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2002/7/12 [Science/Space, Transportation] UID:25339 Activity:high
7/12    Does anyone know what happened near the San Mateo Bridge toll plaza
        around 8am?  All lanes except the carpool lane were blocked.  I was
        half asleep on a shuttle and I couldn't see it fast enough.
        \_ The only thing worse than looky-loos slowing down traffic is a LL
           sitting half asleep on a bus posting to the motd about it.  Who
           \_ But the shuttle is free and it's public.
           \_ But the shuttle is free and it's open to public.
           \_ obviously one person does, so shut your ass.
              \_ Yes just like thousands of other idiots slow to a crawl when
                 they see someone on the side with a flat tire.  Stupid
                 gawkers.  Your reply is just "one idiot thinks its important
                 so it must be important".  Stalled truck.  Jesus F. Christ
                 on a stick, save us from this stupidity.
                 \_ I don't slow down or look when I drive, and I hate drivers
                    who do and I honk at them.  I only look when I'm a
        \_ Stalled truck.
           \_ Thanks.
2002/7/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:25340 Activity:kinda low
7/12    BillG and cronies to buy out the depressed telecom industry.
        Imminnent assimilation of the net predicted.
        \_ this link doesn't connect. USAtoday's webpage was hacked
           today; might this have been a hacked page?
           \_ works fine for me.
2002/7/12-13 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:25341 Activity:high
7/12    Reign of Fire:
        Hands down the best post-apocalyptic dragon movie I can remember.  If
        you're looking for a coherent and well reasoned plot look elsewhere.
        But if you're looking for over 90 minutes of dialogue in
        unintelligible accents from the British Isles, this is the film for
        you!  And if you can't get enough of rubbing those smarmy Brits noses
        in the fact that we saved their asses in WWII, you can relive your
        fantasies all over again watching the Americans rub the Brits' noses
        in the fact that we saved them from extinction!  Take that you
        anti-run on sentence, proper grammar, Britons!
        Seriously though, good braindead dragon smashing fun.  Worth catching
        a matinee.  The dragons look very cool, and the way the dragon killers
        SUPPOSEDLY take down dragons is very cool.
        \_ What other post-apocalyptic dragon movies have there been?
           \_ Oh look, he got the joke...
           \_ Dungeons and Dragons
              \_ No, that's a SIGN of the apocalypse.
           \_ Thelma and Louise
        \_ this sounds a lot like nweaver.
2002/7/12-13 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:25342 Activity:high
7/12    The Motd Movie Critic is on the air!

        Minority Report: Worth a cheap weekend matinee.  Some tongue in cheek
        humor to take an edge off the hard stuff.  Some hard stuff for those
        not into the sillier stuff.  A bit scooby dooish on the mystery part
        by the middle of the film but no one is expecting Hitchcock.  Some have
        complained about the advertising overkill in the movie, but the MMC
        felt the way the ads were woven into the movie during his escape scenes
        added something of value to the film plus a bit of humor.  The ads will
        also provide some self inflicted angst on those concerned about loss of
        privacy.  MMC gives Minority Report a B.
        \_ it was really good for 1.5 hours, but the ending is really
           sappy and almost ruins the whole movie.  in fact i'm still mad.
        \_ you really are an idiot.
           \_ *laugh*  I love the quality moderation here.  It's almost as
              good as slashdot.
              \_ Moderation?

        MIB2: Definitely *not* better than the first.  The plot was sketchy,
        the humor was mostly a bad rehash of the worst parts of the first film.
        Overall, MMC felt this movie needed a serious rewrite.  It looked like
                 \_ that's probably b/c it _got_ a serious rewrite after 9/11...
        a beta or maybe a late alpha version of the first film.  It even tried
        to poorly follow the same plot as the first.  The Smith character was
        especially bad due to the way it was written.  Smith starts out as a
        super agent but by the end is being portrayed as a bumbling idiot and
        a newbie know-nothing.  It was very odd and felt very wrong.  Overall,
        MMC was very disappointed with this film.  MIB2 gets a C-.
        \_ I hear laura flynn boyle gets naked
           \_ No one gets nekkid enough to matter.
2002/7/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25343 Activity:high
        \_ Fixing the toilet or mowing the lawn?
           \_ Plugging the drain and trimming the bush
2002/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:25344 Activity:very high
7/12    Is there a acrobat read that will fit in a floppy disk?  I have a
        PDF file that I want printed.  I'd like to get acrobat with me so
        that I can print it on any computer.  But acroread is like 2.8 megs.
        Is there a "lite" version or a self-extracting pdf file kind of a
        deal?  Thanks.
        \_ Can you print your .pdf to a PostScript file and then carry the .ps
           around?  -- yuen
                \_ ps files are much larger than their corresponding
                   pdf files.
        \_ print to level3 postscript and then zip that file as
           self-extracting if you desire.
        \_ there doesn't seem to be a way to print a PS file to a network
           printer in windows.  I can do "copy lpt1:" but I haven't
           been able to get something to print over a network.
           \_ I did it by "copy \\myserver\myprint".  You can do
              "net view myserver" to see what share name it uses for printing.
              --- yuen
              "net view myserver" to see what share name it uses for the
              print queue.  --- yuen
              \_ oh I didn't about this.  Thanks man!
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  You don't even need a PC at the destination
           to print.
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