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2002/9/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:25764 Activity:kinda low
9/3     justin!!!!!! kelly!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ Is this a survivor thingy? americon idal?
                \_ I have no clue what's going on. I live in a cave.
                   \_ with broadband. that's the life.
2002/9/4 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:25765 Activity:very high
        This is just what the world needs.  Global taxes on rich countries to
        alleviate world wide poverty.  France says it'll only take $100b/year
        forever to do it.  I can't wait to be a Citizen of the World and I'll
        even get my own Universal Identicode & Tracking Unit implanted in my
        brain.  Sweet!
        \_ How about foreign aid to israel?  How much of your hard earn
           tax dollars goes towards people who study religious texts all
           day and have children all nights and do not work for a living?
           The US sponsors judaism?!  I want money for my christian schools
           here in the US!
           \_ $2b/year to Israel.  $2b/year to Egypt.  Not very much.  There's
              more government waste than that by far.  Thanks for trolling.
              \_ Just last week I read that there is a 3-2 ratio between aid
                 to Israel and Egypt.
                 \_ Some perspective on this: it costs us $1b/day to send
                    an army to another country such as Iraq'91.  Per day, yes.
                    If we weren't bribing both countries to be nice to each
                    other what are the odds we'd have spent more than that on
                    more than one occasion to keep one from destroying the
                    other?  What's the cost of cleaning up Cairo after a nuke?
                    What's the cost of sending in enough troops to keep the
                    Egyptians and others from genociding the Israelis? Thanks.
        \_ Oh great.  'Cause welfare works so well, we want to expand it to a
           global scale.  Doesn't anyone even pay attention to history?
           \_ the US welfare system sucked, for example paying kids to have
              even more kids; however, what's wrong with trying to eliminate
              poverty? Use the money for job training, loans so that ppl can
              start businesses, get an education, improve infrastructure, so
              that they can become self-sufficient? And when times are tough,
              like they are today, it would be good to have that minimal
              paycheck so that you don't lose your home and can have food on
              the table until the economy rebounds.
              \_ one word, kleptocracy
                 \_ To expand on this, the recent past has shown that when we
                    send money and/or food into nations with corrupt leadres,
                    the resources don't get there.  The corrupt leaders line
                    their pockets.  Look at just about any country in Africa,
                    Haiti or the Palestinians for examples.
                        \_ Stop bringing fact and reality into this.
                        \_ DON'T CRITICIZE THE PALESTINIANS, whatever you do.
                           We all know it is a Jewish conspiracy against the
                           camel jockeys.
                           \_ I'm not criticizing the palestinians.  I am
                              criticizing their corrupt leader.
                              \_ Leaders.  It's a plural thing there and other
                                 corrupt pseudo nations as well.
                              \_ it will be a great day when the secular
                                 government of isreal/palestine has a
                                 double trial for terrorism for arafat
                                 and sharon.
                                 \_ Sharon already had a trial, thanks.
                                    The palestinians don't have anyone left
                                    who can run a government.  All the
                                    reasonable people got murdered in the
                                    streets by Arafat's hit squads.  There
                                    won't be a palestinian government in your
                                    lifetime and the odds of a truly secular
                                    one are about zero.
                                    \_ that depends on how long i live.
                                       consider any 10 countrys, and look
                                       at where they were 100 years ago.
                                       the world changes.
                                       \_ Pick any 10 muslim countries.
        \_ I like to think that having random acts of terror and the slow
           internal destruction of US civil liberties, not including the
           increasing autocrastic governmental rule as payment enough.
           \_ Civil liberties have been eroding since FDR.  Good call.  I like
              the way you think.  You have a good historical perspective and
              aren't babbling about how GWB was the start of it all like some
              other zero-historical-perspective motd scribblers around here.
              Actually, some would say it goes back even further to the 16th.
2002/9/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/IO] UID:25766 Activity:high
9/3     How do I capture all keyboard events under linux? I want to do
        "cat /dev/keyboard > keyboard_log"
        \_ there is an OS independent hardware solution, if you're willing
           spend the money($159.00):
        \_ try xev
                \_ But how do I capture all windows? even new ones that are
                   popped up? And what about VTYs?
                   \_ get a life?
        \_ run freebsd, use the snoop device
        \_ rewrite keyboard drivers.
        \_ what are you trying to accomplish?  this is not likely what you
           want to do, unless you're doing something really lame.
           \-hello, i have written a module to do this under some
             solaris and from my conversation with linux people it seems
             like this can be adapted for linux however i lack the knowledge
             of how to do this on intel hardware [i dont understand these
             IRQs real well] and linux kernel modules. if you have a good
             reason, i can send you this, however i think it will be a fair
             amount of work to adapt for linux. i vaguely remember some
             securty researcher said there was something for linux aready
             although it may not be generally avail beyond security
             researchers [this was for a honeypot]. ok tnx.
                \_ everytime I see "ok tnx." I get this warm-fuzzy all over!
2002/9/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25767 Activity:very high
9/3     I'd like to donate equipments (eg 160G HD) so that I can influence
        politburo members into giving me root access. How do I go about
        doing that? P.S. I'm an alumni
                                \_ alumnus (possibly alumna) or alum
        \_ are you female? I think most of them are tired of making love
           to mr.hand
           \_ rosie Palm and her five sisters are h07!
              \_ The Palm SEXtet (pun intended) will make you blind!
           \_ You mean *Miss* Hand?  Or are they gay?
              \_ No, you're just 100% clueless.
        \_ mail politburo. ask. -chialea
           \_ chialea!  I want to kiss you!  :-)
              \_ are you an eastcoast or westcoast stalker of hers? !fan
              \_ you're freaky
                 \_ No, they're dreamy!  --chialea #1 fan #1 fan
                                            \_ a.k.a. chialea
                                               \_ Incorrect.
                                                  --chialea #1 fan #1 fan
        \_ you're going about it the wrong way.  you need to bribe a single
           root person, not the whole politburo.  you don't want official
           access, just access.  social hacking.
           \_ is that how paolo got root?
           \_ Speaking of bribing, have the recent politburo requested
              alumni support yet for this year?
              \_ still not getting it.  you dont support politburo for root,
                 you buy some kid a few beers.  sheesh.  must i spell out
                 *everything* for you?
                 \_ Not looking for root, just wondering about funding.
                    \_ maybe they can request funding for a SCSI RAID card.
                 \_ if you're cute, you screw for root.
                    \_ The secretary?
                       \_ Good things I'm not sexy@csua anymore -chialea
                    \_ Get real. Sleep with csua root users instead of popping
                       5 bucks for cheap beer?  Son, not all sex is good sex.
                       You should go for the beer option.
2002/9/4 [Politics] UID:25768 Activity:high
9/4     motd occupation /politics poll:
        engineer/programmer, left of center:  ...
        engineer/programmer, right of center:
        sysadmin, left of center: .
        sysadmin, right of center: .
        scientist, exactly a centrist: .
        cs educator, left of center: .
2002/9/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:25769 Activity:kinda low
9/4     Does anyone on soda run an ebay based business?
        \_ An ex-coworker was making a few bucks a week.  Not enough to retire
           but she was doing ok with minimal effort.  It also gave her some-
           thing to do during work hours.
2002/9/4-5 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:25770 Activity:very high
9/4     I've got an E450, Solaris 2.7, and a D1000.  I've cabled up the scsi
        the way the manual says.  Shouldn't the disks show up with the format
        command?  Any idea what I'm missing?  Thanks!
        \_ boot -r  # gots to look for the disks first...
           \_ did 'reboot -- -r'.  I don't have easy console access. I also
              did 'drvconfig' followed by 'disks' which is supposed to do the
              same thing they say.
              \_ Sorry to hear about the console access, but my next move
                 would be probe-scsi and probe-scsi-all from the ok prompt.
                 \_ I'm trying to avoid that if possible since it requires
                    some travel....
                    \_ Won't help you much now, but you should really have
                        some sort of remote console access (terminal server
                        or serial cable) to non-local unix boxes.  It's a
                        great help in situations like this.  As it is,
                        unless I'm missing something, I think you're SOL,
                        unless there's a way to get the eeprom to recognize
                        new hardware on the fly.  -John
                        \_ Not my box.  Sometimes you gotta take what life
                           gives you and hope for the best.
        \_ Make sure you're using an HVD SCSI card since D1000 is HVD SCSI
           \_ Hooked up to a single edged controller.  The cabling exactly
              matched another e450/d1000 pair I have that's working.  I'm
              thinking maybe the d1000 is just fucked.  Running out of reasons
              for this.
              \_ HVD SCSI uses the same connectors as other SCSI
                 implementations. You could have plugged the D1000 into a
                 single-ended card. I'd double check the SCSI card chipset
                 and part number.
                 \_ I've got single edged scsi on addon cards which don't work
                    and tried the built in regular scsi.  Nothing going on.
                    \_ The question is: Do you have a HVD SCSI card in
                       the system? Do you? --dim
                       \_ Yes.  I'm desperate and trying things I'm sure won't
                          work bc I already tried everything I think should.
        \_ HVD = High Voltage Differential as in NOT a normal Sun onboard SCSI
           port.  -ax
        \_ Bent pin on the SCSI cable?  SCSI Host ID's set to 0 or 7 on D1000?
           Also, one bad disk can hang the whole SCSI bus and you will see
           nothing. Finally, split the D1000 into 2 separate 6 disks pieces
           using a terminator and no loop cable between the busses and see if
           you can see either bus.  -ax
2002/9/4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25771 Activity:high
9/4     Is sniffing whiteout really as harmful as people say?
        \_ Doesn't that give you syphillis?
        \_ They say it kills brain cells, but anyone who'd do it was
           clearly lacking in that department to begin with, so it's
           hard to say.
           \_ Dumbass!  The less brain cells you have, the more precious
              they are.
              \_ there exists a point beyond which the number of brain
                 cells do not matter.  it is not clear whether our
                 cells does not matter.  it is not clear whether our
                 whiteout sniffer is beyond that point.
                 \_ sort of like the difference between lettuce and cabbage?
                    \_ more like between windows me and windows xp
                       \_ so you have to disable 90% of the stuff in the newer
                          one so it works halfway decently?
        \_ Now I wanna sniff some glue.
2002/9/4-5 [Transportation/Car] UID:25772 Activity:high
9/4     My DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice says my car needs a smog
        check.  Can I renew the registration before getting a smog check so
        that the renewal won;t be past due?
        \_ if yer that paranoid about it, go to an Arco w/ RapidRenewal.
           you can just walk up and they will smog your car and if it passes
           they will file your registration and give you your tags on the
           spot -shac
        \_ No.  It only takes 30 minutes to get a smog check and the results
           are instantly wired directly to the state.  Stop being a weeny.
           Just go take care of it.
           \_ Unecessarily ascerbic, but correct. I did this three weeks ago
              and the whole process, including the DMV getting me my new
              stickers by mail, took only six days.
              \_ Is there such a thing as "unecessarily ascerbic" on the motd
                 as long as you're right?
              \_ I took it in by person, and had the process (smog check +
                 registration) completed in 2 hours.
        \_ Yes. You can pay the registration and avoid a late fee. You won't
           get the registration and sticker until you do the smog check,
           though. --dim
                 \_ Seconded.  I got charged late fees because the records on
                    my car were fucked up, and when I called to complain they
                    wouldn't remove the late fees because I could have paid
                    the registration and waited for the smog check to come
           \_ Which means you're not registered and not legal to drive.
              \_ Not true. Your registration will show that it's paid and
                 that there is a lien pending for smog. You also avoid the
                 late fee, which I assume the OP was worried about. --dim
                \_ I also registered first, then Smogged-- it worked fine.
                   \_ Oh yeah?  You get pulled over?
                   \_ yes this is okay.  However, if you get pulled
                      over, you will get a "fix-it" ticket.  $10 at the
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