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2002/7/8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:25296 Activity:very high
7/8     what's the real difference between the 11 dollar skateboard bearings
        and the 30 dollar skateboard bearings(for a set of 8)?
        is it worth buying the expensive ones?   -cheapskate
        \_ If you don't know then it wouldn't matter to you anyway.  Save your
           money until you know what you're doing.
           \_ i just bought the 7 dollar set.  if they wear out four times
              as fast as the 30 dollar ones, they're still a good deal.
              the set of bearings on my current board has been getting hard
              use for about three years now, and they're pretty much
              shot.  sure beats car maintenance.
        \_ only things you wud prob notice are how fast they wear out
           and get gunked and possibly how fast they are or how much
           you gotta kick.. -shac
        \_ Wear, noise.  Loud bearings suck.  -John
        \_ You pay for the ABEC rating, which determine the smoothness of the
           bearing.  Bones are prob ABEC 7 or higher (they don't say), while
           those $11 dollar set are prob ABEC 1.  Also, Bones are sealed on
           both sides of the bearing while some are sealed on one side and
           others none at all.
           \_ thank you for the only useful response.  the 7$ ones i got
              are ABEC 3.  oh well.  i'll get the fancy ones if
              they wear out too fast.
        \_ Good ball bearings are not trivial to make.  Ball bearings
           factories are targetted during WWII.
                \_ interesting fact but how is this relevant?
                        -motd relevance god
                   \_ European ball bearing factories are newer than those
                      in the US? Personally I feel the author was acting as
                        \_ Huh?  What prompted you to ask that question?
                           \_ It was a nonsensical conclusion created in the
                              face of a pointless fact.
                      a know-it-all with no sense of grammar and tense.
                   \_ It, like all things, involves yermom.
2002/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25297 Activity:high
7/7     Where's and what's its replacement?
        \_ What's its replacement? When?
           \_ Why would it be replaced?
                \_ relevance? -motd relevance god
2002/7/8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25298 Activity:very high
7/7     I have many notes, scans, tex-files etc for my research and I want
        to organize them so that I can browse/search by subject, keyword,
        full-text, date etc.  What software should I use?  mysql/postgress?
        I wish it to have some backup, version control, and synchronization
        features, but it is just for personal use and needs not to be fancy.
        -- someone who never used mysql/postgress
        \_ mysql or postgres are probably more than you need.  You might
           take a look at CVS and CVSWEB.
        \_ dude!  linux is the answer!
                \_ relevance? -motd relevance god
        \_ Take a look at WebDAV.  I think that tomcat is bundled nowadays
           with a simple implementation...
           \_ None of the above support search or linking of related items,
              \_ Right.  And WebDAV supports metadata search, version
                 control, synchronization, linking, etc...
2002/7/8 [Industry/Startup] UID:25299 Activity:high
7/7     So nobody has any experience with going from full-time employee to
        contractor?  I'm going to post my question on various message boards
        on the net and see what I get.  I'll summarize the responses here if
        I get something interesting.  Thanks.
        \_ Did it, but not directly to the same company.  Also, I'm not
           very familiar with the way US jobs function, but being able to
           pull that sort of thing off here really depends a lot on both whom
           you know, and whether you've done a very good job when you were
           permie--word gets around.  The lack of perceived job security (as
           if there is such a thing) and routine (not the work itself but
           the trappings, like having the same desk every day) was tough
           to get used to.  -John
        \_ I'll bet the answer is still that no one has been that foolish.
        \_ From my experience in HR/recruiting, employees who go from FTE
           to contracting at the company are really just arranging an 'exit
           plan.'  With rare exception, anyone who does this is sending a
           message that they are moving away from commitment. --chris
           \_ What's it mean if the company wants the change?
              \_ As notice period is short in the US, it probably means
                 they want to cook their books a bit differently--contract
                 and permie salaries go on different accounts/budgets in most
                 companies (fixed vs. variable costs or something.  -John
           \_ does the op really mean doing this transistion w/in the same
              company? after readint the post I thought he meant FTE at
              some co. to contractor elsewhere or in general.
              \_ oops, i interpreted the post as "within the same company" -- i
                 have a friend who's trying to do this right now, and it's
                 tough going on a perception level.  i myself have gone from
                 FTE to contractor at a _different_ company -- not too hard,
                 it's mostly a mindset change. --chris
        \_ Legally the company can not let you go from FTE to contractor with-
           out a waiting period.  This is for the employee's protection.  Not
           for the same company.
           \_ What if both parties agree on it?  -John
              \_ No.  That's the point of the law so a company can't force a
                 FTE into an hourly contract and fuck them over.
        \_ Finally some responses!  I meant going from FTE to contractor in
           the SAME company.  I like this company and I like my boss.  I just
           don't give a damn about stock options or medical insurance.  I
           have not been sick in four years, so any medical insurance I get
           is the high deductible hospitalization kind.  And it's cheap.
           And I also want to take full advantage of the tax shelters with
           being self employeed.  Thanks for all the responses so far.  This
           is useful.
           \_ Illegal.  You need a 6 month gap between your last FTE paycheck
              and your contract start date.
                \_ Been there done that. Not illegal. Wanna cite a reference?
           \_ It can be tough. You have to do all your own billing, insurance,
              taxes, etc. You should charge at least 30% over what you make
              now. You might see if you can find a consulting company that
              will do all of the overhead stuff for a mimimal cut. Your
              tolerance for paperwork must increase. Remember the magic
              phrase "You don't get paid unless you bill hours. And then
              they have to approve the billing." Beware of traps of working
              unapproved (and thus unpayable) overtime, unobtainable goal
              and deadline payments, and sheer overwork.
2002/7/8 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/HW/IO, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:25300 Activity:kinda low
7/8     The mouse was invented by a Cal alumus IN THE SIXTIES!
        \_ bh showed his presentation in lecture when I took CS 61A. It was
           interesting. --dim
        \_ yeah, but he was working at Stanford.  Engelbart also invented
           hyperlinks, I think.
2002/7/8-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25301 Activity:high 57%like:25378
7/8     All of my CGI scripts on Soda have died all of a sudden.
        Error message:
        Premature end of script headers: (filename.cgi)
        What gives?
        \_ CGI suexec has not been built into the new apache httpd.
           if user www cannot read/execute your .cgi script, it will
           fail to run. suexec will be added later. -- jwang
                                             \_ approx timeframe?
             \_ if www CAN read/execute your script (perm 755),
                then you get the message described above.
                if www CAN NOT read/execute your script (perm 700)
                then you get a server error "mod_mime_magic: can't read
                'filename'." either way it doesn't work.
           \_ hmm.. couldn't basic things like suexec support be tested
              and ironed out before switching to the new httpd?
              \_ fuck off
        \_ .shtml doesn't work either.
             \_ Which part?
2002/7/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25302 Activity:nil
7/8     A default timeout of 10 minutes has been added to /csua/bin/me.
        Use -t to override.  Bugs to me. --scotsman
2002/7/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:25303 Activity:moderate
7/8     Anyone use any SMTP anti-virus software? Anything free out there
        which at least detects for the major viruses like Klez?
        \_ google: klez procmail
        \_ Anyone use Symantec's MailGear or similar products?
        \_ I am using exim+exiscan+SAVI. SAVI is not free but
           there is a trial version available. --jsjacob
2002/7/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25304 Activity:high
7/8     Is there a way to make motdedit figure out when you're booted off?
        I just logged in after my net died last night, and found that I'd
        still had the motd locked.  -John
        \_ I supposed I could add like a 5 minute default timeout of the
           lock.. --scotsman
           \_ Don't bother.  Apparently scotsman has beat you to it. -pld
2002/7/8 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:25305 Activity:very high
7/6     The sky is falling!  We're all dead by 2050 if we don't colonise *TWO*
        planets by 2050!!!  So says WWF.  So let's see, we ran out of oil about
        15 years ago, the planet froze 10 years ago, 5 years ago we ran out of
        food and clean water.  And now they tell me we'll run out of whatever
        was left by 2050.  Kinda convenient none of them will be around to get
        laughed at in 2051.,6903,750783,00.html
                \_ relevance? -motd relevance god
        \_ Besides disagreeing on the conclusion, which particular statistics
           in the article did you find untrue?
                \_ I wouldn't trust a scientific study done by the World
                   Wrestling Federation -motd relevance god
                   \_ motd relevance god, you are a hypocrite.
                   \_ Wildlife not Wrestling you troll.
                      \_ There's very little difference - both are shams
2002/7/8-10 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Science/Biology] UID:25306 Activity:insanely high 50%like:25845
7/8     A moment of silence for Gene Kan.  RIP.
        \_ who?
        \_ how did he die?
        \_ Care to provide more info?
        \_ the one who wrote the open source Gnutella?
        \_ (URL inserted at top so out of chronological order:). DETAILS:
Gene Kan


Better human being than most.
        \_ Sun PR says it was an accident:
        \_ Does anyone know if there will be a public service?
           Gene will be very missed, even by those that haven't seen
           him for a while. -randal
        \_ a new Wired news writeup indicates suicide.
           \_ anyone archive his resume?
           \_ no duh!!! When a Chinese family shuts up about the method of
              death it's almost always a suicide because there's suppose to
              be a mark of shame for the family. If it's heart attack or
              cancer they'd have nothing to hide.
              \_ is this type of thinking documented somewhere? Url?
                          Because if it ain't on the Internet, _/
                          it can't be true
                 Just culturally curious and trying to keep you honest.
                 The other sources said it was an "accident".
                        \_ one of the Buddists' rules says that you'll
                           go to hell if you commit suicide. Another common
                           saying is "It's better to live like a dog than
                           to die like a king." It's a Chinese thing.
                           \_ When the "quote" gets so specific I suspect
                              you do know what you wrote is incorrect.
                              Suicide's paving the road to hell has been a
                              long held belief of Catholics, and possibly
                              other religions also consider it as self-murder.
                              But buddhism is conspicuously not in that group.
                              Indeed buddHists monks routinely, though not on
                              large scale, commit suicide.  Most families
                              feel uneasy about the suicide of a member, in
                              addition to pain.  It's of course possible that
                              your family doesn't, if you have one, and they
                              will go to Jerry's show over your body.  Asian
                              families, and to some extent every group that
                              in general have more "family values" than trailer
                              tribes tend to prefer to keep such thing private,
                              which I like, and lean toward denial, which
                              than die well."  There is neither dog
                              nor king, and it is an attitude usually ascribed
                              to the lower classes who supposedly have no
                              shame.  There are many more sayings to the
                              contrary for the self-respecting ones, so you
                              I don't.  BTW, the saying you quoted literally
                              translates to "it's better to live marginally
                              than die well."  There is neither dog nor king,
                              and it is an attitude usually ascribed to those
                              who have no shame and will do or say anything to
                              get by.  There are many more sayings to the
                              contrary for the self-respecting ones, but you
                              don't have to know them.
              \_ same with many christian families.  like my folks did
                 when my brother did it.  berkeley gets another...
              \_ Doubt it. If he died of AIDS or Bob Crane-style, they'd
                 shut up about it.
            \_ yeah, Chinese families--"what?  you only sold InfraSearch for
               $10 million!?"  too much pressure.
2002/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25307 Activity:high
7/8     Since WWF matches are fake, the two wrestlers know the results ahead
        of time, right?  How is it decided that who's supposed to win and who's
        supposed to lose?  Thx.   -- FOB
        \_ popularity and storyline.'s WWE.  get the F out.  -uctt
        \_ basically, whatever will keep the fans' interest.
           \_ So it's the WWE, not the two wrestlers or their agents, who
              decices which of the two is going to win?  I see.   -- FOB
        \_ I still can't get over the fact that they did NOT merge
           with Monster Truck Racing.
2002/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25308 Activity:nil
7/8     Florida stays all executions
        \_ Ah, gotta love the Florida activist court!
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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