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2002/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25400 Activity:moderate
7/22    anybody know why the "print to file" options is sometimes there
        and sometimes isn't there in windows?  It seems to be application
        specific.  I'm wondering why that's the case.  Shouldn't this be
        a driver thing?  The windows printer driver should always be able
        to generate a postscript file right?
        \_ A Postscript printer driver should always have the option to
           "print to file".  Additionally some apps have "output page
            as EPS" or the like.
        \_ Because the application author is the one who decides what goes
           in the menus.  Your windows fu is lacking.
           \_ I have absolutely NO windows fu at all.
        \_ "No manual entry for fu"  what is fu?
           \_ your fu fu and dict fu are lacking. man dict; dict fu
           \_ I think it comes from "Kung Fu".
              \_ what, then, is "Kung"?
        \_ set the print driver to use port "file". any postscript printer
           should generate the correct ps...  HP PCL users you get PCL
           instead.  Therefore, make a new printer of some sort of postscript
2002/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25401 Activity:high
7/21    Does FreeBSD or Linux support any soundcard with SP/dif output?
        Which one(s)?
        \_ Maybe.
        \_ STFW?  Google is a powerful tool.
           \_ yes, i saw that before i posted the original question.  however,
              1) opensound is neither free nor open source, 2) from their list
              of supported sound cards, it's still not clear whether they
              support the SP/dif out (e.g. their Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
              driver explicitely does not support it).  if you were actually
              knowledgeable about the question, you would understand that
              the question is not trivial.  -op
              \_ oh, and i forgot 3) unlike the current crop of soda
                 "hackers" and motd cowboys, i still whack kernel and
                 driver code, so the lack of source is a legitimate
                 concern. -op
                 \_ and so... why are you asking motd?
                    \_ because i assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that motd
                       people (gamers, web/multimedia types) know more about
                       sound cards than i do.  since you guys don't hack
                       code, you must do *something* with your computers. -op
                       \_ my computer has one bit.  mabye in a few years
                          we'll have a second bit, bit probably not before
                          i graduate.  -physicist
        \_ since some idiot overwrote the motd:
           \_ heh.  this is what the Google person had put initially.
           \_ thank you.  this is a useful link, though the information on
              it is quite old and incomplete.  (E.g. one possible solution
              not mentioned on this site is the Diamond Monster Sound Mx400,
              which has digital out and is based on the Ensoniq Canyon3d
              chip. doesn't list support for the Canyon3d, but
              it does list the Maestro2 as being supported.  Anecdotal
              evidence suggests that Canyon3d is programmatically similar
              to Maestro2 and is thereby supported.)  -op
2002/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25402 Activity:moderate
7/22    o emacs masters: what command will make emacs re-calculate the
        syntax coloring for the display? e.g. I undo a block comment and
        want the uncommented code re-colored.
        \_ If you use fontlock, coloring is updated as you type.
           \_ obviously it isn't. --pld
        \_ font-lock-fontify-block/buffer if it ever gets out of sync --pld
           \_ esc-g twice will run font-lock-fontify-block
           \_ thanks. although i don't seem to see the "block" version.
              \_ Hmm, emacs 20.3.1 for NT/Solaris/Irix has
                 font-lock-fontify-block while emacs 20.7.1 on soda doesn't.
                 --- yuen
                 \_ It should, once font-lock-mode is enabled.
                    \_ Yes, that works.  --- yuen
2002/7/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25403 Activity:insanely high 50%like:26400
7/22    motd poll:  how many sodans have you had sex with.  Please be honest
        here. And don't turn this poll into a big troll:
        1: .
        \_ Does that CSUA meeting in 1997 that turned into a giant
           orgy count?
        \_ So, um, just to be clear, what's your definition of "sex"?
           \_ you ain't clinton and this ain't a congressional hearing.
        0: .....
        1: ...
        2: ...
        3-5: ...
        >5: ..
        \_ Do i count one if i pleasured myself?
           \_ No.
        \_ For numbers greated than one, is it enough to have sex with one
              \_ Oh well, back to virginhood again.
        \_ what about cybersex?
           \_ No.
        \_ For numbers greater than one, is it enough to have sex with one
           sodan at a time or does it have to be a group orgy?
           \_ I'm having trouble imaging sodans having orgies together.
              Who should I picture this happening with?
                \_ I am sodan orgy free thank you very much -aspo
                \_ do not pick on aspolito!  --chris
              \_ jsl
                 \_ Does it count if you have sex with them before they become
        \_ how about if they left the CSUA before you had sex with them?
           \_ how do you leave the CSUA?  the politburo comes
              over to your house and chialea rips off your arms?
           How about if you didn't know they were in the CSUA until afterward?
           \_ yes and yes.
              \_ How about if they didn't know you're having sex with them
                 until afterwards (ie. rape)?
        \_ Do lustful gazes and impure thoughts count?
               \_ Well no, I'm just asking so as to better interpret the results.
                  Actually, I wasn't aware there were as many females in CSUA as
                  there are dots on the poll. I never saw 'em anyway. Or does
                  CSUA embrace homosexuality in addition to Godless communism?
            \_ soda people inspire you to do this??
               \_ Well no, I'm just asking so as to better interpret the
                  results. Actually, I wasn't aware there were as many
                  females in CSUA as there are dots on the poll. I never saw
                  'em anyway. Or does CSUA embrace homosexuality in addition
                  to Godless communism?
                  \_ Don't be stupid.
                  \_ This is the motd, everyone lies on the motd
                     \_ OBnextthread: how much do you make?  more lies.
        \_ Does yermom count?
           \_ Yes if she is/was a sodan, no if not.  Sheesh.
        \_ Best MOTD topic in quite awhile, yay!
        \_ Who is the greater than 5 guy, I wanna shake your hand. -5
           \_ "guy"?   it is probably a chick, soda guys don't get laid
              too much.
2002/7/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:25404 Activity:nil
7/22    Does anyone know how to get fetchmail to run slocal without using
        a .forward? I've tried --mda "<blah>/slocal -user <me>", but that
        doesn't seem to work.
2002/7/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25405 Activity:high 66%like:24524 66%like:26366
7/22    Why do people troll?
        \_ I troll, therefore I am.
        \_ To make up for the fact that they are pathetic anti-social losers
           in real life.
        \_ Because work is boring.
           \_ or just hard.  i can only concentrate on what i do for
              a certain number of hours, then to relax, i must troll.
              \_ why not take a walk or chat with a coworker?
        \_ Might as well ask "To be, or not to be"
        \_ To manipulate and have a false sense of superiority.
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