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2002/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:25508 Activity:very high
8/5     UN part of sex slave trade.  Knew it before.  Here's more on it:,,3-376444,00.html
        \_ Give them more money! Go Koffi!
        \_ I don't get why Conspiracy Theorists, Rightwing Republicans, and etc.
           want the U.S. out of the UN? I consider the UN nothing more than a
           rubber-stamp of the U.S. international policy. If anything leaving the
           UN reminds a little too much about pre-WWII.
                \_ I encourage you to investigate more thoroughly, ie.
                   beyond CNN and NY Times.  The UN was founded
                   by Soviet agents and Marxists, and that
                   legacy remains today.  There have been numerous
                   violations of US sovereignety.  If you applaud
                   this, that's another matter.  Reagan wanted us out,
                   so did Nixon.  They have the ICC, now they want
                   a standing army, an outlaw of all firearms, and global
                   That it 'reminds you of pre-WWII' further reveals
                   your historical ignorance.
                   \_Whoaw, you need to get off of the drugs there.
                   So who REALLY killed JFK?
                        \_ LOL go read a history book and published
                           U.N. documents - or can you read?  Facts
                           were stated contrary to the assertation,
                           and all you're capable of is trite
                           invective that would be expected from a
                           12 year old - right...
        \_ Restored.  All function pointers and no reality makes Jack a Geek
           Boy.  You're at Berkeley.  Get well rounded and aware.  It's your
           last chance.  This is easily the most important URL the motd has
           seen in a long time.
        \_ This is exactly why we cannot condone the international criminal
           court.  Think of all the charges against US servicemen for using
           sex slaves and abusing little girls and boys worldwide.
           court.  Think of all the charges against US servicemen in peace-
           keeping and liberation operations for using sex slaves and abusing
           little girls and boys worldwide.
2002/8/7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:25509 Activity:low
8/5     What's a function pointer and when is it useful?
        \_ pointer to a function, useful for emulating C++-like functionality
           (inheritance,  vtables) and pretty efficient
           \_ not to mention things like signal handling ..
        \_ And the mess my 60c partner made of what was supposed to be a simple
           switch/case statement that he turned into an array of pointers to
           functions called based on some weird shit pulled from his addled
           little brain.  No it was not useful.  I killed him and fed him to
           the pigs.
        \_ have you taken 61a?  did you miss the part about higher-order
           functions?  ever use qsort or bsearch from stdlib.h?
        \_ For those of you who grew up learning OO oriented languages you
           can think of it as a primitive form of an interface. In general
           type of programming you should generally avoid it. If anyone
           remembers Xt programming you know why.
        \_ In languages like lisp, tcl, python, etc., you can pass a
           function as an argument.  For example, you can pass a comparison
           function to a sort routine as noted above.  In C you can't
           pass the function, but a pointer to the function which serves
           the same purpose.  As described above, you can use this to
           implement things that seem more like classes in C.  Take a look
           to see an example.  -emin
2002/8/7 [Uncategorized] UID:25510 Activity:moderate
8/6     If archaeologists dig up archived copies of the motd 100 years
        from now, what would they think? I am going to Pebble Beach now.
        \_ It's no different than most anything else on the net where folks
           are given free reign to express themselves and censor others they
           disagree with.
           \_ "free rein," even. sheesh. hypercorrection.
              \_ hypercorrection?  whatever. gosh, you're smart!  should I
                 start "hypercorrecting" your lack of caps and other errors?
2002/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25511 Activity:nil
8/7     emacs always insert my open curly on a new line with an indented
        space from the previous line in the default Java mode.  How do I
        tell emacs to insert curlies that line up with my previous line?
        - weak emacs fu
2002/8/7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:25512 Activity:nil
8/7     Poll:
        Independent Taiwan: .
        One China, one nation:
        How about One China Under Taiwan:  .
        Asian chicks are hot: ..
2002/8/7-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:25513 Activity:high
8/7     I'm thinking of ripping my music collection.
        Should I do 128 mp3?  Or WMA?
        \_ .rm!!
           \_ ??
        \_ r3mix.  I'm kind of mad I sold all my cds back and ripping them only
           to 128kb/s. r3mix will leave you with an audiophile optimized var
           bit enc that winamp can stream over ssl.
        \_ he means, which recommends Exact Audio Copy using LAME at
           \- Why not use OggVorbis?  <DEAD><DEAD>
             Before you flame ogg, please first state if you have ever tried
             the 1.0 release.  -alexb
             \_ the name is too damn dumb. like most "open" projects...
             \_ Yes.  O.V. is superior at low (>=128) bit rates, but grossly
                inferior if you care about quality.  r3mix is THE STANDARD.
                \_ I've read this comment before but it does not match my
                   personal experience.  When I tested I could hear the
                   difference between 128 and 160bps mp3, but 192bps mp3
                   sounded the same as CD audio.  128pbs ogg and CD was hard
                   to distinguish, and at 160pbs ogg sounded like CD.
                   Perhaps my biases clouded my observations.  Can you give
                   me a reference to a double blind test or similar?
                   - alexb
                   \_ does looking into a mirror and saying "I'm right" count?
           \_ Actually what he was referring to was the fact that lame now has
              the settings easily accessible with a single flag:
              lame --r3mix
        \_ despite what all the people above say, --alt-preset standard is
           recommended over --r3mix, even by the LAME authors. --jameslin
        \_ fuck this shit.  use libphilcompress.
2002/8/7 [Reference/Law, Recreation/House] UID:25514 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
8/6     Is there any way to prevent junk mass mailings from coming to your
        residence? Like every day I get these Pennysaver, Mercury news values,
        \_ Look for the inclusion slip, which usually has a "Have you seen me?"
           missing kid photo. This will tell you which company is responsible.
           It's usually somebody like "Advo". Find the company's info and have
           them remove you from their list. I have done this at my last three
           residences. Mail delivery staff don't alway pay attention to who they
           should deliver to but doing this cut down this mail for me by about
           80%. See for more details.
        \_ maybe put a recycle box near your mailbox or where you sort
           your mail.
        \_ check out the Direct Marketing Association. I've been meaning to do
           this. for a long time. Mail Preference Service (MPS) is supposed to
           be effective.
           \_ I did this and it helps with things like unsolicited catalogues,
              but the other stuff is delivered to every house via the postman
              and there is no way to stop it.
           \_ The DMA MPS works very well for me.  I also called the National
              Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies to tell them not to sell my
              credit info, ie. to "Opt-out".  This stops all my credit card
              offer mail.  Their phone number is (800)353-0809 (but you should
              verify it first.)  I also call the catalog companies to remove
              my address under my name or the previous tenants' names from
              their lists.  There are also other tips including how to stop
              coupons and "have you seen me" cards at
      -- yuen
2002/8/7 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25515 Activity:nil
8/6     w2k sp3 available.  Lots of USB, pcmcia fixes.
                \_ Is she hot?
2002/8/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25516 Activity:nil
8/6     I've been married for 3 years and I've stopped having sex. What
        to do?
        \_ I've been having sex with your wife for 3 wonderful years!  YAY!
        \_ Post to the motd about it, apparently.
        \_ Has your spouse stopped having sex too?
        \_ Tell her to get a boob job / tell him to take Viagra.
        \_ Yeah, always getting sloppy seconds can be a bummer.
        \_ Try some variety, try some romance, try porn, sheesh.
        \_have you tried "talking" to you partner about it?
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