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2002/8/17 [Uncategorized] UID:25592 Activity:nil
8/16    Can clean wooden chopsticks be recycled with yard wastes?  I have too
        many of them and I don't really have any use of them.  Thx.
        \_ give 'em to me!  I'll use them!  -aspo
           \_ Sorry, I don't live near Berkeley.
           \_ As long as you promise not to tell us what you're using
              them for... -geordan
              \_ I remember there was an episode in the "Brother" that involved
                 a very painful use of chopsticks..
              \_ We OP did say they're "clean".  I wonder if that means they're
                 surgically sterile?
                 \_Anything can be made surgically sterile. All you have to do
                 is autocleave it.
                 \_ By "clean" I mean new, unused.  -- OP
2002/8/17 [Finance/Investment] UID:25593 Activity:high
8/16    My previous company's stock just got delisted from Nasdaq and
        I still have tons of shares.   It's now trading on OTCBB.  Just
        when can I claim worthless stock on my tax return...
        \_ If they're still trading, they're not worthless. But you treat the
           capital loss the same whether you claim them as worthless or sell
           on the BB at a huge loss. Sell them if you're fed up, and learn
           about capital loss carryovers. I got six figures worth.
           \_ holy cow... guess i'm not the only one on soda who's lost
              that much...
2002/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:25594 Activity:very high
8/17    looking to form a suicide pack.  bridge prefered.
        \_ pact, twink.
           \_ and you wonder why OP wants to suicide?
              \_ that's not a verb, twink.
                 \_ Unfortunately, it is if enough people use it that way.
                    \_ it's a word of standard english when a significant
                       fraction of the population uses it. thus far, "to
                       suicide" is not nearly that widespread, as best i can
                    \_ so it looks like they've decided to action on
                       suiciding by orientating towards marketspeak?
                 \_ uh oh, someone needs to go get their strunk & white out
                    and do a refresher on the "be" verbs section.  for shame!
                    imagine that.  coming onto the motd and incorrectly
                    correcting someone's grammar.  shocking!  i'm shocked!
                    btw, if I were an idiot this is the point where I'd call
                    you some inane and childish thing like "twink".  sheesh.
                    \_ "to suicide" is a "be" verb? enlighten me, monsignor
                        \_ Strunk & White.  Thanks.  If you don't own one then
                           you're not in much of a position to comment, eh?
              \_ I only wonder why he hasn't done it already.
                 \_ probably tried and failed
        \_ I'm in, provided you go first.
        \_ it's spelled preferred, you twink.
        \_ that bridge in Pasadena just south of I-210 is just made for
           people to jump/drive off of, too bad I'm nowhere near it anymore
2002/8/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25595 Activity:nil
8/17    <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ somebody needs to get laid
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