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2002/7/1 [Science/Biology, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25247 Activity:high
6/28    Should I install apple's open-darwin or gnu's gnu-darwin?
        \_ What do you want to do? Why do you want to install darwin
           instead of Mac OS X? --twohey
           \_ to annoy you.
2002/7/1-2 [Consumer/Camera] UID:25248 Activity:moderate
6/28    hola, does anyone have a recommendation of a $300-$350 digital camera?
        pixel-wise, will any camera in that $ range be adequate for 4x6 prints+
        WEEB images ... i.e. pick based on mostly features and interface?
        [this is not for me, but an associate]. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ What is WEEB?
        \_ Canon ELPH S200 for $350. I've been happy with mine. It's simple
           to use and the picture quality comes out great.
           to use and the picture quality comes out great. It has the most
           compact form factor of any 2MP camera out there. I would say,
           go to or for info.
        \_ for web and 5x7 prints or smaller, you can get away with 1.3mega
           pixel camera.  I bought one for that purpose for $150.
           It all depend upon what you want.  If you want a camera
           that takes good picture, the one above will do.
           Number of Pixels is actually not that important.  Quality
           of CCD and to small extent, the optics of the camera is
           a bit more important.
                -- photo geek who has 7 lenses from 20mm to 500mm
                   in 35mm format and spend more money on film and
                   developing film than the equipment itself.
        \_ Nikon has 7 cameras in that price range, from the Coolpix 2500
           to the older 800/950/990 and the newer 775/880/885. Use dealtime
           for a good price (and comparison) or simply just cameraworld.
           They have good service and great prices.
           \_ Of these, I'd recommend the 775 or 885. The 2500 looks like a
2002/7/1-2 [Recreation/Music] UID:25249 Activity:very high
6/28    When you see a band on stange, can you tell by appearance which one
        is the bass guitar?
        \_ Yes.  It's the one with the thicker strings.  Usually four,
           though there are 7-string basses out there.  Also, bass players
           make this indescribable "bass player face."
           \_ You cant see the string thickness from far away, can you?
              The neck/head/fret doesnt look any different does it?
              \_ um... well, as there are only 4 strings, there are only
                 4 tuning keys.  the frets are each farther apart, and a bass
                 may be fretless.  the neck on any guitar or bass can vary
                 widely and rarely would lend you clues, say, if you saw it
                 from the back.  And yes, string thickness is MUCH different,
                 and should be discernable from a good hundred feet away.
           \_ the bass guitar is also usually longer than a normal one.
        \_ you can also tell by how it's played.
           \_ Yeah.  Just listen to the music and see who's fingers match with
              the base sound.
                  \_ I don't think basses sound that low or degrading.
              \_ Basses are base. The lower the pitch, the more base. Higher
                 pitch, more class.
        \_ yes
2002/7/1 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25250 Activity:kinda low
6/28    I've been looking at web-based calendars. Has anyone tried/been happy
        with one of these? I noticed prospector, in particular is GPLed, which
        I like because it guarantees no ads.
        http:/ , etc.
        I've noticed that one of these web calendars had a nasty security hole,
        is one concern.
        \_ Which one has a hole?
2002/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25251 Activity:very high
7/1     Silly observation: An internet worm that runs on Apache servers on
        FreeBSD is running amuck.  We run apache (older version) on FreeBSD
        on soda.  Shouldn't this be fixed ASAP?

        11:54am eric@soda ~ > /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -v
        Server version: Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)
        Server built:   Sep 15 2000 17:35:27

        \_ Indeed.  Mail root.
          \_ This is a 2 week old issue.  That's why it's in the motd.
             \_ And yet still no one has mailed root.
                \_ so let's see: either no one on root reads the motd, or
                   slashdot, or bugtraq, or, or any of
                   the dozens of other places they might have heard about this
                   hole, or...they don't give a shit.  Do you really think
                   mail to root will make a difference?  Occam's Razor.  -tom
                   \_ They upgraded OpenSSH to version 3.4 recently, so they
                      must have been reading something to find out that
                      there is a problem with openssh. It is surprising that
                      apache went without being upgraded for so long..
                      \_ *Someone* on the motd said a day or two ago that this
                         was only a DoS attack and we should not worry our
                         pretty little heads about it.  *cough*  *ahem*
                         \_ What DoS attack? Real remote exploits for apache
                            on *BSD have already been posted and there are
                            apache worms speading on the net. Would you feel
                            good if script kiddiez got a shell on soda, even
                            if it is running as "nobody"?
                            \_ No I would not, but *other people* around here
                               who think they're a lot smarter and a lot more
                               talented than they are (they're certainly loud)
                               were claiming a day or two ago that this is just
                               a DoS and not a real exploit and we should all
                               just relax.  Fortunately these really smart and
                               talented people usually sign their posts so we
                               will all eventually learn to ignore their tech
                               info and advice.
                \_ csua have been rooted already.
                   \_ all your httpd are belong to us.
2002/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25252 Activity:very high
7/1     Seems to bm like the ultimate new web browser feature would be a way
        for the browser to restrict/block web pages from popping up new
        windows.  But, for business reasons, we'll probably never see this.
        Sort of like the tire companies not letting LA build a subway system.
        \_ Netcaptor, you fucking idiot.
        \_ Hi kinney!  Your drivels are getting shorter all the time.  What
           \_ kinney hasn't logged in since Friday.
              \_ Paolo does it for him.
        \_ Mozilla.  New to this whole computer thing?
           \_ Go read and learn something you fucking commie
              \_ Hi ultra-leftist-idiot-pretending-to-be-ultra-rightist-idiot.
                 No cookie, troll.
                 \_ Why don't you go to Texas and learn something you fucking
                    commie liberal.
                    \_ Yawn.  Still no cookie.  Like to try again?
                       This doesn't even qualify for Intro To Troll-1A.
        \_ what tire companies are these?
           \_ Didn't you see Roger Rabbit?
        \_ Konqueror.  There are Other Browsers, ya know.
                       \_ Yeah, you forgot about lynx. or links.
                          \_ Or w3m.
                             \_ telnet hostname 80; GET
                                \_ w3m is a far cry from telnet to port 80.
                                   hell, it's a far cry from lynx.  try it
                                   out sometime.  you'd be surprised.
           \_ not for long, not if MS/Palladium has its way.  You'll take
              the software they give you, and you'll like it, and you'll
              pay for its use (not _for_ _it_. you dont get to own software
              any more, only rent it).
              \_ But it'll make me safe from all those viruses!
2002/7/1-2 [Health] UID:25253 Activity:nil
7/1     A must read for all you health and environmental conscious people:  This is a follow on to "Diet for
        a new america" by John Robbins.
2002/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25254 Activity:high
7/1     What's your impression of the quality of Apple engineering? My
        wife asked me this question and the best answer I had was, "well,
        it's, uh, complicated." Before OS X came out, Apple had reputation
        for innovation but not for delivering products in a timely manner.
        Now that OS X is out, it seems that they're being taken a bit more
        \_ Apple used to do very interesting R&D, but had a serious case
           of the "not-invented-here" syndrome. under OS X, Apple is more
           able and more willing to leverage standards. however, they are
           also now more focused on Product Development rather than
           pie-in-the-sky research.
           so yes, it's complicated. -- long-time Apple user.
           so yes, it's complicated. -- long-time Apple loser.
        \_ Apple UI was always a step ahead (of microsoft, etc) but their
           actual underlying technology has always sucked.  Think cooperative
           multi tasking.  Think finder.  Think different.
        \_ Engineering?  Hardware or software?  OS or BIOS or apps?  Product
           design or board or ASIC?  Apple product design is acknowledged to
           be tops.  Board guys are board guys, but pc motherboards aren't
           stressful board designs anyway.  I always thought they had pretty
           wimpy chip teams (even when I was a chip guy there).  I thought
           Apple had ok OS types (considering the baggage they had to carry),
           but the BIOS was pure black magic, and no one at Apple fully
           understood it even 8 years ago.
           \_ One more comment...  I noticed that the mass unwashed tends to
              equate innovation with product design.  In that case, Apple
              has a reputation for innovation.  I wouldn't say that Apple
              has a strong reputation for doing exciting engineering in
              other areas.
                \_ exciting or quality?  IMO there's a big difference.
        \_ You know, apple invented pc, gui, mouse, laser printer, ethernet,
           combustible computing, pda, risc, the concept of proprietary
           software and look&feel, lawsuits, cloning, and now "the most
           advanced OS  ever."
           \_ Apple did NOT invent the mouse.  The mouse was invented at SRI.
              I saw the first mouse on display there when I interviewed.
              Combustible computing, on the other hand...
                -- ilyas
2002/7/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25255 Activity:nil
7/1     Spam Map:
2002/7/1-2 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:25256 Activity:moderate
        If you took CS160 in Fall '97, this guy was in our class.
        \_ if you took CS160 in Fall '99, he was (originally) one of the TAs.
        \_ I lived in the same coop as Hesham 10+ years ago.  Decent guy.
        \_ I lived in the same coop as yermom 10+ years ago.  Decent guy.
2002/7/1-2 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:25257 Activity:very high
7/1     When two women hug, their breasts will touch each other.  How do
        you straight women feel about that?   -curious
        \_ when two men hug, their penises may touch one another. How
                                 not if they are wearing pants_/
           do you straight men feel about that? No, wait, most straight
           men are freaked out by such things but think two women getting
           it on is a total rush. Grow up.
           \_ men don't hug, faggot.
           \_ men don't hug knee to knee when they rarely hug.  It was a nice
              try at post-feminist over-reaction but frankly that whole thing
              is quite passe and "done".  As my ultra fascist psycho radical
              lesbian feminist friends would say, "Grow up".
              \_ Hmm they usually say "That's not funny."
                 \_ They used to.  Now they just go off on your endlessly and
                    try to verbally batter you into submission.
        \_ do men (straight or otherwise) worry about offending women
           (straight or otherwise) when they hug women and press hips?
           yes, grow up.
           \_ Who the hell are all you people out there who press hips when
              they hug?  Where are all these hip smashing huggers?  I've
              *never* seen or heard of such a thing.  Breasts touch, hips do
              not.  Try some basic biology or better yet just go out there and
              hug someone instead of spreading the hate on the motd.
              \_ it's hard to reach the keyboard while hugging.
                 \_ Oh, well, yeah there's that.
        \_ Another slow day at the
2019/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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