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2002/7/31-8/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25456 Activity:moderate
7/30    Whoever got SSL IMAP working, I love you and want to have your
        \_ I'm sending money to the CSUA.  They've provided me with so much
           over the years.
        \_ No thanks. -mgoodman
        \_ Er, SSL IMAP still doesn't work.  It logs in but no folders show up.
                \_ varies from client to client. Try Pine or netscape.
        \_ I hope they like mailboxes getting stuffed now.
2002/7/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25457 Activity:high
7/30    Did someone write an Eliza for motd?
        \_ What makes you say that someone write an Eliza for motd?
           \_ funny
              \_ what is funny?
                 \_ You haven't been to a psychotherapist's office in the past,
                    have you?
                        \_ He uses the motd for therapy.
2002/7/31-8/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25458 Activity:kinda low
7/31    Going to Defcon?  When are you leaving?  How are you planning to
        get to vegas? -curious
        \_ d00de im g01ng 2 h4ng w1th D hax0r el8!!!!
2002/7/31-8/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25459 Activity:nil
7/30    Only in Texas:
2002/7/31 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:25460 Activity:nil 58%like:25465
7/31    I am interested in changing my profession from a full time engineer to
        a full time gay prostitute.  Any comments and/or URLs with more info
        regarding gay prostitute, maintaince, liabilities, etc.?
2002/7/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25461 Activity:very high
7/31    Who is the oldest person on soda?  In terms of age and/or in terms of
        being a member of the CSUA for the longest time.
        \_ lwall:*:166:166:Larry Wall:/csua/home/lwall:/csua/bin/wallall
           \_ How old?
                \_ It was a joke, son.
                   \_ You mean "Larry Wall" is not a real person?
                        \_ He wrote Perl and readnews.
                           \_ "Larry Wall" may have.  lwall@csua did not.
        \_ I am soon to be 42 so I bet it's me! cynthia
           \_ are you really 42?!  You're older than my mom!!
                \_ how old is chialea?
                   \_ not quite that old. 22, in fact. -chialea
                        \_ when are you moving to pittsburgh?
                           \_ before school starts. -chialea
                \_ What's with all this chialea-obsession?  -28-yr-old and
                   has never heard of chialea.
                   \_ beats the hell out of me. maybe they're all waiting
                      anxiously for me to publish this steganography work.
2002/7/31-8/1 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25462 Activity:very high
7/31    How long does it take to prepare for the CS subject GRE? Is it
        something to study for, or is it like the regular GRE (which is
        just like the SAT's, maybe a litlte harder?)
        \_ No problem dude, I just figured I'd study while fucked up on my
           favorite halucinogenic and then take the same amount of the same
           thing about 45 minutes before the test starts and it'd be cool.
           I did fine.  I'm still waiting for my results though but I feel
           really good about it.
        \_ you can't really prepare for it. My score didn't change a bit
           after I studied for it. Your best bet is to take it when your
           mind is still young and fresh (don't take it when you've worked
           in the industry and/or you've become bitter about work).
                \_ what if you havne't taken the class for one of the
                   core subjects that are tested (specifically digital
                   design)? just read up on it or something?
                        \_ then take the class. You can't expect to study
                           150/170/172/174 in a few weeks and expect to know
                           everything. Breadth is very important on the GRE.
                           This is one reason why the Furds do better
                           than us (quarter system = technical breadth)
                           \_ No, they have better instructors who give a shit
                              if you learn something useful as opposed to their
                              cool new thing that might be useful in 10 years
                              if it catches on.
                              \_ No, it's because their students think for
                                 \_ That helps, too.  Pot stickers, anyone?
                                \_ no, Berkeley emphasizes on technical skills
                                   more than the Furds. That's why Cal
                                   graduates are more desired in Silicon
                                   Valley-- they're good at emacs/gdb/gcc/link
                                   scripting/unix/etc/etc. The Furds can't do
                                   jack at work. On the other hand the Furds
                                   take more variety of classes that help them
                                   do well on Standardized Tests. I know, I've
                                   been to both sides.
                \_ Dude you can totally study for it!  If your scores didn't
                   improve you used the wrong drugs!  Don't change drugs during
                   your study time!
2002/7/31-8/1 [Uncategorized] UID:25463 Activity:high
7/31    Has anyone returned a book to the UCB library and then had them claim
        it wasnt returned? I am 100% certain I returned 2 books in 1998 which
        they are now claiming I didnt return. I'm wondering if they commonly
        lose track of stuff. --psb
        \_ The libraries are run by bored and underpaid freshman.  ok, tnx?
        \_ Happened to me once. I went to the shelves, found the book,
           brought it to the frontdesk and they cleared my record. Even
           confirmed someone had checked it out even after I supposedly
           failed to return it. ONE time they claimed I returned a book
           which I did not. The computer refused to let me renew it.
           \- oh thanks. i was planning to go look for it ... but i was
              concerned if it was misshelved, i wont be able to find it.
              i am sure if i lost it i would have remembered since i
              would have known i would be facing some huge fine and would
              have looked for it pretty hard. --psb
        \_ Always ask for a receipt. Otherwise it's like trying to fight the
           \_ Which libraries give you receipts when you return books?
2002/7/31-8/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25464 Activity:high
7/31    Like anal sex?  You'll love this:
        Watching AHA sure brings back memories.  :-)
2002/7/31-8/1 [Transportation/Car, Reference/RealEstate] UID:25465 Activity:high 58%like:25460
7/31    Very funny.  Someone changed my original post from "gas station owner"
        to "gay prostitute."  Here's the post again.  -op

        I am interested in changing my profession from a full time engineer to
        a full time gas station owner.  Any comments and/or URLs with more info
        regarding gas station ownership, maintaince, liabilities, etc.?
        \_ curious. where would you have this gas station? have it in hawaii
           \_ Preferably somewhere around the Bay Area.  Slightly further away
              is fine, but not too remote.  -op
        \_ Are you from the middle east or south asia?
        \_ most people think that owning a gas station is a way of making
           money while sitting on your ass all day long.  It's not.  It's
           actually a complicated REAL ESTATE business.  It's all about the
           location.  The difference between housing real estate and
           commercial real estate is that it's a lot harder to liquidate
           commercial real estate. You'll need to find another sap who wants
           to make money sitting your ass all day, just like you.
           \_ And you have to take the risk of getting robbed and breathing
              toxic fumes all day long.
              \_ Actually some 21 y/old HS drop out is running the counter.
                 You're at home watching cartoons.
        \_ I made acquaintance with two would-be gas station owners. One of
           them leveraged the equity in his station to acquire another and
           so on. He was grossing about $80K/month, but I don't know what
           his net was. He seemed to be doing well. The other paid $400K to
           buy a station and later had the EPA shut it down because it
           needed some ridiculous sum of money to comply with some new
           law. He lost everything. There's a lot to it. Why, may I ask,
           are gas stations in particular appealing to you? Do you have
           experience or friends/relatives with experience in this field? --dim
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