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2002/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25517 Activity:nil
8/8     Does anyone know of a decent PDF to text converter?  I'm looking
        for one that will take tables in a PDF document, and output them
        as tab-separated data.
        \_ I've been looking for sortof the same but was told that the idea
           of PDF is so that you can't convert it to the exact format. Granted
           you may cut and paste straight text but tables are just impossible.
           Unless someone know of a util., I'd like to know as well.
           \_ How does google do it ("view as HTML")?  They don't get
              the exact same format most of the time, but it's pretty
              close.  -John
2002/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:25518 Activity:nil
8/8     Anyone know of a tutorial/example of how to render angled text
        in Java? Doesn't matter which version of Java. I need arbitrary
        angles for a map.
2002/8/8 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:25519 Activity:kinda low
8/7     My terminal setting is consistantly jacked up, despite my attempt
        to set terminal to vt100. programm such as less or motdbrowser
        motdedit won't work properly.  The strange thing is, once I run
        PINE, then the terminal setting for some reason will fix itself,
        everything that doesn't work before would then work.
        What is so special about PINE the mail program?  How to fix the
        terminal without running Pine?
        \_ What exactly are your "efforts to set terminal to vt100"?
           \_ ok, i admit, I don't know.  set/unset the TERM environment
              variable,  and execute mysterioius "tset" and hope for the
              \_ try "set term=vt100"
              \_ tset is more likely to screw things up than help
        \_ eval `resize`
2002/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25520 Activity:very high
8/8     How is decimal 0.10000000000 represented in standard IEEE notation?
        Isn't it impossible using base 2?
        \_ Patterson and Hennesey shall reveal all -chialea
                \_ you're still here?
                   \_ Your stalking fu is weak
2002/8/8-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25521 Activity:low
8/8     /csua/pub/jobs/ZoneLabs
        Need senior windows C++ gui programmer immediately.
        Also java developers and those with firewall development
        experience. -sky
        \_ you know a Chris Manian there?
           \_ yep. -sky
        \_ Hey I'm alerady using zone alarm 2.4 and happy with it.  Is there a
           real reason to use 3.x other than newer/cooler?  There any security
           issues in the older 2.4 code?  Thanks.
           \_ I'd upgrade to 2.6 if I were you.  There was a big UI
              change in 3.0 that a lot of people weren't happy about.
              3.0 does add privacy protection (ad blocking, cookie control,
              etc..) and protection against the insertion of malicious
              DLL's into trusted app.  Privacy is pretty flakey though...
              If you were gonna upgrade to 3.x I'd upgrade to ZA Plus,
              which doesn't include the privacy features. -sky
              \_ thanks!
2002/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:25522 Activity:high
8/8     Why do people declare functions as "static" all the time in C?
        \_ one of the reasons is that static makes the function local
           to the file.
           to the file.  Similar to a private method in C++ or java.
           \_ So that's just a linker issue? Preventing namespace collision?
              \_ that's one of the reasons.  There are probably more, but
                 that's why I like to use static in C.
        \_ Another is because some lame compilers barf if you declare a
           function that doesn't have a prototype unless it is static.
2002/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:25523 Activity:high
8/8     Are there any simple, more secure alternatives to BIND?
        \_ The only one I have heard of is djbdns.
        \_ Take a look at and tell me how it goes.  - bronson
        \_ What's wrong with recent versions of bind?  You can play with
           djbdns if your concern is RFC 'correctness' and not serving names
2002/8/8 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25524 Activity:high
8/8     If I use <DEAD><DEAD> in a root .rhosts file, can someone who controls
        DNS server in his own domain set up one of his addresses to reverse
        to <DEAD><DEAD> and get into my machine?
        \_ If you're using rsh?  Probably.  ssh, if you have it configured
           to, will check to see if the remote machine's host key is
           \_ Yes I know this wont work for ssh.  I think with rsh the only
              trick is to get him to look at your DNS server.  If you can do
              that, I think it will work.
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