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2002/8/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:25548 Activity:nil
8/12    I am looking for Perl coding standard.  Does such a thing
        \_ yes.  Grab a  2400 Baud modem.  Run telix or minicom.
           connect to another modem.  Now rip the phoneline out
           you see thost characters on the screen?  That's the universal
           perl coding standard.
        \_ standards?  If you want standards use python.
        \_ man perlstyle
2002/8/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25549 Activity:high
8/13    After changing /etc/dfs/dfstab and restarting nfsd my other machine
        still can't see /net/mymachine/mydir. I've checked the /etc/auto_mount
        on the client side and it looks ok. What's going on?
        \_ you don't need to restart nfsd to activete those NFS shares.
           just run shareall && share
        \_ What does the share command say?  Is it really being exported?
           \_ -               /private   rw=group1:group2:   ""
              \_ Is the nfs client working on your local machine? Did you
                 check /etc/hosts for the correct remote machine IP/name?
                 \_ yes client working. I just checked that they are on
                    different YP domains (e.g. ypcat netgroups return very
                    different entries). I've tried adding the groups in
                    /etc/hosts.equiv but it still doesn't work.
        \_ Can you manually mount the server from the client?  You need to
           do some work to isolate the problem to nfs, perms, YP, or whatever.
        \_ I hear jon will fix your problem if you submit a work request
           to CUSG, but if you don't have a contract, it will cost you
           82.50 an hour.
                \_ no thank you
           \_ can't mikeh do it for cheaper?
              \_ I'll do it for $60/hr without the paperwork.  Gotta pay cash
                 under the table though.  Fuck the IRS.
2002/8/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:25550 Activity:kinda low
8/13    Is there a correlation between the economy and the amount of junk
        mail I get? It seems like I've been getting more lately.
        \_ More laid-off people resort to pyramid marketing schemes?
        \_ I think junk mail has a tendency to increase exponentially.
2002/8/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Recreation/Media] UID:25551 Activity:nil
8/13    Anybody watch "meet my folks"?  Have you noticed that the short
        jewish guy is always the first one to go?
        \_ you mean, in that one episode, and that one episode only,
           he happened to be the first to go? if so, then no I didn't.
        \_ i assume you mean short jewish guys are the first to go in other
           reality tv shows. care to name a few?
        \_ Have you seen Robert Redford's "Quiz Show"?  Jews are always
           kicked off after winning a few rounds.
           \_ Since we label everything as racism, can I also say that
              Asians rarely even get to be on the shows?
              \_ Yeah but contestants need to pass a pre-show test and be
                 interesting for TV.
                 \_ Yeah I know, but I might as well call it racism, since
                    everytime we minotiries fail to do something we scream
                    discrimination and the white folks can't say we're abusing
                    our status in order to be PC.
                    \_ You're abusing your status.  -cracker boy
        \_ After the holocaust and the terrorist bombings, you'd
        think some people would take a hint.
2002/8/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:25552 Activity:high
8/13    The song Copacabana is sung my Barry Manilow.  Is there some who
        sang a more lively version of that song, or is Barry the only one
        to record it?
        \_ At the Copa!  Copa Cabaaaaaaaaana!  Where music and google were
           always in fashion....
        \_ Yeah Weird Al in the Star Wars Cantina
        \_ Lively? In what way lively?
            \_ like something more danceable to
        \_ Anyone remember the version that Lawsuit used to perform?
                \_ goddamn you're old!
                   \_ Nah, it's not that bad.  They're from my hometown, I
                      used to listen to them in highschool.  -peterl
        \_ fuck that, I want the yamato starblazer theme song!
        \_ isn't Barry gay?
           \_ isn't Barry dead?
2002/8/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:25553 Activity:kinda low
8/12    Someone mentioned domo-kun in an earlier post--would any CSUA'ers
        in Japan be willing to pick up a domo-kun doll for me and ship it
        to me?  I'd like to give it to someone as a birthday present.
        Neotoys, wizziwig & friends all don't have what I'm looking for,
        and the NHK store doesn't ship outside Japan.  -John
        \_ ask keithyw
        \_ I have seen these sold at Urban Outfitters of all places
        \_ What's domo-kun?  Is it a big hit like the Tamagotchi before?
           \_ NHK mascot type thingy.  Speaking of domo-kun:
        \_ If you're in or around the east bay, there is a Ranch 99 with
           an associated asian mall near the Richmond Costco.  One of the
           stores in the mall is a gift shop/greeting card type place that
           carries many of the cute Japanese fad characters.  Might be
           worth a look.  It's where I got the Kogepan that hangs off of
           the rearview mirror in my car.
                \_ I'm in Switzerland, which is sort of the crux of the
                   problem.  NHK's site ( has exactly
                   what I am looking for (a ca. 20 cm plush toy) but as
                   I mentioned above, they don't ship out of Japan.  -John
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