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2002/7/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:25441 Activity:high
        I post this not to say Israel/Palestinians are good/bad/whatever but
        to demonstrate the bias in our media today.  One line in particular
        really grabbed me towards the end, "The settlers were bringing the
        body of a soldier killed in a Palestinian attack to their cemetery
        when a riot erupted".  This is an odd phrase.  Why did a riot erupt?
        'Riots' are not active verb actors in a sentence.  The truth here is
        that while the Israelis were in a funeral procession, some Palestinians
        started throwing rocks and yelling racial slurs and about 100 Israelis
        broke away from the procession, vandalised a bunch of shops, stabbed a
        7 year old, and beat up a bunch of people.  "A riot erupted" indeed.
        Does AP or the WP think their readers are too immature to handle the
        whole story?  A story where both sides had fault?  Too complicated for
        their typical reader?  Modern media is crap.  My advice: think for
        yourself, question everything.  Sorry this is so long.
        \_ The media has to perpetuate the crusade for both sides.  If the
           American public ever realized how utterly stupid and pointless
           middle eastern politics is, we'd either invade or just let them
           slug it out tooth and nail.  I've swayed back and forth several
           times during my politically conscious period, and I've decided that
           I support Israel, not because of moral highground but because they
           are more cooperative with us militarily and we need a base of
           operations in that region.
2002/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:25442 Activity:nil
7/29    I have an idea and I wanna patent it. Has anyone done it? How did
        it go?
        \_ There are two kinds of patents.  The bullshit kind that big corps
           swap with each other that aren't written with the intent of ever
           seriously enforcing them, and the kind that are written to be
           enforced.  The typical slashdot idiot doesn't understand this and
           mistakes the former for the latter.  Ok, off my high horse.  Anyway,
           getting a useful patent that can be enforced requires very expensive
           searches for prior art and very expensive and experienced patent
           lawyers who can write a quality patent that will stand up in court.
           Assuming you've got the $20k or more to do all this, you're still
           not out of the woods because it can easily take *millions* of
           dollars in court costs to go after Generic Big Corp when they steal
           your shit.  If you want to know more post your email and I'll write
           you, but pretty much patents aren't for little people.
2002/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:25443 Activity:high
7/29    My boss keeps kissing my ass even though I hate him (sometimes even
        openly). He just sent me an e-mail telling me the e-mail I sent out
        this morning was totally awesome. Why could he be doing this?
        \_ hot boss on you action
        \_ maybe you could tell us more like are you male/female, is your boss
           hitting on you, has your boss been reading how-to management books
           lately, how well is the company doing as compared to last year, etc
        \_ Maybe he thinks you'll stop hating him.
        \_ So he can fire you without seeming biased
           \_ Ah, good call.  This could be it.  Or at least to make himself
              feel better about it or rationalize it in some way since you're
              "at-will" in California.  Speaking of which I can't wait to hear
              back from a prospective employer so I can tell my current one to
              shove it up their collective ass.
2002/7/30 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:25444 Activity:high
7/29    Do game boy games work in game boy advance?
        \_ yes
        \_ Not particularly well, by all reports. The problem is that the
           games have to be played in a compressed area on the GBA's wide
           screen (GBC games only have a resolution of 160x140), and this
           makes them dark and hard to see. While they can be expanded to
           fill the whole screen using the shoulder buttons, the
           difference in screen dimensions means that they look stretched
           and distorted.  The best advice is to keep your GBC and use the
           GBA to play GBA games.
           \_ or do like i do and play them all on my 19" PC monitor.
2002/7/30 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:25445 Activity:high
7/29    Is there a util to properly justify a unix text file to 80
        characters?  This isn't for the motd.  I just want something that
        will wrap words if need be, treat a double newline as a seperate
        paragraph, and leaves lines less than 80 chars alone
        \_ YES!  We did this as the second project in Hilfy's 60c class!!!
           I just *knew* the pseudo-latex format project had some use for
           someone somewhere!  We also had macro replacement including
           recursive macros that could replace other macros with parameters,
           etc, etc.  Do you also need code to detect if one non-directed
           graph (with variable node labels) is a sub-graph of another
           non-directed graph?  We did that, too.
        \_ fmt
        \_ "M-x fill-region" in emacs.  See Help for its various options.
           --- yuen
        \_ no.  (n.b. the op asked for "leave lines less than 80 chars
           alone."  actually i am fairly sure nothing will leave non-
           paragraph delineated less-than-80 characters lines alone.)
           \_ I really just want to be able to maintain the formatting
              on a block of text (lyrics / poetry, maybe others).  Any
              \_ learn roff.
2002/7/30 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25446 Activity:high
7/29    yay, POP3 over ssh works again!  despite what motd.official says,
        though, I still can't get SSL POP3 working.
        \_ I'm using Eudora and it supports SSL.  Still no POP3 or IMAP.
           \_ SSL with what?  with POP3?  with IMAP?
              \_ Both.  IMAP connection goes through but no folders show up.
                 POP3 has CSUA refusing connection.  I know it's not me b/c
                 OCF IMAP/POP works fine.
        \_ SSL POP3 is not working for me either.  what gives?
        \_ Me neither, hope it works soon.  (using Outlook Express)
        \_ Has anyone been able to get POP/IMAP to work?
2002/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:25447 Activity:kinda low
7/30    From the Death-By-Chocolate desk:   -John
        \_ Makes one wonder how much weird shit winds up in the product.
2002/7/30 [Science/Electric] UID:25448 Activity:insanely high
7/30    The Electronic Device Personality Test (no, not a personality test
        for electronic devices)
        \_ Survey, I am a:
                LED:       .
                capacitor: .
                resistor:  ....
                IC:        .
                actuator:  ....
                vibrator:  .
                skeletor:  ..
2002/7/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:25449 Activity:kinda low
7/30    apt. for rent:  <DEAD>csua/~bensha/apt.txt<DEAD>
2002/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25450 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Cygwin question. What does one need to do in add'n to 'chmod u+x
        ./<filename>' to make scripts executable in cygwin on NT? I've RTFM and
        found nothing regarding script execution that's applicable.
        \_ say what?  I've got no problem just running scripts under cygwin as
           if it was a real unix shell.
        \_ as you may recall, there is no executable bit in windows. thus,
           cygwin just looks at the extension or checks for the magic shebang
           header. so add #!/path/to/whatever at the top of your scripts.
2002/7/30 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Military] UID:25451 Activity:high
7/30    Anyone been to an asian massage parlor?  Are those places actually
        just handjob places?  Thanks.
           \_ so then are handjobs considered a form of prostitution?
        \_ I have a female friend who frequents a Thai massage place which is
           genuine and gives good massage.  But I think many of those places
           are just sex shops.
           \_ Thanks for sharing. Please use /csua/bin/me next time.
        \_ "thriving on an industry with deep roots in Asian culture" so
           they're claiming this is normal and acceptable in all asian
           counties?  Is this true?
           \_ Hostess bars (pronounced "snaku" in Japan) are very popular but
              as the article points out, only some of them are centres for
              prostitution in Japan. The case appears to be different here in
              the US.
              \_ They make a flat out global statement about "Asian culture".
                 Is it true across all "Asian culture"?
2002/7/30-8/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25452 Activity:nil
7/30    SSL security announcement.  Maybe this is you, maybe it's not, but
        if you've got SSL based services, read it.  No public exploits known
        yet but it's only a matter of time of course.
        \_ "0.9.6d servers on 32-bit systems with SSL 2.0 disabled are not
           vulnerable." How do I disable SSL 2.0.  Is it possible to disable
           it in an already running Apache-SSLeay setup?
           (P.S. thanks for the heads-up!)
2002/7/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25453 Activity:high
7/30    Can we mount /sww?
        \_ why don't you ask your buddy to add it to /etc/exports instead
           of waiting for UCB's IT beauracracy?
        \_ he said mount!  uh! uh! uh!
           \_ unzip; touch; finger; mount; gasp; yes; more; umount; sleep
           \_ unzip; touch; finger; mount; gasp; yes; god; more; umount; sleep
              \_ Cool!!!                         \_ fuck you.
                                                    \_ Just because a
                                                       woman has never said
                                                       "yes" when having
                                                       sex with you doesn't
                                                       mean you have to get
                                                       all snippy.
                Actually I think the real problem isn't that a woman has _/
                never said "yes" when having sex with him, it's that they
                always scream, "ED! ED! oh ED! You're the STANDARD!"
                \_ That would be awesome.
                   \_ Not if you're not named ED.
              \_ And don't forget strip, head, comm and spray.
                                                        \_ Whoa... yer into
                                                           that crazy ass cat
                                                           sex, huh...
                                                            \_ MEOW!
2002/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:25454 Activity:high
7/30    On your soda account, has anoyone tried using 'gallery' web app
        from  Also, how do I setup php support?  If 'gallery'
        is not a good photo 'gallery', what's good?
        \_ I've gotten liveframe (look it up) successfully
           on soda
        \_ use any of the free online services
        \_ dbushong seems to have written something...
        \_ I just use File -> Automate -> Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop.
        \_ i heart gallery -shac
2002/7/30-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:25455 Activity:high
7/30    relating to networking, what is BGP?
        \_ Border Gateway Protocol.  STFW
           \_ relating to Border Gateway Protocol, what is STFW?
              \_ I know this is probably a troll, but STFW==Search
                 The Fucking Web.  Kind of similar to RTFM.
                 \_ And this "Web" thingy - where can I get my hands on one?
                    \_ I'll put its entirety on a floppy. 3.5" or 5.25"?
                       \_ Or 8" single-sided?
        \- it stands for border gateway protocol. without going into
           great detail it for internet routing ... like RIP, RIP2, ISIS,
           OSPF etc. ok tnx.
                \_ I'd like to know these things. What's a good first step?
                   I'm not a student anymore so I can't take classes.
                   \_ I found prep classes for the CCNA (Cisco exam) to be
                      a very good introductory step to basic routing, if
                      you're not too familiar with it.  There are some good
                      books by Cisco press, which explain the same material
                      very well, if you don't mind a bit of a Cisco spin.
             has introduction to the same
                      stuff, by REAL CELEBRITIES!  And to answer your original
                      question, BGP is a routing protocol generally used to
                      separate routing entities, such as OSPF 'areas', from
                      each other (for example a company's nets in countries A
                      and B).  -John
                   \_ Why do you feel that you can't take classes?
                   \_ STFW
                   \_ I found this good to start with:   -ERic
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