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2002/7/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25281 Activity:very high
7/4     I'm working in the Linux kernel (2.2.16) and I have a userspace address
        from the process I am running in the context of.  I want to find the
        mapping for this address and a given length into physical memory
        addresses.  Any ideas on the best way to do this? --jwm
        \_ Is there anyone on soda that knows the Linux VM system?
           \_ Yes.
              \_ Ok then, I want to do I/O with memory that is in userspace
                 and I don't want to have to touch it with the CPU. What is
                 the normal method for doing this?  I have looked at several
                 ways so far and none seem to be possible to do in a
                 straight-forward manner.  I am currently looking at working
                 around the VM system and doing it myself, but I would rather
                 \_ Shut the fuck up you moron.
        \_ jwm, one of the last CSUA FreeBSD kernel hackers.  Alas, he has
           fallen to the evil one.  Let us all mourn (again) the passing
           of an era.
           \_ I've not given up on BSD, it's work, and it pays the bills.
              If I had my way, Linux would get sent packing, but I don't
              and, it's still what I have to use. --jwm
              \_ you will be assimilated -daveh
                 \_ Yeah, right.  I'm too powerful to be assimilated by Linux.
                    Linux is my tool, but definitely not the sharpest tool in
                    the shed. --jwm
                    \_ we welcome jwm to work with the tool, and we look fwd
                       to working with him.  - openminded linux programmer.
        \_ I quit trying to use the VM system I'm disgusted with it. Anyone
           that took 162 with FreeBSD and bitch should be VERY happy that
           that took 162 with FreeBSD and bitched should be VERY happy that
           Linux wasn't used. It's a steaming pile.
           \_ Didn't someone rewrite it recently?
                \_ Maybe, but I can't upgrade.
2002/7/5 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:25282 Activity:high
7/4     One does not see this from the Post often:
        Thank You, America
        \_ I love July 4th.  It's the one day each year I don't have to read
           or hear anything from the Hate America goons.
           \_ Do CSUA conservatives just assume that anyone who doesn't
              have the non-sensical "READ FREEREPUBLIC AND GO TO TEXAS
              YOU FUCKING COMMIE LIBERAL" attitude is automatically
2002/7/5 [Industry/Jobs, Finance/Shopping] UID:25283 Activity:very high
7/4     Just graduated, and the money situation is ok. So I'm thinking of
        just taking a little time off and relaxing at the folks house
        for a little while or until the economy picks up (not that I have a
        choice). (related to below post) What are some good (possibly open-
        source) projects I can dedicate some time to?  And what are the best
        ways to get started on these kinds of things?
        \_  Art is good.  Pick a medium and take a class.  If you really
            like it you'll get better.  Pick a form which takes a lot
            of time and organizational skill to thin your competition.
            Or enslave yourself to my film crew for extra cool points.
            We always have openings, and it's not pr0n.  -brain
        \_ Mistake.  Any "holes" in your resume will raise questions when you
           finally do decide to join the economy.  And btw, it might be years
           before it picks up again.  Say hi to yermom for me. (sorry, I had
                   to take the cheap shot, it was so there).
           \_ is saying, "I spent the last year working on open source
              projects" that bad?
              \_ Depends on how you say it. You make it seem that you took
                 the time off for a "good" reason. If it's shareware, make
                 it something that has a public release. If it's 3-6 months
                 off, it's acceptable to say you took time off to celebrate
        \_ I'm doing this (sort-of) right now;  working on a part-time
           contract, setting up our apartment.  The hardest thing is to
           get used to relaxing and not feeling guilty about not working
           full-time.  I suggest taking some certification exams, since it's
        \_ i did have to explain where i was for a year.  I said, "Peace corps."
           even "Missionary work in Sierra Leon" works.
           probably nice weather outside to go prepare with a book in the
           park.  Get a ton of exercise, tank up on sun (unless you're in SF),
           and buy an old laptop to go work away from home on stuff you feel
           like--otherwise you just end up sitting around at home and pr0n-
           hosing.  -John
        \_ i did have to explain where i was for a year.  I said,
           "Peace corps." even "Missionary work in Sierra Leon" works.
2002/7/5 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25284 Activity:nil 66%like:24819 66%like:25138 60%like:25368 85%like:25407
7/5     ucla cs guy: Have you found a place yet? - ucla ee guy
        \_ and thus begins the relationship.
2002/7/5-6 [Industry/Startup] UID:25285 Activity:low
7/5     I used to check out Datek's services and commissions before.  For
        whatever reasons, I ended up choosing TD Waterhouse; I think it was for
        the local branches around the Bay Area, reasonable commission, and
        security of it not going out of business soon.  A friend just
        reccommends Datek to me.  After checking Datek's homepage, I think
        $9.99 for limit market orders, $11.24 for limit option orders, plus
        free real-time stock price streaming and real-time charting(?).  Anyone
        has any experience and/or comments regarding these two services?
        \_ Kinney, is the motd a part of your network?
2002/7/5 [Uncategorized] UID:25286 Activity:nil
2002/7/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:25287 Activity:moderate
7/5     Looking for a place to go for cherry/strawberry/etc. picking around the
        Bay Area.  Ideally, it's a within a 3 hours drive.  Anyone has any URLs
        or recommentions?  Searching with "California Cherry Picking Tourist"
        and different combinations at Google didn't return anything useful.
        \_ Do I just think the right way for google searches?  I searched on:
           pick cherries california tourism
           and got a ton of stuff. --scotsman
        \_ or
            \_ I was told by a professor that brentwood is a great
               place to go do something like that, in fact he recommended
               it just as something to do for fun.
2002/7/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25288 Activity:nil
7/5     How do I get sendmail to disclose the recipients? I RTFM and i can
        specify the from with -F and -f.  How do I specify the TO
        (or at least have it just USE the addresses it is really to!)?
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