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2002/8/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:25474 Activity:high
        Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov?  Russian mob?  This guy looks Chinese to me.
        \_ oh god.  Please don't tell me that the russian mob is full of
           ethnic chinese gangs.  We already have enough ethnic chinese thugs
           in southeast asia.
           \_ Russia aka The Former Soviet Union goes all the way east to the
              Pacific.  Guess what ethnicity the people in the eastern part
              of the TFS belong to?
        \_ perhaps he is from Siberia?
           \_ you go to Cal?  Please, quit now.
           \_ Uzbekistan.
           \_ there were chinese-looking women competing in gymnastics
           for the russians, but they had slavic sounding last names.
           I always assumed they were from Siberia.  Perhaps they were
           from Uzbekistan like Alimzhan.
           \_ ok, now i'm curious.  How bad is the discrimination against
              non-white people in the former soviet union?
              \_ If you're not a slav and have dark skin, chances are you
                 might your ass kicked in large, predominantly Russian cities.
                 Just some random articles found on google:
        \_ Genghis Khan and the mongol hordes spread their seed all across
                \_ mmhehehmm, you said seed.
2002/8/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25475 Activity:high
8/2     Is it true that some of the old farts on soda are actually old
        enough to be my mom and dad?  -sophomore
        \_ No, it's that you're young enough for us to drop kick across
           the county.
        \_ I doubt I was fertile when I was 11.
           \_ wuss...
        \_ We're old enough to do yermom.  Oh wait, we already are.
        \_ We're old enough to do yermom.  Oh wait, we already did.
        \_ There are no "old farts" on soda.  There *are* people on soda who
           forget more everyday before breakfast than you're ever likely to
           know.  That answer your question, kid?
2002/8/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25476 Activity:high
8/2     How do you view the man pages?
        \_ prompt$ man man
           \_ Is there something wrong with my environment, then?
                % man ls
                No manual entry for ls
                % man man
                No manual entry for man
              This is on soda.
              \_ "man rear"
              \_ "unsetenv MANPATH" and try again
        \_ setenv MANPATH "/usr/share/man:/usr/X11/man:/usr/local/man:/csua/man"
                 \_ Why does this work? Where is the default manpath set?
                    \_ /usr/share/man works for me.
                    \_ /etc/manpath.config. Just make sure you don't have
                       MANPATH set in .cshrc / .profile / .login
                 \_ Thank you very much
                    \_ This was the latest PSB man alias ... it makes a motd
2002/8/2 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:25477 Activity:high
8/1     If I want a pendulum of period 1 sec, what is the length I should
        have? I know the gravity and that the pendulum is independent of
        its weight. Thanks!
        \- hello, making some simplifying assumptions, like the moment
           of intertia is about that of a point mass at length l from the
           fulcrum, and angle between the pendulum arm and the vector from
           the funcrum to the center of mass isnt too large then
           T = 2pi sqrt(l/g). Do you need a pendulum with large amplitude?
           Also I assume this is in simple pendulum like a grandfather clock.
           If you have a more complicated object thenthe radius of gyration
           is k = sqrt [moment of intertia(w.r.t. center of mass)/mass] ...
           I assume you know what a moment of inertia is.
           [mnemonic: pi^2 is actually pretty close to the grav acceleration
           at the earth surface ... this is useful if you have to do approx
           on the back of an envelope. so figure a quarter meter. this isnt a
           homewortk problemis it?]
           \_ of course it was a homework problem --!OP
           \_ isn't it easier to just find the
                integration [intergation of (cos Angle)*gravity]*distance  ?
                \- the newtonian approach with some simplifications is not
                   too difficult. a richer approach is the "Highbrow
                   mechanics" which has at it's core the kinetic and potential
                   energy functions rather than the newtonian s''=v'=a func
                   appriach. however you may need a little geometry and some
                   knowledge of elliptical integrals. ok tnx.
                   \_ I found some notes from an old math class with elliptical
                      integrals on it.  I used to know that stuff.  I feel
                      really dumb now.
                      \_ More like your brain has pushed that crap aside for
                         more important things.
2002/8/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25478 Activity:moderate
8/2     I'm trying out Mac OS X and so far it's pretty good.  I really
        miss being able to raise and lower windows with key combinations.
        If someone could point me to instructions for how to do this and
        how to do other window manager customizations supported by
        fvwm, AfterStep, GNOME, etc., I would be grateful.  Thanks.
        \_ RTFM
          \_ WFM (which f**k*ng manual)?
             \_ uh...  man fvwm.  And we're all adults here.  just say "fucking"
                or "fine".  bleeping yourself is dumb.
        \_ run twm!  ~scotsman/.twmrc
           \_ But that won't work for OS X apps will it?
        \_ Jaguar, Aug 24. Command-Tab, Command-H
           \_ I'm sorry, I don't understand your reply.
              \_ And you call yourself a Mac user?  I haven't touched a Mac
                 since 1986 or so and I know exactly what he's talking about.
        \_ i assume you want this for Mac apps (Carbon or native Cocoa),
           rather than X11 apps under DarwinX. most apps support these
           "organic" window operations:
           - cmd-H for hide all
           - cmd-` for next window
           you can use (shift)-cmd-tab for (prev) next app, add option
           to hide the current window or current app when switching.

           OS 10.2/Jaguar may expose additional Window Manager APIs for
           more traditional/mechanical window operations.
2002/8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:25479 Activity:high
8/2     Some people should either edit their 401k info at home or keep their
        personal files with safer permissions....
        \_ Where? :-)
2002/8/2-3 [Reference/Celebration] UID:25480 Activity:nil
8/2     Happy birthday, debbie!  Wherever you are.
2002/8/2-3 [Consumer/TV] UID:25481 Activity:kinda low
8/2     Is there a place that lists a schedule of publicity appearances for
        all celebrities? So I could find out, for example, "When are
        interviews with Lance Armstrong on which TV network?"
        \_ Anyone in particular you're looking to kill?
        \_ It's not exactly what you asked for, but check out
            \_ Thanks, that's pretty close.
2002/8/2-3 [Health/Men] UID:25482 Activity:low
8/2     Sorry but I just *had* to post this.  :-)
        \_ thank you mangina guy for posting this!
2002/8/2-4 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25483 Activity:moderate
8/2     When I use X from window (Exceed) and mac (DarwinX) and try to
        move or resize window, the window frame does not appear, so I
        don't have a visual feel where I am moving or resizing to.  Any
        \_ Your background might be the same color as the resize lines;
           try 'xsetroot -solid darkgreen' (for example) and see if that
           works.  I don't have this problem with DarwinX on OSX.  -meyers
           \_ No such problem with Exceed on NT or W2k either. --- yuen
           \_ In DarwinX I am using Xrootless so xsetroot does not help.
              At work I am using win95 and I will go back to check if it
              helps on Monday.  I doubt it will, because the root window
              has the same color for exceed as on the sun host console,
              but I don't have this problem when I log on the console.
        \_ Get a real computer.
                \_ Provide some real feedback.
                        \_ D00de! U N0 h3 ment 1nuks!!!11
        \_ If you want resize frames, you will want a root window.
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