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2002/9/5 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:25773 Activity:high
9/4     Environmentalist Quotes
        'We, in the green movement, aspire to a cultural model in which
        killing a forest will be considered more contemptible and more
        criminal than the sale of 6-year-old children to Asian brothels.'
        \_ what's your favorite kind of fishing?
        \_ That's old news.  That's why real conservatives hate you freeper
           types.  You make us all look like looneys with your rehashed ancient
           and extremist quotes.  We all know the extreme left are insane.
           You're just like them but on the extreme right.  You deserve each
           other.  Please go away.  --A Real Conservative (who hates freepers)
2002/9/5 [Uncategorized] UID:25774 Activity:high
9/4     Is there any medical reason to shower regularly?  what will happen
        to me if i stop?
        \_ You won't breed.  Your grades will drop as profs and TA despise
           your existence and other students avoid you.  You'll always pay
           the highest price in a negotiation situation and will always get
           the worst possible service if you get served at all.  There are
           few medical consequences of note.  Since you're ignoring the real
           reason for showering, you're probably already long past the social
           consequences anyway.  Go ahead, stop showering.  It's perfectly ok!
        \_ You will become indistinguishable from scores of other eecs
           undergrads who have graced the halls of soda and cory.
        \_ Your chances of getting laid goes to near zero if you don't
           shower at least regularly.  Yes, even nearer zero than it is
           right now.  To be honest, you probably will not notice a
           difference anyway, so just go ahead and stop showering.
           \_ Unless you're French and in France.
              \_ Been there, not really so.  They should shave those pits,
2002/9/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:25775 Activity:very high
9/4     Hi, I'm looking for information on UCB's network.  Like what vendor
        do we use and what are the speeds of the various links.  Thanks.
        \_ traceroute.
        \_ We have an OC-48 (650 megabit, but I don't think it's all active
           yet) into Calren2 for our Internet2 link.  All our traffic goes
           to a Calren2 peering point, where our commodity net traffic
           gets sent over two OC-12's to Level3 and Qwest, which act as
           redundant connections.  (If both fail, it can fall back to
           our southern links out of UCLA).  Commodity net traffic is
           currently capped at 90 megabits/sec, soon to go up to 100 mb/sec.
           The dorms have a separate 40 megabit/sec cap, which is also due
           to rise.  SETI@Home has their own ISP link, as do a few other
           major research groups.  -tom
           \_OC-48=2.488Gb/s, OC-12=622Mbit/s, OC-3=155Mbit/s
                \_ Yes, but we don't get it all--it's shared with all the
                   northern UC campuses.  -tom
           \_ is this on a web page somewhere?  Also, do you know which
              vendor we're using at the different uplinks?  Cisco 12000 or
              Juniper M160s?
              \_ upgrades for i2 appear to be using T640s
                 \_ the T640s will be in the backbone.  What will be used
                    to connect Cal to the rest of Internet2?
                    to connect Cal to the rest of Internet2?  From a
                    traceroute, it looks like a Juniper, but it's most
                    likely not a T640.
           \_ Who else has their own ISP links?
           \_ tom, which dept oversees LSCR?
                \_ The "LS" stands for "Letters & Science"   -tom
                   \_ Yes, I know. So is your boss some non-techie at L&S?
                      There is no Berkeley Technology SuperBoss? ok, tnx.
                      \_ There has to be some PA5 somewhere in charge of this
                        \_ I'm in charge of it.  I report to the Chair of
                           Deans, Ralph Hexter.  Jack McCredie has the title
                           of "CIO", but he's not in the reporting line of
                           anyone except IST, so it's not a particularly
                           meaningful title.  -tom
                           \_ Does Jack know he's not meaningful?  Have you
                              let him know this?
                                \_ I didn't say Jack was not meaningful, I
                                   said the title of CIO is not meaningful,
                                   and I have said that in various public
                                   forums.  -tom
                                   \_ tom, can I sniff your jockstrap?
                                   \_ Wow, so you're like, important?  Gosh.
                           \_ Ralph is still under L&S. What about other
                              colleges? Do they do all their network planning
                              separately or do they let L&S handle it? BTW,
                              thanks for all the info, it's nice to know this
                              sort of hierarchical stuff (why? i don't know)
2002/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:25776 Activity:nil
9/5     How do I disable the banner page (cover sheet) with cups?  I'm
        using ver 1.1.15
        \_ read docs or use google
2002/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:25777 Activity:low
9/6     Why not to live in Greece:
        \_ an older and more intelligent article about this in NY Times:
        \_ This has been all over the place.  Old, old, old.
2002/9/5-6 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:25778 Activity:high
9/5     tomshardware has a kt400 motherboard review article if you're into that
        \_ Yeah, right.  Once I turned away from VIA, I've never looked back.
           Now I have 2 SiS (735 and 745) and 1 AMD (762+766).  They just WORK
           unlike anything VIA makes.  (VIA=Verification Is Avoided)
           \_ I've never owned either.  Whats the problem with VIA?
2002/9/5-6 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25779 Activity:high
9/5     Is there really a housing crisis in Berkeley?  From what I've heard,
        the new dorms on College and Durant are empty.
        \_ The bubble will burst.  the landlords will come to their senses
           after not being able to find a renter for, oh, 18 months.
           \_ SF landlords are still dropping rents on places that they
              couldn't rent out for 12+ months.  They're still too high. Given
              SF's draconian rent control board & policies, it isn't too hard
              to figure out they're better off market than renting low.
        \_ We have subsided from the fever pitch of the last few years.
           Berkeley is now roughly at par with the rest of the Bay Area, i.e.,
           it is still about one and half times as expensive as, say, Seattle.
           Whether you want to say that means there is no crisis is your call.
           A great many Low Income households (<80% of median household income)
           are paying >30% of their AGI for housing, which is the fed and state
           criterion for affordable housing shortage. -- ulysses
           \_ this is orthogonal to your point, but seattle is getting
              worse. from the anecdotes i've heard from folks who lived
              there recently, i doubt it's 1.5 times cheaper than the BA.
                \_ right now seattle is FUCKED as far as the job market goes.
                   It makes the BA look good.  Housing is really dropping
                   because of that.
        \_ There is no waiting list for housing this year.  -tom
        \_ No wait list = no crisis.  Sounds more like a landlord's vacancy
           crisis to me.  Anyone know what the coop's vacancy rate is?
           \_ Coops are still building new housing.
              \_ That doesn't say anything about the vacancy rate.
                 \_ Tell us what the vacancy rate is then master of the obvious.
                    \_ Duh!  That's what I've been asking for 2 days!
                       \_ The phone number is (510) 848-1936. Try calling them.
        \_ I am renting a room in a three-bedroom house in Berkeley. The house
           is pretty nice (although, a bit far away from campus). After
           the lanlord jacked up the price from $450 to $600, my other
           roommates moved out in march and no one has moved in since then.
           I now have a three bedroom house all for myself, muahahaha ..
           \_ Can I move in?
           \_ The landlord didn't try to stick you with the whole house?
              \_ And risk losing his last tenant?
                 \_ Shrug.  I didn't say it was smart.  I only asked.
                 \_ I'm sure he could re-rent it for more than $600. What's
                    the catch? --dim
                    \_ You have to sleep with his wife the Russian ex-olympic
                       swimmer.  Just ignore the beard and broad shoulders.
                       \_ what russian swimmers are there?
                       \_ I thought the (East) Germans were more notorious
                          for that sort of thing? -Jon
                          \_ It was a wide spread soviet victim problem.
                       \_ Why doesn't he get a new Russian mail-order bride?
2002/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:25780 Activity:nil
        Now I remember why going to Cal helped turn me away from the left.
        I'd forgotten what my earlier political influences really were.
        \_ Final paragraph says the organizers are urging students to
           express their views on open microphone sessions. I wonder how
           they'll take to someone going up there and start singing the
           national anthem or God Bless America.
           \_ They'd just get shouted down like it says they were last year.
              You know "open mic" is hardly the same as having your official
              5 minutes of fame.
2002/9/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:25781 Activity:nil
        Couple trying to name their son Osama bin Laden
        \_ Which just goes to show that stupidity is truly global.
2002/9/5-6 [Reference/Military] UID:25782 Activity:high
9/5     Guns in cockpit bill approved 87-6.  Details to come?
        \_ Oh great, now the terrorists have guns and knives.
            \_ better than a Sidewinder up your ass
            \_ I'd rather take my chances with an armed pilot than *know*
               that I'm going to die when they aim the plane into a building
               or the USAF does a shoot down.  At least there's a chance.
            \_ almost all pilots are ex-militay and trained to kill. I'd be
               worried if a pussy liberal like you were handed a gun.
               \_ wow.  A thoroughly unfounded comment on the motd?  Moo...
        \_ Friend, air marshals already carry loaded weapons on planes, and
           have for a long time.  In fact, wasn't there just some incident
           where they went pointing them at passengers?  -John
           \_ Not enough air marshals out there....
        \_ El-Al flights have secure cockpits and guns on board (as well as
           in their terminals) and they don't have problems with terrorists.
           And I'm pretty sure the terrorists would love to hit them.
2002/9/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:25783 Activity:high
9/5     while some of you rally about memorializing 9/11, how about
        some thought for those killed in Munich at the 1972 Olympic
        Games 30 years ago?  2 killed on the morning of Sep 5 1972,
        9 more the next day Sep 6 1972.  11 athletes killed.
        \_ It's all fucked up.  Get a grip.
        \_ They were Jews.  Not even American Jews.
           \_ Sign your name, (coward|troll).
           \_ will somebody please think of the children!!!!!
              \_ Are they Jewish American children?  Do they vote and donate?
        \_ 2500+ dead and 85 billion in economic damage in NYC...
           not even close!  and anyway didn't the Mossad kill just
           \_ that's 2500+ third-world oppressing, environment despoiling,
              culturally hegemonistic, infidel american pigs.  they deserve
              to die.
           about everyone involved in the Munich attacks eventually?
           \_ Most didn't make it in the long term, yes.
              \_ over a long enough period of time everyone's chances
                 of survival drop to zero.
                 \_ Ok, tell you what, you go kill yourself now because hey,
                    over the long term your survival odds are zero anyway,
                    right?  I'll fly the plane with the gun toting pilot and
                    we'll both be happy.  So, you're a dormy, right?  This is
                    the kind of silly thing dormies would say in late night
                    drunken "debate" when discussing god, abortion, the death
                    penalty, and every other issue drunken dormies have
                    'solved' over the years.
                    \_ calm down.  it's a quote from Fight Club.
                        \_ why quote stupid lines from movies very few people
                           \_ because i find it amusing to watch people
                              like you get agitated.  please continue.
        \_ We don't care about them non-Americans, you damned terrorist!
        \_ ignoring ideology, how about looking at 1972 as
           an example of how complacency and media-attention combine
           to create a situation begging for exploitation by terrorists?
           \_ My God!  You've discovered the mastermind behind the Munich
              massacre!  It's Siebler!
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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