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2002/8/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:25543 Activity:insanely high
8/10    Are there any cheap (99cents) place to rent videos in Berkeley ?
        I dont want to pay $3/tape.
        \_ divx.
        \_ Ah, the good old college days when even $3 was still considered
           \_ Not when I was in college.  I had a job.  I paid my rent, my
              tuition, books, food, clothing, saw every movie on opening night
              and still had extra every month.  OP should get a job.
              \_ I am the original poster.  I make 6-figures.  I don't want
                 to over pay for rentals, that's all.
           \_ Have I mentioned how awful blockbuster is?  It's run by
              wart-covered whores.
        \_ Movie Image on Shattuck.  Great selection,  forget what the price
           is though.  I think Tower on Durant is also pretty cheap.
              \_ Just wear gloves.  You can use the same gloves you use when
                 you pay them for sex.
              \_ Isn't Blockbuster run by the religious right?  They don't
                 allow whores to work for them.
           \_ Thank You for your suggestion.  However I was not looking
              for obscure stuff, just cheap easy to find movies.  For harder
              to find movies, I go to REEL.
              \_ Get out of Berkeley. Go to El Cerrito or some Ma-n-Pa place
                 \_ That's what I'm looking for!  Any recommendations?
        \_ I have a good selection of movies you can rent, what you want?
2002/8/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:25544 Activity:insanely high
8/12    I have a kitty now! I'm excited, forgive me for sharing. Pictures
        linked at  - chialea
        \_ what is chialeo's email address?
        \_ in england they would call it a pussy.
        \_ I guess there aren't any cute guy at CMU so you got a kitty?
        \_ chialea has a black dick???
           \_ If a big black cock is good enough for lila, it's good enough
              for you.
           \_ She's not at CMU yet.
        \_ can I eat the kitten in conjuction with the microwavable korean
        \_ Ugh.
           \_ I bet you eat kittens.
              \_ of course i don't.  the meat is far too stringy
        \_ I think there's a typo: "I am be the proud...".
           \_ Fixed. it used to be "I am to be the..." and I was in a hurry
              to thuow the pictures up. thanks. -chialea
        \_ He looks yummy.  I'll bet he'd go over equally well as a simple
           BBQ side or as the first dish for a higher end occasion.  Since
           this one is already gone can you tell us where we might get another?
           \_ sure, there's another one in boston, if you email me, I'll
              put you in touch. but it's probably not worth it, considering
              the natural abundance of stay cats in CA. -chialea
              \_ They neuter too many of the strays here.  then you don't
                 get the tender testicle meat, and where's the fun in that?
                 \_ More testicles means more iron.
                 \_ I think the trick here would be a) not confusing testicle
                    bits with muscle bits and b) a REALLY good relation with a
                    vet. -chialea
                    \_ I have a vet friend.  How do you suggest I approach her
                       about this?  Anything I should make sure to say or not
                       say?  I don't want to make a kitty food faux pass.
                       \_ Is she hot?
                          \_ The vet or the cat?
        \_ Oh no. I think I just killed it.
           \_ What are those two ginger-bread-looking things?  And what does
              the picture have to do with masturbation?
              \_ why ask stupid questions?
              \_ domokun.
                 \_ Hey, know where to get the overdubbed domokun video?
                        \_ google for <DEAD><DEAD> and domokun
           \_ oh my god, that is *so* fucking funny!  thank you.
2002/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25545 Activity:high
8/12    When I use emacs20 to send mail (compose-mail, then
        mail-send-and-exit), is there a way to automatically append ""
        to all the addresses in the To: field?  Thanks.
           \- query-replace-regexp ... i suppose if yiu want to turn it into
              a function, ie it isnt a one shot thing, you can wrap to make
              it undo-able and use a narrowing function. it really dpedns
              how general you want to make this.
        \_ Isn't there an O'Reilly EmacsOS book out?  Do you use the floppy
           emacs boot or did you install emacs right into the boot sector?
           \_ Well, I just find it convenient to copy and paste source code
              verbatim and without using the mouse into my mail buffer.  When
              I'm not sending source code, I use M$ Outlook 2000.
              I'm not sending mail about source code, I use M$ Outlook 2000.
              At least I'm not using the STANDARD editor.  BTW, even if you
              boot emacs from floppy you still need to install emacs into the
              floppy boot sector, right?
2002/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25546 Activity:high
8/12    I have been installing some software, and then all of a sudden
        I cannot "man" anymore.  I would get
/usr/bin/man: Formatting manual page...
grotty:<standard input>:2324:fatal error: output error
        even though (as far as I can tell) the areas affected by the
        installation has not been added to my standard path variables
        (I am using customary paths).  Please help.  Ok tnx.
           \_ is something compressed that should be or vice-versa?
           \_ did you run catman after installing?
           \_ Check man directory and file permissions. Some installs
              mess these up.
2002/8/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:25547 Activity:nil
8/12    "Mugabe Takes Hard Line on Defiant White Farmers"
        Does Casa Zimbabwe have a communist govt.?
        This sounds like what happened in China in the 50s.
        \_ Readd a little more on mugabe before asking questions like this.
        \_ No, but CZ and Cloyne are strict Pharmatocracies.  If you have the
           supply, you have the power.
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