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2002/7/28-29 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25434 Activity:high
7/27    [soda] ~ 7> 'xemacs'
        /usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found
        \_ use vi!
        \_ use ed!
        \_ xmeacs?  just use emacs. sheesh.  xemacs... really.
        \_ Soda is broken. NEWS AT 11.
           \_ that's "film at 11" you dolt. the news is already known, see?
              \_ You're dense.
                 \_ Well, no, see, because he's right. --scotsman
        \_ There is a copy of in /tmp. Copy it to ~/lib,
           set LD_LIBRARY_PATH  appropriately and enjoy (I did this and
           xemacs -nw seemed to work correctly)
           \_ well, ok thanks. bit of a kluge.
2002/7/28-29 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:25435 Activity:high
7/28    Anyone get FreeBSD 4.6 to install as a guest OS under vmware
        3.1?  It hangs during install right after starting the
        emergency shell.  -sky
        \_ Use SCSI disks and SCSI CD-ROMs.  The VMware IDE emulation appears
           to be broken. -mgoodman
        \_ Vmware pretty much just sucks.  I've wasted more time trying to get
           various OS's installed through Vmware under various other OS's than
           the end result could possibly ever be worth.  My time is worth more
           than a little desk or server room space and some old hardware.  I
           like the concept but in practice it just hasn't panned out.
           \_ Huh? I have installed Linux on a windows vmware host and Windows
              on a Linux vmware host multiple times with support fo things like
              NAT, file sharing, sound and other hardware support and had no
              problems with it. Try again.
                        \_ VMWare sucks if the guest OS or the host OS is
                           not Linsux or Winblows. (Basically VMWare sucks
                           if you are trying to use it on a real OS to run
                           a real OS)
                           \_ I'm sure that using the terms "Linsux" and
                              "Winblows" makes you look knowledgeable.
                              \_ And I'm sure you realize your comment was
                                 unnecessary.  Why respond to passive trolls?
                                 they're not even amusing.  --scotsman
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