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2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25381 Activity:nil
5/17    What are MySQL privileges on Soda?  I want to create a database to do
        some stuff.  Can I create the database, or does root have to?
        \_ You should be able to create tables in the "test" database.
           \_ Is it reachable from www?  Can I create my own database?
           \_ Can I create my own database?  (Made a test CGI script to access
              it from www--so I answered that question.)
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:25382 Activity:very high
5/17    If I'm running debian potato and add a testing site in my apt sources,
        will I magically be upgraded to woody? Any problems in doing this?
        (Using dselect)
        \_ i don't want to hear about your magic woody.
        \_ Yes. debian >> redhat. debian ?? bsd ports. -op
        \_ X will break.  Other than that, i've had no probs yet.
           you might need to apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade)
           \_ X didn't break for me.
        \_ edit your apt.sources file and change all instances of "stable"
           to potato so that your box is not unexpectedly (and possibly
           undesirably) upgraded to "woody" the day it becomes stable.
        \_ Also redirect your biscuit to potato (save the original),
           this eliminates the need for BSD caches.
           \_ do they really use these stupid names?
              \_ I was just thinking that.  How can I be expected to sell this
                 stuff to the PHBs with names like potato, woody, and biscuit?
                 This shit just isn't serious no matter how well it may work.
                 The Debian and other Linux folks are going to have to figure
                 out that they need non-stupid names as an easy first start in
                 being taken seriously.  Is there some committee of
                 sub-geniuses out there that wastes time coming up with these
                 idiot naming schemes?  Too much beer?
                 \_ it's from Toy Story.  Yes, the naming scheme sucks, but
                    that's what happens when you let geeks attempt to be
                \_ yes SunOS/Solaris is so much better!
                   \_ At least it sounds like it came from a BigCorp Marketing
                      Dept. which is something PHB's can understand and get
                      warm fuzzies from as opposed to "woody" which only gets
                      giggles and can't possibly be taken seriously.  Think
                      about it for a while and imagine yourself trying to
                      explain to the suits why you need to install some more
                      woody machines later this week to increase performance.
                      \_ Then just use terms like "stable" and "testing" or
                         \_ I'll stick with 2.7/2.8 and my job.  Thanks.
2002/7/18-19 [Finance/Investment] UID:25383 Activity:high 50%like:23624
7/19    Whats the difference between APY and interest rate?
        \_ APY is annual percentage yield.  It's the total amount of money you
           gain if you get paid interest, and then get paid interest on the
           interest, and so on and so forth, for 1 year.
           \_ yes.  remember, the daily interest rate will compound to
              equate to the APY (Annual Percentage Yield).  The APY
              involves a compounding interest rate.
              \_ Hmm, the difference seems pretty small.  Say the rate is 10%.
                 When compounded daily, the APY is just (1 + 10% / 365) ^ 365
                 - 1 = 10.52%, which is not much bigger than 10%.
                 \_ Which is still a difference....
                    \_ Heh heh, in fact the APY for compounding 10% interest
                       in infinitely small intervals is e ^ 10% - 1 = 10.5171%.
                       For daily, it's 10.5156%.  -- math-major-wannabe CS alum
                \_ half a percent is a huge difference.  I'd kill to drop my
                   mortgage half a percent or raise my savings rate (or any
                   other income rate) by the same.
2002/7/18-19 [Reference/Tax] UID:25384 Activity:high
7/19    Where is a good place to find out rules and tax implications
        for selling a house?
        \_ An accountant, the IRS/State of California tax law websites (google)
           a tax lawyer, etc.  Not the motd.
        \_ I'm a single guy who sold the house for over 250K, does that
           mean my first 250000 is exempt from tax?
           \_ Depends if you lived there long enough to qualify.
           \_ Do you remember the part about "Not the motd"?
           \_ How much did you pay for that house?  The gov't doesn't tax
              you on non-profit.
        \_ I say again, "not the motd".
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25385 Activity:nil
7/18    So, I just received a spam about mortgage rates.  Problem is the
        sender address on the email is my own csua address.  Should I be
        \_ You're hosed.  Now that they've got you you're going to get more
           and more and more.  Your csua address is now a spam magnet.
        \_ spamassasin, takes 10 seconds to set up and works really well
           \_ he's still hosed.
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25386 Activity:moderate
5/18    Any reason why a whole bunch of /var/log/ files was nazied?
        Particularly daemon.log?  It was always readable as far as I can
        \_ it was probably a remnant of make merge in the last
           system upgrade
        \_ hm.... ask root?
        \_ so users have a harder time figuring out what's broken about the
           system to complain to root about it.
        \_ <sa mode> Because it's none of your damned business? </sa mode>
            \_ that should be BOFH mode.
                \_ BOFH mode would be removing them from the passwd file so
                   then you don't have to answer stupid questions about why
                   users are no longer allowed to snoop into log files they
                   have no business looking at.  See the difference?  It's
                   subtle but very important.  SA mode is daily practice, BOFH
                   mode is for people who deserve bonus abuse.
        \_ remember that whole problem with /var being really overfull? I
           didn't fix it myself, but there were some really big log files
           that were moved, iirc. -chialea
           \_ Why don't they get auto rotated based on age/size?  It's not
              as if there aren't a million log rotators available.
              \_ er... check motd.official
                 \_ who reads that?
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25387 Activity:very high
5/17    Does anyone have a sample .screenrc that remaps the keys so that
        screen does not eat the emacs editing keys (like ctrl-a, ctrl-e, etc)?
        (Also, please motdedit to change this file, damn it)
        \_ ok
        \_ yes. -geordan
        \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!  VT100 screen manager
           \_ Bah. Curses has made society weak. Use a teletype or adm3a term.
              \_ Is it ED compatible?
        \_ how exactly does screen eat ctrl-e? and what would you suggest as an
           ideal alternative to ctrl-a?
           \_ ^o.  Nothing I've come across uses ^o.  --scotsman
              \_ pine uses ^o.
                 \_ like i said, nothing worth using uses ^o. --scotsman
                 \_ don't use pine.  pine users are always the ones with the
                    problems and complaints no one else has.  figure it out
                    already.  drop pine.
                 \_ Pine is so full of holes is not even funny. Don't use
                 \_ If you have reached the level of enlightenment where
                    you are using screen, you should already have left pine
                    behind long ago.
                    \_ What's so wrong with pine anyway?
                       \_ It's a mail client for kids.  It's also a fucking
                          mess.  If it was a decent mail client, you wouldn't
                          see 95% of email problems on the motd coming from
                          pine users.
                          \_ None of those are problems.  I'm not trying
                             to pick a fight, just curious.
                             \_ When all my pine users complain about how hard
                                it is to use pine or configure pine or how can
                                I do XYZ in pine and no one else does, it's
                                time to /bin/rm pine.  Pine is a problem.
                                /bin/rm is the solution.
                                \_ Is this because your users are stupid,
                                   or because pine is actually bad?
                                   \_ Well using the CSUA user base as a
                                      sample set, we must decide between:
                                      1) users choose mail client at random and
                                         pine is just bad,
                                      2) only stupid users choose pine, there's
                                         nothing wrong with pine, it's just
                                         that only stupid people choose it,
                                      3) pine is bad and only stupid people
                                         would choose it.
                                      You can decide for yourself.
                    \_ Pine still has better mime support than MH-e and
                       most other mail readers.
                       \_ use mutt.  and if you're having trouble with mime and
                          mh, you're not doing it right.
           \_ soda [~] % ps -aux | grep mutt | wc
                         13     147     928
              soda [~] % ps -aux | grep pine | wc
                         65     739    4571
                \_ sigh... sad.  But people using (n)mh won't show on a ps
                   because they're not chewing resources continuously.
                \_ I also seem to recall some OCF staff mail where a user
                   had some problems cuz he would ^Z pine and logout... are
                   all of those active pine processes?  Also, if I was stuck
                   using pine, I'd leave it open just so I didn't have to wait
                   the years it takes to load the entire mailbox into memory.
        \_ I use ctrl-d: screen -e^Dd. No problems with emacs (or the shell
           exiting when you type ctrl-d)
           \_ and then what do you use for EOF? --scotsman
              \_ Nothing. I never issue a EOF by hand.
                 \_ You never cat > file?  what do you use as a shell that
                    doesn't have a variation on ignoreeof?
           \_ I use ctrl-o, because it's not really used anywhere else
              outside of telnet. -geordan
              \_ and pine/pico... crap, did I say that aloud?
                 \_ pine/pico... can you hear me laughing?
        \_ just get used to ctrl-a, it's easier than you think.
           \_ then i'd have to get used to vi-mode for my shell..  too much
              of a hassle.
        \_ if the emacs function you have ^A bound to is idempotent, you can
           get into the habit of hitting ^A twice, even when not using screen.
           \_ And then change your habit on machines that you don't have
              screen on?  It's reasoning like this that keeps microsoft
              \_ No, it's abuse of monopoly power that keeps MS dominant.
        \_ I use ^].  Only telnet uses this, as far as I know.
           \_ So does screen, for pasting from its cutbuffer.
              (Actually, both ] and ^] are mapped to paste.) -geordan
              \_ Well, you're not likely to use screen inside of screen.
                 \_ You'd be surprised.  And yes, that path does lead
                    to madness. -geordan
                    \_ The path to enlightenment runs through the valley
                       of madness.
                        \_ There's something almost deep in there but I can't
                           figure out what.
                           \_ /usr/local/valley/of/madness/enlightenment/bin
                              Huh.  Whaddayaknow, it does. -geordan
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