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2002/8/28 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25710 Activity:kinda low
8/27    When I cut & paste a bunch of text to an xterm that's ssh'd to csua,
        a lot of text disappears, but when I telnet to csua, it works just
        fine. Why is this?
        \_ What are you pasting it to?  raw terminal?  vi?  with raw terminal,
           I've seen this action, and i suspect it has to do with some tty
           buffer problem.  if i paste the same thing into vi or something
           that handles tty input more carefully, it'll work.
2002/8/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25711 Activity:nil
8/27    Can NFS work through a NAT router/Firewall? I'm attempting to install
        Slackware on my Toshiba Laptop, I can ping and telnet soda, but the
        NFS part of the install times out, saying "Mounting NFS" ...
        \_ "Yes, but...".  Depends on your device.  You might need a static
           route or to port map or something.
        \_ Did you make a hole for NFS?
            \_ No, what ports are involved? Where to go for more info?
               \_ Uh... obgoogle.
2002/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:25712 Activity:nil 66%like:25721
8/27    4600: still 233.  9700: rises to 388.33....
        \_ Wow. We have our own proxy here on the MOTD.
           \_ Just grinding it in for the mindless 9700 fanatic.
        \_ Quotes from Hong Kong Stock Exchange?
           \_ video card pricing.  Reality vs. marketing-hype-boy-fanatic.
        \_ This is something I don't understand. Why do you care when you know
           that the price will go down by 50% by next year? What is the point?
           Getting the cheapest model right now is like sleeping in front
           of the theatre for 5 days just so that you can catch Lucas' latest
           crap-- what do you expect to lose if you wait a day or two?
           \_ background: I originally mentioned it a few days ago when a few
              people were asking about video cards.  9700pro-fanatic-fanboy
              came online to claim the 4600 is crap compared to his not-yet-
              shipped 9700pro.  I'm just rubbing it in until the damned thing
              finally does ship and we get real price comparisons.  Then I'll
              rub it in some more.  For the record: I don't plan on owning
              either card and agree with you that fanboyism is stupid.
              \_ Oh, now you sound rational.
2002/8/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25713 Activity:kinda low
8/27    When I'm highlighting text in an xterm using the mouse and it goes
        over more than a page, the scrollbar doesn't move down.  This worked
        before I'm wondering if this is a window manager problem or an
        xterm config thing.  any ideas?
        \_ It ought to be an xterm config thing, as the window manager
           probably isn't controlling the scrolling.  Though I don't think
           I've ever had xterm scroll for me if I selected off the page.
        \_ maybe before you were using a different terminal emulator
           without realizing? (eg, eterm or rxvt)
2002/8/28-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25714 Activity:moderate
8/28    Is anyone using mozilla with outlook as your mail/address program?
        When I install browser-only I don't have any email options, when I
        install the full thing, it will only use mozilla mail which is
        useless in my office environment.  I had this very "Microsoftish"
        feeling about the way they ignored my default mail client settings.
        This is windows 2000, office 2000, mozilla 1.1.  Thanks!
        \_ Did you try checking your Internet options (applications)?
           \_ Yes.  Mozilla just ignores my windows settings.  Fuck mozilla
              and their fascist control freak tactics stolen right out of
              the MS playbook.
                \_ geeze, how often do you click on a mailto link anyway?
                   Take a deep breath.  And do a fucking Google search,
                   since this is answered in the Mozilla FAQ.
                   \_ I did a google search and found an _experimental_ set of
                      options to change from someone who was iffy on if they
                      even worked.  I can't afford to fuck up my work mail on
                      a "geeze maybe".  As far as how often I need this, the
                      answer is obviously, "more often than you".  Back to IE6.
                      At least MS lets me change options without searching
                      google for half assed unsupported answers and they just
2002/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:25715 Activity:high
8/28    What is the difference between a coup and a putsch?
        \_ Depends on whether you want a french style "off with their heads"
           regime change, or a russian style "shoot them all and dump their
           bodies in the snow" regime change.  American style would be to
           almost do it, then not, then come back 10 years later.
           \_ What do you mean by "almost" in American style?  We did overthrow
              British control.
              \_ I do believe he is refering to the current Iraq situation.
2002/8/28-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:25716 Activity:nil
8/27    i haven't used ant before, and i'm trying to compile some tomcat
        stuff on RH Linux. I want to add a compile option (-DEAPI), where
        do I put the option in the build file?
        \_ Do you want to add a -DEAPI command line arg to javac?  (huh?)
           Which version of tomcat?
2002/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:25717 Activity:nil
8/27    jor, please kill your 'sh' process
        \_ only after my fluid dynamics simulation is completed.
2002/8/28 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25718 Activity:very high
8/28    Who are you?
        P=PhD, p=PhD in progress, M=MS, m=MS in progress, B=BS, b=BS in
        progress, N=Never graduated, .=unknown
        1. Bored alum @ work? .BBMBNB
        2. PhD student? ..
        3. Already have a PhD?
        4. Cal Undergrad?
        \_ Is that you Partha? Mr. "N"?
        \_ did tom ever graduate?
2002/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:25719 Activity:very high
8/28    Poll, olympics in the BA:
        yay: ..
        nay: ...
        cock: .
        \_ I don't think 'cock' is an official olympic event yet but by 2012,
           who knows?
2002/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25720 Activity:very high
8/28    Anyone know her?
        \_ friend of a friend fucked her, said she was nothing special.  why?
                \_ god, why? she looks awful. --aaron
                   \_ She looks better in the video clip, which is still not
                      good though.
                      \_ Augh, my eyes!
                \_ just wanted to see who's the first to get voted off.
                   \_ see what I mean about bored cal alum?
        \_ Hmm, from her video clip she seems pretty annoying
2002/8/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25721 Activity:high 66%like:25712
8/28    4600: 233.  9700: 408.46
        \_ My guess is that you're the only one in the world who actually
           cares about this.
           \_ Well, no, I really don't care either.  Find me a better job and
              I'll stop.  You haven't figured out yet that the csua is the
              home of the bored alumni?  This is what happens to cal alum who
              don't get a phd.  You get a very high paying but boring job and
              then waste your 9-5 hours on soda.  Consider the post above where
              some other slacker is off reading the survivor website bios and
              bothered to read to the bottom of this ugly chick's to find out
              she was at Cal and *then* went so far as to login to soda and
              ask the rest of us if we knew her, as if it mattered.
              \_The survivor post was actually more interesting than yours.
                \_ thanks for the input.  mine wasn't supposed to be
                   interesting if you'd actually read half of what i said you'd
                   know that.  you're a doll, keep at it!
              \_ hey-- don't leave me out of the loop. I'm a bored 9-5 alum
                 logging into soda... but don't understand the op. what is it?
                 \_ nvidia 4600 vs ati 9700pro pricing and shipping eta.
2002/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:25722 Activity:nil
8/28    restored.
2002/8/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25723 Activity:high
8/28    Why must we fight the Iraqi's head on? Why can't we use other means
        like assassination?
        \_ I've always wondered if the gwbush administration has
           a bunch of crack smoking linguists on their staff, what the heck
           is a regime change?  has their ever been a "regime change"
           in history before?  are they still saying "homicide bombers"? - danh
           \_ That's 'cunning linguists' to you, bud.  -John
        \_ Cause we are not very good at assassination, but we are really
           good at bombing the shit out of bad mamas.
           \_ And we're bad at combining the two. Reagan and Libya (Khadafi),
              GB1 and Iraq (Hussain), and Clinton and Afghanistan (Bin Laden).
              The problem is lack of decent ground-based intelligence. Can't
              hit them if you can't find them.
                \_ Libya was fine.  They were pretty much in their place after
                   that.  We never intended to kill Momar, just scare the shit
                   out of him which I think the bomb in his backyard tennis
                   court accomplished that just fine.  GB1 fucked up by not
                   finishing the job the first time but that's not at all the
                   same as pulling a Castro a la Kennedy.  Both Clinton and
                   GB2 screwed up the Bin Laden/Afghanistan thing, true, but
                   both were afraid of the anti-war body-bag counting left in
                   the media who love to see dead American soldiers on film.
                   \_ Wrong. Reagan aimed for the palace and Khadafi wasn't
                      in it at the time. Killing wives and kids doesn't count.
                      \_ Ah, but you'd lose huge amounts of pork for the
                         defense contractors who've been hit hard by the end of
                         the cold war.
                      Libya funded activities after that (see Lockerbie
                      bombing) Hussain was a "high-level target of opportunity"
                      during the Gulf War. They could never track him down.
                      \_ Nonsense.  Find any semi-respectable reference that
                         says my buddy Momar was a direct target.  They knew
                         where Saddam was because Wolf Blitzer was reporting
                         his movements from his hotel room.  GW1 had
                         specifically stated we are not targetting him
                         personally.  Thanks.
                \_ are you implying that the multi-million pound allocation
                   to the British intel is better than the multi-billion
                   dollar allocation to the CIA?
                   \_ Hell yeah.  They have James Bond!
                   \_ Yep. The USA relies too much on technology and
                      bureaucracy, not enough on human intel. August's
                      wargames proved that an unsophisticated approach to
                      communication and basic slight of hand can devastate
                      the tech-laden, middle-management bloated American
                      military machine. The whole missle shield crap? Spend
                      a couple of billion bribing the tech folks on the other
                      side to sabotage their country's efforts or buying all
                      of the "loose" nuclear material. Cheaper and easier.
                      \_ Ah, but you'd lose huge amounts of pork for
                         defense contractors who've been hit hard by the end
                         the cold war. All those Sun buildings on the bayshore
                         frontage road in Palo Alto near Charleston used to be
                         Lockheed and Loral.
                      \_ You make it sound so simple.  Just bribe everyone on
                         the other side.  My God!  Why didn't anyone else ever
                         think of that?  Oh wait, they did.  Those people are
                         all dead or in Siberia now and hey guess what?  Not
                         everyone is bribable.  Glad you're here to generate
                         these great national security plans.  Why are you
                         being wasted here on the motd when you could be in
                         some bunker on the east coast coming up with this
                         great stuff?
                         \_ Everyone is bribable. It's just a matter of what
                            you bribe them with. It's the CIA, NSA, and the
                            folks in charge who don't trust bribery. And you
                            don't bribe everyone, you bribe the right people.
2002/8/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:25724 Activity:high
8/28    which class @Cal teaches BCH, linear, Hamming, Reed Solomon, cyclic,
        and others? Thanks.
        \_ ee12x?
        \_ ee229 is the only one that comes to mind, although i'm pretty sure
           it isn't guaranteed to cover coding stuff in-depth. there's a
           special topics ee290 taught occasionally on coding theory. but
           only occasionally.
                \_ CMU and MIT have these classes frequently, why not Cal?
                   \_ Pretty simple -- coding theory is more in fashion on
                      the east coast. We just never picked up faculty with
                      pointed interests in coding theory and not much else.
                      There are areas which are more in fashion on this
                      coast, and you'll see the inverse effect. E.g. I hear
                      MIT has no established CS group working on quantum stuff.
                   \_ Why do you think?
                   \_ real schools vs cal?  hahahahahhahaaa
                      \_ Ingrate. You had a chance to get a world-class
                         education at Cal. If you missed it, that's your fault.
                         The fact that your buddies from high school also
                         got into Cal ugrad and had the same chance (and
                         probably also missed it) doesn't detract from Cal's
                         \_ Uh oh here come the Cal Fascista Bears!  I got a
                            world class education but I'm not stupid enough to
                            believe that someone somewhere else didn't get an
                            even better one.  I'm glad you love your school and
                            have 'school loyalty' and all that crap but out in
                            the real world MIT >> Cal and for good reasons.
2002/8/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25725 Activity:nil
8/28    Do you logon to csua fearful your boss might see you logging on?
        \_ Not really.  I put her over a server and fuck her ass anytime
           she gets too feisty.
        \_ what is there to fear exactly?
           \_ "You are wasting your time.  One more time, and you are out
              of here"
              \_ Keep wall running.  Tell them it's a knowledge resource
                 (which, really, it is).
              \_ Managers who pull this sort of shit aren't worth their
                 salt.  Get a new job.
              \_ You're not using the right server hardware....
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