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2002/9/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:25756 Activity:low
9/2     Anyone know of a full implementation of MPI 2.0 available for Linux
        or in source form? Expensive or free, it doesn't matter. --dim
        \_ mpich does NOT implement it, I'm sorry to say.
           \_ I know this. I can tell you lots of MPI implementations which
              aren't 2.0 compliant. Know of any that *are*? --dim
2002/9/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:25757 Activity:low
9/2 (anyone going
        to the one tomorrow?)
        \_ dude!  im so totally there!  yes!  wouldnt miss it for the world!
        \_ What's that?
2002/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25758 Activity:kinda low
9/3     Some DB web site told me not to put under_scores in my field/column
        names.  Is there a good reason for this?  If so, what?
        \_ Could you post the URL to that article?
        \_ Seriously, what's the url? That sounds like crap. (and
           plus, we do that all over in our DB)
            \_ sorry, i can't find the url (damn-it) but i swear i saw it
               In my search to find the travelled to link on google, i've
               come across other site's that actively recommend it "for
               readability."  (funny, 'cause that is what the first page
               basically said "we have these with underscores here for
               readability, but you shouldn't do this in real life."
2002/9/3-4 [Finance/Investment] UID:25759 Activity:high
9/2     it's the end of capitalism as we know it.  who wants to come alone
        for some beers?
        \_ Freudian slip? Take your meds bud.
        \_ I already came
        \_ Freud aside, wtf are you babbling about?
                \_ stock market tanked again?
                   \_ Oh.  Well, that's hardly the end of capitalism.  Quite
                      the opposite.  Captiolism isn't about every two bit shit
                      eating poorly managed company making big bucks.  It's
                      about the fit thriving and the weak dying.  You're now
                      seeing the results of years, maybe decades of bad
                      management wracking the economy.  Good companies will
                      survive and thrive.  Bad ones will die.  This is a good
                      thing.  The value of the DOW on any random day has about
                      as much to do with the economy as that day's level of
                      cheese production on the moon.
                      \_ yeah, i wish it worked that way, too.  "bad ones
                         will die?"  right.  take a look at the airline
                         industry.  they'll just go crying to the government
                         for another bailout while providing the same
                         shity service forever.  if the government showed
                         more respect for the free market, perhaps the shit
                         companies would die, but most of them are part
                         of some kind of government sponsored protection
                         racket or another. in another year or towo the moron
                         investors who set prices will decide to be optomists
                         instead of pesimists and overvalue the shit
                         companies they're undervalueing now.
2002/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25760 Activity:high
9/3     Why can't an NT kernel-mode driver perform floating point calculations?
        \_ I haven't written NT kernel-mode drivers in a while but my
           recollection is that saving and restoring the floating point state
           is relatively expensive and they didn't want to do this when
           switching among kernel threads.
           \_ If the kernel used floating-point math, you'd also need to
              save and restore all the floating-point registers every time
              a process made a system call.
              \_ Couldn't you just save and restore only when you intend to
                 use FP?
                \_ uhh, you could save the registers in the kernel code and
                   restore them before returning to user space
                   \_ That's what I mean -- the kernel needs to take the
                      time to save and restore the registers every time a
                      system call is made.  It's easy to code, but it makes
                      every system call slower.
2002/9/3-4 [Industry/Jobs] UID:25761 Activity:high 63%like:25762
9/3     Bonus survey, please be honest.  No need to mention company if you
        don't want to.  How much is your yearly bonus as a percentage of
        your salary?  Please specify the # of years of experience.
        For me, 15% and 7 years of experience.   Thanks.
        \_ up to 10% based on "merit"
        \_ what yearly bonus
        \_ 0% and 7 yrs exp.
        \_ 0% company-wide regardless of experience.
        \_ 0% and > 5 yrs exp.
        \_ scale eight used to do 7% for 3+ (with 4% salary raises)
           \_ scale eight did salary raises?  not while I was there
              \_ they did in the first year and a half.
              \_ were you there more than 3 months?
        \_ Well it depends. Some year I received a 45% bonus (as a 5th year)
           and some year I received none. These days it's too darn hard to
           project what's 'normal' in bonuses. I work for a small company so
           the amount varies widely. If you want my last year's number, it's
           0% and 6 yrs exp.
        \_ From 3 years ago: ~ax/pub/salarysurvey
           \_ Three years ago? During the Y2K rush? What good is that?
                \_ it's still a gold rush for some folks.  remember it was
                   the people who sold shovels and jeans that made gazillions,
                   not the prospectors....
        \_ 3% raise mainly because I went up a job grade and probably didn't
           meet the minimum salary for the new level
        \_ 14%, 6 years, Back-end server software
2002/9/3-4 [Industry/Jobs] UID:25762 Activity:very high 63%like:25761
9/3     Salary survey, please be honest. No need to mention company if you
        don't want to.  How much are you getting? doing what? How many years
        how experience? Thanks.
        \_ Salary survey person, you need to take salary+bonus+other benes
           into account as a total package.  When you break it down you're
           seeing the trees, missing the forest.
        \_ Two or three times a week, more if I have time to hit the bars on
           weekdays. Years experience? Going on 15 (started in 7th grade). As
           for doing what... that's for yermom to know, and for you to find
           \_ you can't claim experience back to 7th grade and expect to be
              taken seriously.  experience does not mean "the first time i
              touched my dad's computer".  it means "years i was paid by some
              stranger to do tech work and paid taxes on it"
              \_ Does it include co-op or intern time before graduation?
        \_ $74k software test engineer, 4 yr (I am satisfied cause I am
           a dumb, lazy slacker waiting for the next job change opportunity)
        \_ $75k, software test engineer, 4 yrs, midwest (I am satisfied
        \_ $74k, software test engineer, 4 yrs, midwest (I am satisfied
           cause I am a dumb, lazy slacker, totally uninterested in what
           I am doing and waiting for the next job change opportunity)
        \_ $65k IT 8 years...  but just because i was desparate and took their
           first offer.
        \_ $27k + tuition, grad stud, 5 years
        \_ 18k/yr + tuition  grad student
        \_ Embarassed to say... $77K, 7 yr exp. I know I'm getting jipped.
           \_ if you're doing more than perl and vb scripting, you should
              likely have crossed 6 figures.               -mice
           \_ how much do you think you should be getting paid?  How much
             do you think others with your experience are getting paid?
        \_ $85k software test engineer, 4+ years.
        \_ $100k, IT management, 5 years
        \_ $108k, 9 years device driver and other low-level software stuff.
           Is it too low, compared to the 5-yr IT guy making $100k above?
        \_ $75k, software test engineer, wireless systems, 4 yrs, midwest.
           I am satisfied cause I am a dumb, lazy, slacker, totally
           uninterested in what I am doing, and waiting for the next job
           change opportunity.  Group used to develop a load testing tool
           which was fun, but next generation of tool moved to India.
        \_ $75k, software engineer, 2 years. but i haven't had a raise in
           a year and a half (salary freeze)... bitches.
        \_ $15k, programmer, shanghai, china
        \_ Fucked in the ass daily, Perl coding, 5 years.
                \_ is this considered a company perk?
        \_ $120k. $5k bonus.  10+ years.  Unix Guru.
        \_ $93k, software engineer (mainly kernel networking), 5 years.
           $3k raise and $5.5k bonus last year.
        \_ $48k IT/router guy. 40hr/wk. work for san diego county. slack job,
           get 38 days off / year.
        \_ $75K, Back-end server software, 6 years
2002/9/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:25763 Activity:low
9/3     Where should i go to sell 24K gold jewlery?
        \_ plenty of fences down on san pablo...  bring a gun.
        \_ you could try the oakland bart.  guy tried to sell me a diamond
           ring there once.
            \_damn it, it's not stolen, it's a life-time of gifts that will
               NEVER be worn, but are high quality. -top
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