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2002/6/26 [Computer/SW/Database, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:25196 Activity:high
6/25    Search the H-1B database, apparently there are 1,000,000+
        as of 3/12/2002
           "The promiscuous immigration programs for studies or work in
           the United States allow foreign terrorists easy passage into the
           United States. Given the tragic events of September 11, 2001, all
           nonimmigrant visas should be immediately halted in the interest
           of national security."
2002/6/26 [Uncategorized] UID:25197 Activity:nil
6/25    What's a good place to rent a battery powered amp. and
        microphone.  Preferably in Berk. or oakland? -crebbs
2002/6/26 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:25198 Activity:kinda low
6/25    cvs ci keeps telling my that I have modified a file, even though
        I haven't, and cvs diff agrees with me.  What's going on?
        \_ a very well crafted, but devious, practical joke.
           \_ the joke is called cvs, but here is a quick work around:
              1. rm the offending file
              2. cvs update the offending file
              3. cvs ci -> should work without complaints
2002/6/26 [Science/Physics, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:25199 Activity:very high

        Almost half of the U.S. recipients of the 2000 Nobel Prizes
        were immigrants to the United States. In the fields of
        Physics, Chemistry and Physiology, three American immigrant
        scientists were rewarded for their outstanding achievements.

        According to a 1998 National Research Council Report, about
        a third of U.S. winners of the Nobel Prize were born outside
        of the U.S. Further, between 1901 and 1991, 44 of the 100
        Nobel Prizes awarded to U.S. researchers were won by immigrants
        or their children.
        \_ a large fraction of these are a very specific group of people:
           european jews who immigrated by way of the nyc area.  City College
           was a free school that did not have quotas on jews as did MIT,
           Harvard, etc in the 30's and 40's, and it produced an absurdly
           high number of nobel prizes for a free school no one had heard of.
           many factors combinded to make this incredible generation of
           scientists, but it was an oddity of history from which it
           is dangerous to draw general conclusions.
           \_ Don't bring facts into this.  H1b == Nobel winner!  Yeah!
        \_ They forgot to include relevant figures such as the percentage
           of the general US population that is 1st or 2nd generation
           \_ Currently, 1st and 2nd generations make up about 20 percent,
              about 10 percent for each.
              \_ Aha, but what about in 1901?
        \_ How many H1-B's?
        \_ I hope this isn't some bizarre attempt to say that since the feds
           go out of their way to import top scientists from around the world
           that H1b's are good too.  Just don't even go there, it's such a
           stupid comparison.  We *should* be stripping the rest of the world
           of their top scientists.  That's good for America.  It is *not*
           good for American to import hundreds of thousands of the poorly
           trained dregs so Cisco and Sun can pay dirt to foreigners while
           more highly skilled US citizens are collecting unemployment.
           \_ have you considered that you're either demanding too much money,
              or not as highly skilled as you think you are?
              \_ Excuse me but I'm fully employed.  You're trying to deflect
                 the point (poorly).  I'll spell it out for you again:  Buying
                 foreign Nobel quality scientists is good.  Buying low wage
                 low skilled workers to replace skilled Americans is not good.
                 H1b's are not Nobel winners.  Thanks for the cheap shot and
                 the weak rhetorical attack.  I suggest a few weeks in an
                 intro Rhetoric course.
                 \_ So you're not unemployed, just irrationally xenophobic?
                    \_ You're still ducking.  Thanks for playing, troll.
                       \_ I wasn't the original poster.  But, it is quite
                          clear from your ignorant statements that you are
                          quite xenophobic.  The original poster said nothing
                          about this article leading any proof to why H1-B
                          visa status is good.  He was just citing an example.
                          However, your blanket statement about all H1-B's
                          being untrained and and unfit for employment in the
                          U.S. is indicative of poor mental hygiene.  Go back
                          to Georgia, you hick.
                          \_ It was an obvious response to threads from
                             yesterday.  Not my fault if you weren't around.
                             Go find it in the archives instead of slinging
                             meaningless personal insults.  It's really easy
                             to scream "RACIST!" and dismiss someone entirely
                             without responding.  It shows "poor mental
                             hygiene".  It's always much harder to actually
                             respond intelligently, especially when you're not.
                             I'm done feeding you cookies, troll.
2002/6/26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:25200 Activity:nil
6/25    Saudi Arabia working hard on bringing peace to the middle east.  Not.
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25201 Activity:high
6/26    Upgrade to OpenSSH 3.4 ASAP:
        \_ so is 3.3 fixed too (i thought) or just better because of
           \_ 3.3 doesn't have a fix but if you enable priv sep on 3.3,
              the exploit won't result in a remote root explot
                \_ I don't know how you run your systems but i'd wager that
                   for most people (certainly for me) any remote exploit is
                   a remote root exploit.  There are simply too many local
                   exploits to always have them all fixed.
                   \_ Agreed. However one advantage of priv sep is that even
                      if sshd falls victim to a exploit, the intruder only
                      has user level access and them must find out which
                      of your local binaries have local exploits. This
                      leaves a trail which you can use to track the intruder
                      \_ Not really.  By the time they find a local exploit,
                         which will be about 18 seconds on a bad day, you
                         won't be tracking anything.  Once they get a local
                         shell with any account it's all over.
        \_ Thanks for the link.  I was happy to see a quick kludge in there.
           I don't have time to deal with a full upgrade for real right now.
           \_ Just so you know turning off ChallengeResponse is a hack to fix
              the one known exploit, but it isn't a fix for the whole class
              of exploits that were found and fixed by the OpenSSH team in
              3.4. Try to upgrade as soon as you can.
                \_ On my list for tonight.  I didn't want to do it remotely
                   and fuck it up and cut myself off from my server.  Thanks
                   for pointing that out.
2002/6/26-27 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25202 Activity:moderate
6/26    Looking to buy a condo or townhouse. Please direct me to some
        online listings...
        \_ There are some better sites for some areas. Where are you looking
           to buy? -ausman
                \_ east bay -- OP's competition (if the same area)
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25203 Activity:high
6/26    Mozilla: wow.  I was down on the mozilla project for a long time but
        now that I've been using final product since it came out I've gotta
        say it's really damned good.  Switched from ie6 to moz1 on all my
        machines at work and home.  Tabbed one click browsing just simply
        rocks.  Finally having control over popups and other js crap without
        third party plugins rocks.  Great stuff.  -- ex-anti-mozilla zealot
        \_ If you're not using IE, you're anti-American.
           \_ What about people who use OmniWeb or Netscape? They are
              commercial US products.
              \_ But they're not Microsoft.
                 \_ So using non-M$ products makes you anti-american?
        \_ You fucking long-haired hippie liberal free-loader
           \_ I may be a hippie, and I may be a free-loader, but I'll be
              damned if I have long hair.
        \_ just switched myself. cool. Any keyboard shortcut to switch
           between tabs?
           \_ Ctrl+PgUp or Ctrl+PgDown
        \_ no google toolbar for mozilla? Can't live w/o the Google Toolbar.
           \_, answering my own question
           \_ Don't really need it.  You can set your preferences to query
              google when you enter text into the URL box and hit tab.
2002/6/26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25204 Activity:nil
6/26    I'm sick and tired of this shit. Just email me, ucla ee guy.
        \_ finally!
        \_ what if everybody sent email to that address?  how would he
           know who is the real ucla ee guy?
           \_ I already signed it up as a few hot gay porn sites.
              \_ What good does that do?  That email address is just for
                 them to exchange their logins.
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25205 Activity:moderate
6/26    What happened to s/key?  Is there an alternative way to get
        one-time passwords to login from a potentially insecure machine?
        \_ ask root (and / or the VP ) to recompile soda's kernel
           and turn s/key and keyinit back on
        \_ s/key still works for me.
           \_ You haven't run out of keys yet. skeyinit is turned off.
2002/6/26-27 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Sports] UID:25206 Activity:very high
6/26    NCAA puts Cal football on five years probation for academic fraud.
        \_ Not only did Tom Holmoe make us arguably the worst
           division 1A football program in the nation for such
           a large public university, he was cheating to get us
           there.  Just great.
        \_ As if the one year ban from postseason actually hurts Cal. It's
           like banning the Cubs from the World Series.
           \_ hey, the Cubs almost made it to the World Series.
              \_ yeah, just one time, back in '89 until the Giants laid the
                 smackdown in NLCS.
              \_ The cubs have made it to the world series before (I think
                 it was 1930 or so)
        \_ Cal should disband it's athletics program and not stoop down to
           schools that also accept dolts with 400 SAT scores. They are the
           reason classes like physics for poets exist.
                              \_ Cal should stop accepting students who don't
                                 know the difference between "its" and "it's".
                                 \_ D00D U R 50 R1GH7!
                \_ too bad you don't realize that 1)universities make lots of
                   money thru athletic programs and 2) good athletics brings
                   prestige to universities and 3) a university full of
                   gEECS would be more boring than you can imagine.
                   \_ I have read a couple of studies where economists have
                      figured out that at a large university, pouring
                      money into a sports program ends up merely contributing
                      to a vicious spiral of more alumni donations that
                      go to more sports construction that leads to seeking
                      more alumni donations, so if the goal of your
                      institution is to have a giant money sucking
                      sports program, that's great, but if you instead
                      want to teach students or conduct research, it's
                      not worth it.  But hey FUCKING WIN THE BIG GAME ALREADY.
                   \_ yeah, just look at CalTech
                   \_ boring?  As if you interact with those animals at all
                      anyway.  Fortunately for you sports loving geeks, those
                      sub-human rapist freaks only go to the same school as
                      you in name only.
                      \_ It's about being able to go to games, not hanging
                         out with them.
                         \_ Buy season tickets to a local professional team.
                            You'll see better sports from better athletes and
                           a Fields medal is, except for about 1000 people or so.
                           millions, literally, know about sports.
                            will have that many fewer rapist animals on or near
                            the same campus you're trying to get an education
                            \_ more... or less?  I think you mean more
                               \_ I mean less.  If Cal does away with the
                                  idiotic 400 SAT scoring sub-humans on the
                                  sports side of things, there will be fewer
                                  rapists on/near campus.  I mean "less".
                             \_ I wasn't aware the football team was
                                full of date rapers, I thought that was
                                the rugby team?
                                \_ Who said "date rapers"?  I said "rapers".
                             \_ when was the last time a cal football
                                team member raped someone?  don't get
                                confused with the Oakland Raiders.
                   \_ Too bad you don't realize that 1) if money is the focus
                      of your life, then will be screwed  2) the prestiege
                      Cal could garner other than "our recruiting department
                      beat your recruiting department" is nil  3) who said
                      jettisoning the jocks means ONLY more gEECS
                   \_ 1) Cal makes more money via donations from Eng. alum
                         and the companies they work for and own than from
                         the sports program.
                      2) Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals bring prestige to
                         universities. A million superbowl rings can't even
                         begin to compare to a Nobel Prize or a Fields Medal.
                        \_ true, for the most part. but I guarantee you that
                           10 years of consecutive national wins in a major
                           sport (football or basketball) will earn as much
                           attention and, in turn, respect as will a Nobel
                           or Fields medal. hell, people don't even know what
                           a Fields medal is, except for about 1000 people or
                           so. millions, literally, know about sports.
                           \_ It's the wrong kind of attention.  Would you
                              rather be trying to form a career with a Cal
                              degree on your resume or a school with a great
                              football team and third world academics?  Yep....
                           \_ Right, that why schools like Nebraska, Miami, and
                              Florida St. are so prestigious.
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25207 Activity:high
6/26    If you use mozilla, you are a terrorist.
        Iff you ride linux, you are a communist.
        If you listen to bootleg slim shady, you are an anarchist.
        If you have dark skinned foreign colleagues, you are a traitor.
        GOD is not protecting America and Enron/Worldcom is collapsing
        all and only because of the EVIL likes of you.
        \_ And Andersen too?
           \_ Yes, Andersen was caused by your impure thoughts when you
              drove by the high school.
                \_ Or junior high these days.  Seen what 13 year olds look
                   like these days?  Damn!
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25208 Activity:moderate
6/26    On Unix and alike, what's the reason for imposing a limit of 19 on how
        much a user can lower his process' priority with "nice"?
        \_ But it goes to eleven... -John
           \_ Yeah but imagine if it went to like 20000!!!!  That'd be really
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