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2002/7/6-8/9 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:25289 Activity:nil
07/05   OS upgrade, bugs to root. --Galen
2002/7/6-8/9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25290 Activity:nil
07/05   Apache upgraded, bugs to dev-null@soda. In the future if you
        see a problem mail root rather than venting on the motd. Yes,
        we read bugtraq, as is demonstrated by the fact that security
        issues are normally handled quickly. --Galen
2002/7/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25291 Activity:high
7/5     Can someone with root fix the /etc/termcap link?
        \_ rather, mv termcap.orig termcap
           \_ or at least cp
2002/7/6 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25292 Activity:low
7/5     What is the purpose of having subkeys in the PGP/GPG encryption
        \_ for rounds.
2002/7/6 [Industry/Startup] UID:25293 Activity:high
7/6     I have a full-time position at a large company.  I'm thinking of
        asking them to turn me into a contractor so that they can pay
        me more and NOT provide any benefits.  Has anyone done this or
        heard of anyone who have done this?  Note that I'd be an independent
        contractor and not going through any agency.  I'm wondering how much
        more I can get by becoming an hourly contractor.  I heard companies
        actually save money because they don't have to pay me any medical
        insurance and such.  Thanks.
        \_ Don't count on keeping more money - taxes will be higher and you'll
           have to find insurance on your own at higher rates than the
           company's group rates.  Plus, whenever times are tight, contractors
           are usually the first out the door.
           \_ Also, not sure if this is just my company or if it's law, but
              contractors can't stay more than 3 years. They have to leave
              the company for 3 months before contract can be renewed.
              \_ Not the law, really, but due to a finding against m$
                 by a bunch of long term contractors who sued claiming
                 they were denied stock options.
        \_ I know lots of people who have done contractor->employee, but
                none who went the other way.
2002/7/6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25294 Activity:nil
7/5     I have valid XHTML 1.1 web pages on soda that were working fine
        with the previous web-server, but since yesterday (upgrade),
        I get a error in opera 6.03:
        "XML parsing failed: not well-formed (256:16)".  What should I do?
        \_ I should Read the motd.official. Sorry.
2002/7/6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25295 Activity:nil
7/6     Tuskegee Airmen leader Davis dies

i disagree with you.
\_ Indeed.
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