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2002/7/9-8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:25309 Activity:nil
07/08   IP address move (again) on Tue Jul 23. Prepare for downtime, peons!
2002/7/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25310 Activity:high
7/9     I need to (close to) real-time capabilities under Win2k.
        Specifically is there a way to get a consistent 1ms resolution? I
        need to use it as a clock for the rest of my program.
        \_ ObUseARealOS
             \_ I realize that, but I'm restricted to a Win2k box. -op
                \_ well call their support folks up and ask them the same
                   question.  Do we look like microsoft support?
                   \_ new motd insult: you look like microsoft support.
        \_ At Siemens, I know we often used a special version of NT that
           had RTOS-like capabilities. Search for Real-Time or RTOS on MS.
        \_ Win2k hsa a registry setting that controls time slice length but
           I don't know it off the top of my head.  Try google or get an
           advanced book on multi-threaded win2k programming.
2002/7/9 [Recreation/Media] UID:25311 Activity:high
7/8     Interesting viewpoint on DVD vs VHS.  Blockbuster is evil.
        \_ And the writer is stupid, but yes, Bustblocker is evil.
        \_ But the blockbuster commercials with the hamster and the rabbit
           are so cute!  I like the one where the hamster is being a bad
           little hamster.  :-)
2002/7/9-10 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25312 Activity:kinda low
7/8     I'm looking for a basic statistics textbook. Any recommendations?
         \_ what do you want to do with statistics?  this is almost certainly
            not what you're looking for, but if you want to know about
            random processes and noise, Davenport and Root is *the* book.
            it's a classic textbook which is now out of print, but can
            be found from the used dealers on Amazon.
            \_ I've been looking at the prerequisites for my classes next
               and they all seem to require some stat. Its been more than
               five years since I last needed any stat, so I want to get a
               text book and study over the summer.
        \_ Search Amazon for "How to lie with statistics"
           \_ I'm looking for a text book that I can study from over
              the summer.
        \_ Cartoon Guide to Statistics
          \_ I concur. This was how I got myself started. It gets up to
             Bayesian analysis and does a good job explaining common
             statistical pitfalls. Note that it is geared more towards the
             statistical approaches in the social sciences than engineering
             statistics. -- ulysses
        \_ What level of stat book are you looking for?  eg. something for
           undergrads, like Stat 101, which would introduce the basic concepts,
           and not any theory, limiting you to the simple functions of a
           stat program like SPSS, SAS?  Or are you looking for an intro
           graduate stat book, eg. something that discusses statistical
           theory, and how the various tests are derived? -nivra
           \_ I'm looking for something a bit more advanced than Stat 101
              perhaps at a senior or first year ee masters level.
2002/7/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:25313 Activity:kinda low
7/9     RIP Rod Steiger
        \_ can't say i've heard of him, but after googling, i can say i've
           seen only one of his movies: The Specialist. d'oh!
           \_ one out of ~90...
2002/7/9 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:25314 Activity:high
        Be careful about Jokes said in airports and airplanes.
        \_ First Amendment RIP.
        \_ Wow.  Really fucking stupid.  How does that compromise the safety
           of the flight?  Fucking idiots.
           of the flight?  Fucking idiots.  There's a big fucking difference
           between "hey, find the knife in my bag" and "Is the pilot sober"?
2002/7/9-11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25315 Activity:kinda low
7/9     Why was SpamAssassin removed? It seemed to work pretty well! --dim
        \_ There is a copy in /usr/local/bin now, so I removed the
           one in /csua/bin, since it was a conflicting version. Let
           me know if the one in /usr/local/bin doesn't work for you. -ausman
           \_ now that we know it's installed, how do we use it?  add a
           .forward file?  I don't use Procmail.  I use Pine as my client
                \_ It's odd how 95% or more of motd email questions and help
                   requests are from pine users.  Where did this pine
                   generation get hooked?  Is this BH's fault?
                   \_ lol, well you gotta admit pine is adequate for general
                   email usage.  So if it's fine, why bother switching? Correct
                   me if I'm wrong, very few people will keep changing their
                   email clients.
                   \_ your assertion is false.  Try again.
2002/7/9-11 [Finance/CC] UID:25316 Activity:very high
7/10    My credit card company which gave Amazon rewards just went bankrupt.
        What's a good Visa/MC rewards card out there? And no, I don't intend
        on buying a GM car.
        \_ (MBNA linuxfund). no it's not just for linux it's for all open src
           but opensrcfund doesn't sound as sexy.  It's by MBNA and has one
           time credit card number generation.
           shitty Discover or American Exp. oh yeah no fee.
           \_ And these certificates are good why? They're basically virtual
              credit card numbers. How many sites let you use multiple credit
              card numbers on a single transaction?
        \_ I think I'm going with this card to replace my Amazon card:
           It gives 1% (not up to) back on "certificates" supposedly good
           anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Also it's mastercard and not
           shitty Discover or American Exp. oh yeah no fee. actually it sux nm.
           Anyone heard of "stockback" card? 1% back as cash in an account...
        \_ AmEx black.  ~$2k/year, but rewards = assassinate a third world
            \_ Darn!  What happens to the $200 worth of rewards I have
               \_ Fuck, me too.

You didn't get this e-mail?

Dear NextCard  Cardholder:

This email contains IMPORTANT information about the status of your
NextCard credit card account with NextBank , N.A. ("NextBank").


You are receiving this letter because you have a credit card issued
by NextBank with a NextCard logo on the front.  NextBank was closed
by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on February 7,
2002.  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") was
appointed Receiver and is responsible for administering the affairs
of the failed NextBank.

           despot of your choice every few million you spend.  -John
        \_ Yahoo visa.  No annual fee. Point good for books and merchandise.
        \_ i use citibank mc AA which gives american airlines miles.  they
           have an annual fee but i usually charge around $3,000/mo so
              $75 off any ticket with just 7500 dollar spent.  $39 annual
           so i get a free RT domestic ticket every year. -uctt
           \_ you should try orbitz's mastercard.  Cheaper annual fees
              and you can claim miles on all major airlines.  You get
              $75 off any ticket with just 7500 dollar spent.  $39 annual
           \_ There is a Citi Bronze AA World Mastercard with no annual fee
              available by solicitation only.  Miles are capped at 25K a year.
           \_ There's a citibank dividend card that gives 1% cash back, but you
              don't get a check until you reach $100. There's also a bank of
              america "banking benefits" card--you can use 10 points to get a
              certain increase in interest rate of cd's or whatever, or $10
              credit to your account.
           \_ There is a Citi Bronze AA World Mastercard with no annual fee
              available by solicitation only.  Miles are capped at 25K a year.
           \_ There's a citibank dividend card that gives 1% cash back, but you
              don't get a check until you reach $100. There's also a bank of
              america "banking benefits" card--you can use 10 points to get a
              certain increase in interest rate of cd's or whatever, or $10
              credit to your account.
        \_ TD Waterhouse investor's prime card.  You get 5% off from
           selected online vendors (e.g. Amazon), plus a free trade in
           your brokerage account for every $2000 spent.
        \_ Nextcard?  If so, I am also using it, but haven't heard
           anything about it becoming invalid.
           \_ Nextcard just went belly-up, which is probably why the person
            was asking.  I'm in the same boat, leaning towards the
            card.  I wish had a credit card like -eric
                \_ what about the yahoo card?  -tom
        \_ Shell MasterCard/Visa is good.  Also American Express Cash
           rebate is good if you want cash back.  BofA used to have a
           cash back Visa card but I heard they don't issue new cards
           anymore.  Call them and find out.  I still own a BofA cash
           back Visa card today.
        \_ REI Visa gives you 1% cash back (but many months later) if you
           are a member.
           \_ Isn't that only spendable at REI?  (I have one.)
              \_ You can ask for a cash dividend if you want. It doesn't
                 come until July, but it's cash.
        \_ Quicken Card (actually by Citibank / Traveler) ain't bad.
           Spend $8000 and get $100 towards purchase of airline ticket
           through their travel agency.  They pretty much give you
           the same ticket price as what you can find on the net.
           Card service was much better than NextCard.
        \_ I had a bunch of amazon credit card points I hadn't redeemed
           yet and yesterday when I tried to redeem them it said they
           were out of stock, but it seems to be working now so get your
           points out while you can!
           \_ thanks brothah
           \_ I think I am one step too late.  :(
2002/7/9-10 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:25317 Activity:kinda low
7/9     I need to get medical insurance, but I don't know anything about it.
        What do y'all recommend?  Kaiser?  What should I look for?  Thanks.
        \_ most people hate kaiser enough that this sounds like bait, but
           i'll bite anyway.  i've used kaiser, blue cross hmo, and blue
           cross ppo.  i like kaiser because there's no guesswork on what
           i'm going to get charged when i walk in the door and
           appointments tend to be on time.   i'm relatively healthy and
           i've learned how to use the system.   conversely, a friend of
           mine had ovarian cancer and was repeatedly misdiagnosed by
           her Kaiser doctor and had to get it all taken care of at
           Stanford.  --sony
           \_ kaiser's fine if you dont get sick, or really sick.  Don't
              expect them to try to hard if you're dying.
              -- someone who's had 2 relatives die under kaiser care.
           \_ Kaiser, like all HMOs, listens to the squeaky wheel. You can
              get along okay if you keep complaining or ask for a second
              opinion. People get misdiagnosed all the time, everywhere.
        \_ is where i went.  rates were pretty
           cheap. -uctt
        \_ Any PPO >> Any POS >> Any HMO (non-Kaiser) >> Kaiser.  Don't go
           cheap on your health.  If you knew in advance when you were going
           to get sick, you wouldn't need insurance, would you?
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