wireless network for home, wireless security
        system for new home. New furniture and landscape backyard.
        What are you guys going to do?
        \_ Yermom.
           \_ yermom smells.
        \_ Take my grandfather out for his 90th birthday.  "doh".  -John
2002/9/6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:25786 Activity:nil
9/5     I majorly regret attending that commie liberal "institution" known
        as Berkeley. I'm ashamed of the U.S.Representative there and all the
        pathetic things they tried to do in the past. Displaying the American
        flag is not divisive. It falls under "love it or leave it."
2002/9/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25787 Activity:high
9/5     So what's wrong with the term "guest"?
        \_ nothing wrong with the term guest but the stupid emails have led
           nice smart people to ask to be removed from csua@csua (i.e.
           a certain ex-vp now current grad student most of us respect).
           pls keep inanities to motd. thx.
                                \_ where paolo will delete them every 3
           \_ Paolo, grow up.
        \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
           \_ Uh huh, this is so stupid I'm not sure I should even bother to
              point it out.
              \_ You must be new.
                 \_ No, I'm old.  It's just like electroshock therapy.
2002/9/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25788 Activity:nil
9/5     dessert storm redux has begun!!!
2002/9/6 [ERROR, uid:25789, category id '31298#2' has no name! , ] UID:25789 Activity:high
9/6     is the slashdot rumer true?  has anyone seen The Two Towers movie
        out there in p2p land?
        \_ It's not a slashdot rumor.  Hint: slashdot is the *last* place to
           find current news since they don't break stories.  And go pay for
           it.  You have no business stealing material that's worth paying for.
2002/9/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25790 Activity:insanely high
        Now I remember why going to Cal helped turn me away from the left.
        UPDATE: The adults take charge and common sense prevails in Loony
        Tunes town for once:
        \_ You ought to hear what the chancellor said in reponse then.
           \_ "President Bush formally announced that Sept. 11 would be
               called Patriot Day and encouraged all Americans to display
               United States flags."
               \_ Great. Dying in the WTC (irregardless of nationality)
                  makes you an Amurican patriot.
                  \_ And posting intentionally mindless drivel to the motd
                     makes you... a troll?  Or some lesser creature?  Also,
                     the rest of us still spell it with an "e".
        \_ If you wanted a flag waving, jingoist campus why didn't you
           go to The Citadel or UC Irvine or something? Hadn't you heard
           of Berkeley's reputation before you got here?
           \_ I didn't want a flag waving campus.  I wanted an education.
              Prior to college I had no political beliefs or affiliations of
              any sort.  I didn't even understand people like Quindlen existed.
              Some of us came here for the educational repuation, not to shut
              down people who didn't believe in our anti-American ideology.
              \_ No, you had political beliefs, they were just unexamined.
                 You came to Berkeley and had to think about them and thereby
                 got educated. Good for you (and Berkeley, for making you
2002/9/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25791 Activity:very high
9/6     One woman's search for true love OR How I fucked up my life by never
        really knowing what I needed:
        \_ hahahaha  anyone gonna go in for the easy nookie?
           \_ Look out cragislist, here comes the CSUA.
           \_ That is, if someone has a big dick.
              \_ What did she do between 31 and 40? Any kids?
                 I wonder what her next post after 40 will say.
                 No guys with big dicks want a 40 year old chick.
                 \_ Sure they do. If they are 40. Or drunk.
        \_ I like the male version.  "When I was 16, I dated a girl
           with big tits..."
           \_ Damn.  I want small women with big tits, like Christina Ricci.
              \_ You kidding?  She's *not* a big titty girl.
                 \_ Son, you're on crack.
                 \_ She's not?  Someone only 5'1" but D-cup is not big-titty?
                    \_ You got real stats?  That's not what she looks like in
                       all the other pics I've seen.
                       \_ She's a 32 C/D. I know this because of a casting
                          call for a body double that I saw. --dim
                          \_ 32C ok, but that's still not big titty.  Other
                             pics look like a B.
                             \_ We've shown you a C/D pic. Now you need to come
                                up with your alleged B pic or go away.
                                \_ So hostile. tsk.  Sorry to interfere with
                                   your slashdot fantasies.
                             \_ this person clearly has never seen a actual
                                \_ whatever.
                    \_ wouldn't she fall over?
                        \_ Low center of gravity.  Basic boob physics.  Same
                           phenomenon as short guys with big guts managing
                           to stand upright.
                        \_ They lean back.
           \_ Where's that version?
              \_ All over Google.
        \_ UH -- I've seen this before -- it's a popular email being
           forwarded around.  It's not a real life situation.
        \_ For fuck's sake, there hasn't been a single "ObYermom" comment
           in this entire thread.  You children are sad sad sad!  Don't
           always make the grown-up alumni have to come and shove you back
           towards the path of the righteous.  Kids, these days...  -John
           \_ I'll shove yermom toward the "path of the righteous", fuzzy.
2002/9/6-8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25792 Activity:moderate
9/6     Is there a way to tell emacs20 to associate a file suffix with a
        particular mode?  I want it to use makefile-mode for files with ".nmk"
        and ".cfg" suffixes.  Thanks.
        \_ i have the following in my .emacs to use text-mode for
           mutt's temporary files:
           (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("^/tmp/mutt-" . text-mode)
           change a couple things around, and things should work out.
        \_ emacs, pine, blah.  Why do people insist on using applications
           they don't understand and can't figure out?
           \_ they are forced to use unix. unix apps all suck.
              \_ ok, got me on that one, but they could at least use apps that
                 are more at their level.
              \_ write some better ones or shut up about it
                 \_ It's ok to say "this car sucks, don't buy it" without being
                    an automotive engineer.  I didn't design the engine in my
                    car and I doubt you did either.  Same for software.  And
                    anyway, why should he spend time writing better software
                    for unix when there's already better software on other
                    operating systems which are better desktop systems?  If my
                    car sucked (bad transmission) I'm not going to design and
                    build a new transmission for it.  I'm going to buy a better
                    one from someone else next time.  Some people just want to
                    use their computer.  It's just a tool not a religion or a
                    way of life.
2002/9/6-7 [Reference/Tax] UID:25793 Activity:high
9/6     I read the intuit is adding product key activation to turbo tax.
        I've pirated every copy of TT for the past 10 years, I would hate
        to have to start paying for it now.  What are some of the standard
        ways to get around product key activation?  Thanks.
        \_ one standard way is to pay for it
        \_ I pirated TT for the first time this year, and boy, I'll never
           make that mistake again.  I like paying $20 for TaxCut so much
           more.  BTW, electronic submissions should be free - why are we
           paying to save the IRS money?
        \_ oh my god!  you'd have to shell out $40 to do your taxes!  this is
           terrible!  Seriously though, I'll happily pirate lame games but
           no way in hell am I going to pirate my tax prep software, esp.
           since it's so cheap.  You have a job, you obviously like it.  Pay
           for it.  Support the company.
           \_ Plus it's tax-deductible for the subsequent tax year.
        \_ You obviously have income, or else you wouldn't be paying taxes.
           So buy the damn software. And it's not like there's not rebates
           up the wazoo for tax software. Lemme guess, you also wanna get
           around the fee to submit electrionically, right? Sheesh.
        \_ <prole> hmm remember it's not "piracy" it's "content liberation"
           \_ Yeah, other people's work wants to be Free!
        \_ The hack I have for windows XP actually activates it.  Other hacks
           bypass checks to test if it's activated.  I've used TurboTax for the
           last 4 years, and have been happy with it (and paid for it each
           year), but I'm sick of this treat-every-customer-like-a-theif
           mentality, and am considering moving to human tax-preparer.
           \_ I'd rather be treated like a theif than treated like a thief.
        \_ Can I GPL my money?
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