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2002/7/26-27 [Consumer/CellPhone, Industry/Startup] UID:25425 Activity:nil
7/25    Donate your old cellphone:
        \_ My company has a phone drive for this several months ago and
        \_ My company had a phone drive for this several months ago and
           collected more than a hundred phones.
2002/7/26-27 [Consumer/PDA] UID:25426 Activity:kinda low
7/25    Tell me what Palm-based PDA I should buy. I've seen the CLIE and it
        looks nice but somehow it seems kinda lame to bother with a memory
        stick slot, and the name is a little too reminiscent of "CLIT".
        \_ if you got the money, get the Treo.  It's a PDA plus Cell-phone.
           I found the fact that integrated phonebook is very nice.
           Being able to get on to the net is kind of nice too, though
           it's a pain to do so at this point.
           If you don't want a PDA/phone combo, stick with a color CLIE.
           CLIE has best screen (higher resolution), and the memory stick
           thingy, believe or not, is actually kind of nice, especially
           consider that PDA usually become a pocket reference of some
           sort (either a dictionary for FOB like me, or map, etc). More
           memory the marrier.
           \_ if you wanna use cingular
                \_ Can't you also use "T Mobile" or whatever the hell
                        VoiceStream is now?
                   \_ T Mobile uses Cingular network in the Bay Area.
        \_ it depends on your needs.  if you want a smartphone, an alternative
           to the Treo is the Kyocera 7135 (available in a few months).  If
           you don't mind a brick and a monochrome screen, the Kyocera 6035
           smartphone is really cheap.  ARM-based OS 5 devices will be out by
           the end of the year, but those will be relatively expensive. (It
           may still be worthwhile to wait for them, though, as they likely
           will push down the prices of existing PDAs.) --jameslin
2002/7/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:25427 Activity:high
7/25    Attack of the Clone was CHEEEEZY!!! I'm so glad I pirated from
        Kazaa. I am not paying a single dime for Lucascrap.
        \_ Uh, so, what's your point? You still saw the movie.
           \_ and risked arrest or fine to do so...  you must really love
              old georgie...
              \_ Give it up. They're never going to actually arrest anyone for
                 download.. Uh. I'll be right back. There's somebody knocking
                 real hard out front.
                 \_ They don't arrest.  They fake your suicide.  Especially
                    if you promote evil technology like gnutella.
                    \_ I seriously doubt most csua'ers will find this amusing.
           \_ And what's *your* point?  He saw it and didn't pay for it and is
              now telling other people (although they probably already saw it)
              not to see it.  What's worse for Lucas than that?
        \_ Sad and pathetic.
2002/7/26-28 [Computer/Rants, Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25428 Activity:moderate
7/26    My computer monitor stopped working recently (screen is
        completely snowy white). I want to get rid of it, but I'm
        not sure if throwing it in the garbage is the best thing to do.
        Is there any sort of place that takes in non-working computer
        equipment like this? I'm not in the Bay Area.
        \_ try throwing it off the top of a parking garage.  make sure
           you have two escape routes or more.
        \_ eBay?
        \_ Depends on your community. Your dead monitor has lots of
           lead in it. See if your local garbage collector has a program
           that deals with dead TVs and monitors.
        \_ your monitor is officially hazardous waste, to just toss it in
           the trash would be breaking the (poorly enforced) law.
        \_ Look around.  There are dead computer collection events every
           2 or 3 months in my community.  I heard some of these get
           shippied to China and dumped in inappropriate places, but hey,
           that's not our problem right?
        \_ computer recycling center:
           \_ I wish I knew this before I threw away my 386 several years ago.
        \_ I also have a broken's missing the color blue...
           does anyone know the best way to fix this?  Thanks.
           \_ Did you accidentally mess up the color balance setting on the
              monitor?  It happened to my cousin once and that took me a while
              to figure out.
        \_ Ship it directly to China.  That's where all the warm fuzzy feel
           good "recycling" places are taking theirs.
        \_ Throw it in da Bay.
        \_ toss it in your neighbor's dumpster.
           \_ oooh, good call.  I wish I'd thought of that first.
2002/7/26-28 [Science/Battery, Computer/Networking] UID:25429 Activity:very high
7/26    Any local places that recycle alkaline batteries for free?
        \_ Another offtopic question -- how to get rid of used up acetone?
           Since it has a half-life of 22 days in sunlight, and evaporates
           easily I just left it in the backyard in a canteen and it was
           all gone in a day.  Is there a better way?
           \_ I work in a lab where we use a lot of acetone.  We have all
              kinds of rules we have to follow to make sure that the
              organic solvents are disposed of "properly" , but
              as I understand it, it all just gets burned in the end.
              I'm sure there's a better way, but what you're doing is no
              worse than the EPA-approved official disposal method.
        \_ A little offtopic, but here's my chance to put in that
           the rayovac renewal (rechargeable alkaline) batteries work very
           well for many purposes.
           \_ How is it different from the old rechargable NiCd ones?  -- yuen
              \_ They don't lose their charge in storage, and their voltage
                 graph is sharper over time (consistently high voltage
                 and then a sudden drop-off means that your CD player will
                 just turn off instead of producing poor sound).  They
                 also don't have memory, so you can recharge them at any
                 point in their drain cycle.  They last longer per charge,
                 but their useful life cycle is lower than NiCd.  Cadmium
                 is _really_ toxic, alkalines less so.
                 \_ mmm, yummy... cadmium!
                 \_ Are they 1.5V or 1.2V?  Are they available in AA and CR123A
                    (camera battery) sizes?  About how much do they cost?
                    Thanks.  --- yuen
                    \_ I already know about (and have) these batteries. They
                        purport to be 1.5V and come in the normal 1.5V alkaline
                        sizes, like AAA, AA, C, D (I tihnk they come in the last
                        two, anyway). 4 AA's are like, ~$5-6 at fry's. -op
                    \_ op doesn't work with cable modem.  Or dsl. check out:
                        \_ why do cable modems need batteries?
                           \_ for when the power goes out.
                              \_???  UPS.
                                \_ Yeah, but what about when the UPS goes?
                                   \_ Yeah how long is your dinky battery going
                                      to last if your 3 hour UPS can't handle
                                      it?  5 minutes?  Big deal.  Sometimes,
                                      you're just fucked and have to deal with
                                      it.  "five nines" just costs too damned
                                      \_ Apparently, it does work with
                                         UPS.  But it doesn't work with
                                         cable modem.  Cable modem just
                                         gets your account sorried.
        \_ Throw em in da Bay.
           \_ Why don't we cut em open, prop your mouth open with a crowbar, make
              you swallow them, and have your stomach acid handle the
              neutralization? Oh, and it might be interesting to watch too.
                \_ Someone a little constipated?
                \_ Econazi to the rescue, eh?  Get a clue.  It was a joke. Duh.
                   Everyone else knew that.
2002/7/26-28 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25430 Activity:kinda low
7/26    Are the binaries in /usr/local/bin with recently dates, a restored
        version or a recompiled version?  trn, for example, doesn't have
        the default nntp server set.  I have to manually set NNTPSERVER
        env variable to get it working.  I'm wondering if I'll have these
        little problems again.  Thanks.
        \_ ungrateful wretch!  dont you know you should bow down at all times
           to those who volunteer their time to keep soda running as smoothly
           and SECURELY as it has been?  Don't you understand they get nothing
           out of this?  It isn't even good for resume fluff.
           \_ I can't tell if you're being sarcastic because it's true,
              they get nothing out of this and it's useless for resume
                \_ What do you mean useless?  It makes great resume fluff!
           \_ its decent resume fluff if you do it for at least a year and
              have nothing else on your resume.. better than most internships
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