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2002/8/30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25737 Activity:high
8/29    What have been the major highlights (or lowlights) of Bush Jr's
        presidency thus far?
        \_Well, if you didn't have your head in the sand for the past
        12 months, you'd know that we were attacekd by terrorists and
        that we sent troops to Afghanistan.
2002/8/30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/Networking] UID:25738 Activity:high
8/28    Is 22 KB/sec an average rate for a download over cable or DSL?
        \_ Uh, well, depends where you're downloading from. If it's from a
           fast site, you should be able to get a lot better.
            \_ <DEAD><DEAD>.  Actually I think I am a moron:  Via Lynx,
               I'm downloading the slackware iso onto my laptop.  I cleared
               690MB for the 673MB file, but it's writing to a temp file
               that is currently 535MB. Once it's finished, will it be able
               to write the finished file while it erases the temp file?  I
               think I should have used wget.
2002/8/30 [Reference/BayArea] UID:25739 Activity:high
8/29    To save money, my company is moving from Santa Clara to Menlo Park.
        I can commute from Oakland or San Jose. What should I do? Quit?
        Wait for the layoffs? Stay in Oakland? Stay in San Jose? Move to
        San Francisco? How is the commute from each?
        \_ Oakland to Menlo Park?  hahahahah good luck.  SJ to MP is ok.
        \_ Fremont to MPK could be painful, just because of the bridge.
        However, it does have a bicycle path and you could Ride Bike
        to work.
           \_ 2 cyclists have been hit by cars there this past month.
              Palo Alto is not a safe place to ride through.
2002/8/30 [Uncategorized] UID:25740 Activity:nil
8/28    MTV-vma: now.
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