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2002/7/20-21 [Computer/Networking] UID:25396 Activity:high
7/20    I though ping and traeroute used the same protocol.  Is it possible
        to block the routing of ping requests without blocking the routing
        of traceroutes?
        \_ yes.  they both use ICMP, but different aspects of it.
           (Blocking either is probably a bad decision).  -tom
           \_ Why would you say blocking ping/traceroute is a bad decision?
              I've blocked both for years and nothing has happened.
                \_ I suppose it's OK if you're the only network user.
                   It's a bad decision on multi-user networks, because it
                   removes the only tools users have to figure out where
                   or what a problem is.  It could also block your ISP from
                   properly diagnosing a network problem.  -tom
           \- i think it is perfectly reasonable to block ping and traceroute
              for a "personal network space". for a larger institution
              obviously a decision for "everyone" depends on circumstances
              but doing it via a host-based firewall is also quite reasonable.
              if you are going to firewall in teh first place, then i dont
              thing adding these blocks is any big deal. --psb
           \_ blocking icmp at your upstream can help prevent some DDoS attacks
              though they could always switch to a different type (udp, etc)
        \_ traceroute usually uses udp for outbound, and icmp ttl exceeded
           on the inbound. ping is just icmp echo/reply.  You could
           theoretically get up to 9 hops of traceroute with ping's
           record-route option, but its not same as traceroute. depending
           on how your filters work, you could block ping and traceroute
           into your systems, and still enable it outbound. -ERic
2002/7/20-21 [Reference/Celebration] UID:25397 Activity:high
7/20    Happy birthday Anthony (aspolito)
        \_ I got yer birthday fuck right here pal.
        \_ Perhaps this is evidence against Darwin's theories.  If it breeds
           successfully then I'm going to start attending Sunday services.
           \_ there will be no breeding -aspo
               \_ Thank you.
               \_ Whew... I was starting to shop for bibles.
                \_ not coat hangers?  -aspo
2002/7/20-21 [Politics/Domestic] UID:25398 Activity:high
7/20    Aaah, a Kinneyless motd.  Thank God.  We should be thankful that
        kuro5hin lets anyone blog.
        \_ Who the hell is Kinney anyway?
        I have recently turned my thoughts to capitalism and how we DO
        NOT live in a capitalist market place. There is a lot of talk
        about how competition drove corporations into the ground
        (particularyly telecom!) however why is it that some suceed and
        some don't? In real competition everyone suceeds which drive
        innovation and improvements, however in american competition the
        gains are not in effectively competeing the gains are when you
        have gained market power.. ie you have become a monopoly. This is
        mainly why we had such large appreciations in equity pricing.
          Fundamentaly that had no changed.. Most corporations in america
        will in the long run enjoy monopoly power, this will continually
        allow american corps to grow. however they are doing so by
        violating what economists think of as competition. Firms gain
        market power through the use of contractual terms, end user
        agreements, legislation, regulation, and also through the use of
        advetising(marketing). And most importantly they utilize the
          My train of throught has led me to believe that patents and
        copyrights are a serious drag on the long run economy.
           \_ just look at /csua/tmp/motd.kinney
        \_ [ kinneydrivel deleted. ]  Go away.
2002/7/20-23 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:25399 Activity:moderate
7/20    What's the "approved" way to correct a typo made in an RCS log message.
        \_ ED!
        \_ from rcs(1)
                  Replace revision rev's log message with msg.
             \_ Thanks.

        \_ MS has some freebie tools for stuff like this.  Sorry I can't
           recall the name of any of it but I know they exist.  There's also
           third party stuff.  It's thankfully been a very long time since I've
           had to admin an NT machine....  -solaris dude
        \_ Dependency Walker
        \_ There's a program called handleEx that does it
        \_ Don't bother with tools just vi RCS/fname,v
           \_ That is why you fail.
              \_ When you see the ,v files for what they are, you will
                 know why the tools limit you little grasshopper
                 \_ but for those who can't figure it out, the tools
                    are like kevlar for their foot.
                 \_ And oh great one, enlighten us in the ways of the ,v file!
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