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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2002/9/1-2003/1/5 [Uncategorized] UID:25745 Activity:nil
**/**   Fall 2002 officers' meetings: Thursdays at 6:00 in 337 Soda.
2002/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25746 Activity:low
8/31    Cal 70, Baylor 22
        \_ Well, duh!  Of course Berkeley's academic rating is higher.
           \_ No way!  The only important thing is school spirit!
2002/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25747 Activity:high
8/31    ... yet another runaway 'sh' process, thanks to dim.
        \_ Killed, but I have no explanation. --dim
2002/9/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25748 Activity:high
9/1     How insecure is ssh1? Is it crackable by a script kiddie or someone
        with specialized hardware? I keep hearing it is "insecure", but not
        sure what exactly that means.
        \_ These are not the droids you're looking for.  Move along.
           \_ sometimes I wonder if people misquote important science
              fiction movies on the motd just to upset people like me.
              \_ Well?  Are you just going to sit there, or are you going
                 to set the record straight?  *sheesh*
              \_ 'important' and 'science fiction movies' don't belong in the
                 same sentence.  Anyway, the line is correct.
                 \_ no, it's not, moron.
                    \_ um... dumbass...  if it were stated as a direct
                       quote, you might have a case.  you might also have
                       a case if you didn't pick a URL that had the quote
                       grammatically correct.
                       \_ We have a winner!  It was not a direct quote.  Just
                          because it looks like a duck, doesn't mean it's a
                          duck.  Quack!  Either way, it's still not important.
                          \_ and you're still a wanker.  why did you skip
                             the line "you can go about your business?"
2002/9/1-3 [Politics] UID:25749 Activity:high
9/1     Does anyone know how I can obtain an archive of the CNN breaking
        news alerts that they sent out from September - December last
        year?  -asb
        \_ I'm sure CNN archives them and would probably sell them to you
           for $10.
           \_ Wow, I'm sure they didn't think of going to CNN.  Good call!
             \_ I emailed CNN (newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM) nearly 2 months ago
                   and got no response. -asb
                \_ "Mr Wow" is an idiot.  asb, CNN lives in the real world.
                   In TRW people like CNN use phones.  I know for a fact they
                   have a staff of people who do nothing but take requests for
                   transcripts of shows.  It is possible and likely they
                   archive their other stuff as well.  To get to it, pick up a
                   phone and talk to a human being.  Mr Wow, next time apply
                   brain before opening editor, you'll do better in life.
                     \_ Someone needs to relax here.  Let's go easy on Mr. Wow
                        \_ Morons on the motd are fine.  That's expected since
                           half are 2nd year and the other half are stoned and
                           burned out alums.  Morons who stomp around telling
                           other people (incorrectly) how stupid they are need
                           to be stomped out of existence.
2002/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25750 Activity:nil
8/31    should i switch my allegiance to overture?
        \_ maybe
2002/9/1-3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25751 Activity:high
9/1     What is a good free email account (other than csua) these days?
        Good means reliable, not too many ad/spam, some reasonable amount
        of disk space, etc.  Personal homepage not necessary.
        \_ yahoo is always decent.. and if you need a bigger spool
           $10/yr gets you a 25MB INBOX -shac
           \_ And if you spend a bit of time setting filters, you should be
              able to catch most of the spam that gets thru Yahoo's own
              spam filters. I'm down to about 5-10 spam a week, which I
              consider pretty darn good for a free email account.
           \_ Cool.  That's enough to warez.  What's the free mbox size?
        \_ if you are a berkeley alum, you might be able to sign up for
           an email saddress... check their website.
           ... I got mine... works great. its POP(/IMAP?) not any webmail
                \_ isn't that just an alias though?
2002/9/1-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25752 Activity:high
9/1     Just curious, but how is CSUA backed up? How often? And does it keep
                          \_ it doesn't get enough fiber?
        only the most current image? Or are there backup archives? I couldn't
        find this info on the website anywhere.
        \_ maybe because they don't do backups?
        \_ backed up?  are you joking?
        \_ every member is expected to copy and backup their files on
           their own.   You're not doing that?  You must not think your
           csua files are that important...
           \_ Oh yeah, we should all start keeping private copies of the
              motd "just in case".  Never know when there'll be a crash
              and you'll miss something criti{({_{NO CARRIER
              \_ Yip. Yip yip yip. Yap yap yip yip yap yap yip yip
                 yip yap. *BANG*  @!%#^%#*NO TERRIER
        \_ I was simply wondering because hasn't there been a few instances
           when the CSUA harddrives crashed? How were our accounts
                   \_ the two of you just had to bring that up, didnt you -Jon
                \_ yeah like 6 years ago!
                   \_ the two of you just had to bring that up, didnt you?
                      Just when I thought I had sucessfully blocked all
                      conscious memory of that shitty week.  fuck you! --Jon
        \_ 15 April 1997, Soda MkIV, the Last of the Sequents, had a drive
           failure.  that was the last major disk failure I can recall. -Jon
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