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2002/8/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:25504 Activity:kinda low
8/5     How would one be able to tell if DSL traffic from a home router
        is coming from just one machine or multiple machines?  Is PacBell
        sophisticated enough to detect and charge the "home networking
        fee," or are they just being evil to people who don't know better?
        And in a related question, how can they detect if multiple
        apartments are illegally bandwidth-sharing with a wavelan?
        \_ hop count
           \_ that doesn't tell if there is more than one machine back there
           \_ you could get NAT to zero this, yeah it would break traceroute
        \_ Use NAT (Linksys Cable/DSL Router)
        \_ Also I don't recall but does your MAC address go out too or does
           NAT smush over it before sending packets on?
           \_ NAT sends with whatever MAC address you give it as its external
2002/8/6-7 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25505 Activity:kinda low
8/5     screen -x is so cool! Are there more programs that behave like this?
        \_ vnc (vncserver, vncviewer)
        \_ actually "screen" in general is just cool.
        \_ it's possible to share frames in emacs, so that two (or more)
           people can be working on a file at once. sometimes lags a lot
2002/8/6 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25506 Activity:high
8/5     "Winning an argument on the internet is like winning a gold medal
        at the Special Olympics -- even though you're the champ, you're
        still a retard."  Talk amongst yourselves.
              because you're too superior? _/
        \_ Troll, then what are you doing on the motd?  Oh yes, trolling. bye.
        \_ That you (the op) are retard has already been established,
           no need to argue about it.
        \_ I thought it was well-put.
           \_ You sound like someone who loses arguments all the time.  There's
              nothing special about the internet.  If you can't win on the net,
              you can't win in the real world either.  You're intellectually
              weak and should stick to your current career path where the big
              debate is whether or not premium makes a non-premium car run
              better or not.
              \_ Arguing between two intellectuals is one thing. But you're
                 never gonna win an argument against a person whose sole
                 argument is something like "L1Nux blows! W1nd0ze rewls!" It
                 doesn't matter how many facts and common sense points you
                 bring. You're fighting maturity, which is a no-win
                 situation. Arguing face-to-face, you at least know who
                 you're dealing with, a 45 year-old CEO or a 12 year-old punk.
2002/8/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25507 Activity:nil
8/5     Academic Bias?
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