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2002/7/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:25388 Activity:very high
7/19    I will now be writing my economic theories at:
        Your comments are welcome. - kinney
        \_ well, at least you're coherent in those postings.
        \_ I think you need to think bigger, Kinney.  Why settle for a random
           part of a domain when you can register your very own
           <DEAD><DEAD>! - kinney
        \_ well, at least you're coherent in those postings.-- kinney
        \_ amazingly you have people actually commenting:
  -- kinney
           \_ wow you're smart! -- kinney
2002/7/19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25389 Activity:moderate
7/18    my pager, "less" is acting strangely, with I hit "q" to quit,
        it scrolls back to the top of the page. It I hit "q" again, then
        it quits. I don't think it used to do this a couple days ago.
        How can I get less to behave?
        \_ usually this means you are doing something like
           "alias grep 'grep | less'" and then doing "grep | less".  -tom
           \_ But 'less' should take note of where STDOUT is going and if
              you do something like grep | less | less "the right thing" should
              happen which means the first invocation does nothing but pipe
              it's STDIN back to STDOUT without doing anything with it.  Thus,
              grep | less | less *should* do the exact same thing as
              grep | less.
              \_ Mine does this correctly.  What's your LESS env var?
2002/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25390 Activity:high
7/19    I'm thinking about buying a Athlon MP system to run FreeBSD (and
        perhaps OpenBSD). Does anyone know if there are issues with
        FreeBSD on Athlon MP systems?  If so, are these related to specific
        motherboards or processor versions? TIA.
        \_ Save your money.  Why buy an MP system?  You don't need it unless
           you know you need it in which case you probably already know the
           issues.  I own AMD stock but not enough to ask you to waste your
           money buying their product.  ;-)
           \_ Let's assume he has a good reason to get an MP....  I know
              that Linux runs well on an AMD dual-A-MP system.  Very well.
              \_ Well there's a big difference between "can run well" and
                 "worth spending a few hundred extra bucks on it".  Anyway,
                 the answer to any freebsd questions are most likely to be
                 found at on one of their archived newsgroups.
        \_ I can't install FreeBSD on my Via chipset.  That was 4.4
        \_ The thread "Recommended MP development machines..." archived at
           20020707.freebsd-current.html has recommendations by current
           FreeBSD hackers. -- twohey
                \_ shortcut at
           \_ Thanks, this is just what I was looking for.
2002/7/19-20 [Computer/HW/Languages] UID:25391 Activity:high
7/19    Can somebody recommend a book (or a web site) that has step by step
        descriptions of how an ASIC is built?  From the verilog/vhdl to
        actual silicon.  What tools are used and what happens at every
        stage, etc.  Thanks.
        \_ If you're still in school, take 141 or 152 or intern at an ASIC
           design group. If you're out in the job market, join one.
           Unfortunately, ASIC design is not something easily done "on
           your own" as is with software where you can just write your
           own stuff or download the Linux/BSD source and muck around
           with. Many of the tools like VCS and DC have very expensive
           license fees. Learning Verilog or VHDL isn't that hard. Just
           pick up an HDL book (I'll look up the one I use) and try it
           on a free simulator like Icarus. But learning an HDL is kind
           of trivial and only a tiny portion of the entire ASIC design
           flow. For more HDL info, try going to
           \_ The book my co-workers use is Verilog HDL by Palnitkar.
              Like K&R, it's a crappy read but a decent reference.
           \_ I took 152 ten years ago and it didn't tell me how an ASIC is
              built.  --- !OP
              \_ Well, he/she wanted to gain experience using an HDL and
                 152 made you use VHDL, at least.
                 \_ there's a difference between HDL and synthesizable HDL
        \_ I'm not an ASIC guy but all the ASIC guys I know say it's *very*
           boring work.  What's your interest in the topic?
           \_ really?  architecture and microarchitecture is fun.  so is
              coding.  simulation and bug-fixing is fun, tho i find test
              writing moderately boring.  i like hacking synthesis stuff,
              but then i'm an old fart.  back end is mostly boring, tho
              there are some interesting bits as i look more into it.  lab
              bring up is highly amusing, tho i've noticed that other people
              don't seem to share my enthusiasm.
              \_ dunno.  like I said I'm not an ASIC guy.  I know nothing about
                 it.  I was mostly curious as to what the OP saw in it that my
                 ASIC buddies don't.
        \_ sjmercury, 1/31/2002.  there's a 3/4 page graphic on page 4c of
           the business section that explains all the steps from arch to
           bring up to system integration.
2002/7/19-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25392 Activity:nil
7/19    On NT is there any way to find out which process is currently using a
        certain .dll, or at least whether or not the .dll is currently being
        used?  Thanks.
        \_ MS has some freebie tools for stuff like this.  Sorry I can't
           recall the name of any of it but I know they exist.  There's also
           third party stuff.  It's thankfully been a very long time since I've
           had to admin an NT machine....  -solaris dude
        \_ Dependency Walker
        \_ There's a program called handleEx that does it
2002/7/19-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:25393 Activity:nil
7/19    I'm switching my DSL and being give the choice between routed and
        bridged.  What is the practical difference?  Is there any reason to
        prefer one over the other?  (jfyi: I currently need need TWO usable i
        static IP addresses. One of which sits on a box which does nat
        for all the computers in my house except those two. Please Advise.)
        \_ I dunno but I find it hard to believe you _need_ that setup for your
           _house_. --helpful
           \_ What?  Having two static IPs?  I have exactly what the OP is
              trying to make at home.  It's great.  The unix box does NAT for
              ethernet hosts.  The w2k box does NAT for the HomePNA hosts and
              let's me play online games without NAT issues.  w2k runs both
              zone alarm and winroute with pretty much everything blocked. ipf
              for the unix box.  Believe it.
        \_ practially, I think you'll probably get better performance out of
           the routed because there will be less layer 2 traffic (routers work
           at the 3rd layer IIRC)...
        \_ RIP has always superceded inetd primarily because of the daemons.
                \_ What the hell are you talking about? -top
2002/7/19-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:25394 Activity:kinda low
        \_ ahh blazing at 166Mhz of pure pentium power!  Gotta love trashcans.
           \_ Where does it say 166MHz Pentium?
        \_ Yes. And?
2002/7/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25395 Activity:insanely high
7/19    Damn.  less is 18 years old...
        \_ older than some csua members....
           \_ Is that true? New students haven't come in yet...
           \_ For what?  Consensual sex?  Going porn?
              \_ It's summer.  They're there right now.  Jail bait is walking
                 around campus this very second!
                 \_ Not necessarily. There is some leeway so 18yos can have
                    sex with 17yos legally.
                    \_ Yeah but like that would never happen at Cal.  The
                       youngens are easy pickings for the juniors and seniors.
                       Most 18yo's stand about zero chance of getting laid.
                       \_ Ye Gods! 18yo's will have sex with people their
                          own age? Is there no justice in the world?
                       \_ That's why they resort to hot gay sex.
        \_ Legal!
           \_ For what?  Consensual sex?  Doing porn?
              \_ It means less can legally watch live sex acts, but has to
                 wait three more years to have a drink.
                 \_ It can smoke and be drafted, too.  But alcohol is bad.
                    \_ Don't forget less can vote for El Presidente!
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