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2002/6/25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25185 Activity:very high
6/24    What is the condo market in SJ right now? What can I get for say...
        \_ May I suggest that you buy a townhouse instead of a condo? I don't
           think you'll stay in that condo for very long.  You want to get
           married and start a family right?  single family house is the
           best choice, townhouses next, and condos last.
        \_ nice condo for $400K. you must be looking in nice neighborhoods
           \_ ummm, no.  a nice condo in a nice part of sf will run you $600K+.
              $400K will get you an ok condo in medium to low priced areas
              in the city.  take it from someone who just sold a 2bdrm condo
              in the city for almost double that.
              \_ SJ == SF??
        \_ a new 3 bdrm condo in Sunnyvale was $600,000 in 2000. That's why
           I left the fuckin' Silicon Valley. The bubble's gonna burst soon.
           \_ And what happens then? Prices drop by *GASP* maybe 10%. Housing
              prices are not options. Face it. Most of us (us meaning folks
              who do not make >$80) will never be able to afford better than
              renting here in the Bay Area for the next twenty frickin' years.
              \_ Not that I think that will happen but prices can fall by
                 30% or 50% sometimes (Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, etc.)
                 after a bubble.
2002/6/25 [Computer/HW/CPU, Recreation/Food] UID:25186 Activity:very high
6/24    What's the difference between a food-processor and a blender?
        \_ the former chops, slices, dices, grinds
           \_ and the latter grinds, dices, slices and chops.
                \_ You ignorant slut!! A blender takes the food and chops
                   it up into tiny bits, sometimes liquifying it. A food
                   processor is designed to do more subtle stuff like
                   making slices of variying thikness or shapes.
2002/6/25 [Uncategorized] UID:25187 Activity:nil
6/24    Need help from any engineers here.. see - turin
        \_ mabye it would help if you rephrased the question in
2002/6/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25188 Activity:moderate
6/24    OpenSSH 3.3 with Privilege Separation now available.
        \_ and why should we care?
           \_ BIG security exploit in openssh if priv. sep. is not
              enabled and priv. sep. is available only in v 3.3
              \_ The problem has NOT been fixed in the priv. sep. openssh.
                 However, privelege separated openssh supposedly diminishes
                 the possibility of root compromisse. Keep in mind that
                 privelege separation is a new option and it does not work
                 well on many non-*BSD platforms.
              \_ ??  Got a url for the openssh problem?  I missed that one. tx
2002/6/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25189 Activity:high
6/25    Why was the MOTD so boring yesterday? Have people left early for
        July 4th? Last week, it was more interesting here.
        \_ What exactly do you want to see on the MOTD.  Political
        discussions have a habit of being deleted.
        \_ I think he's looking for sex talk. I'm not sure why, as CSUA
           isn't exactly the greatest place to seek out advice.
2002/6/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Industry/Jobs] UID:25190 Activity:very high
6/24    How many of you feel victimized the same way for being a citizen?
        \_ It's happened to me.  I know for a fact I lost out on a job I was
           qualified for to an H1b only because he cost dirt to hire.  I know
           because a friend in HR told me flat out.  It happens and it's
           illegal.  They've done 4 rounds of layoffs since then anyway so
           fuck em.
           \_ Don't worry.  Those low-cost H1Bs won't be able to get a green
              card with their salary history and will have to leave the
              country soon.
              \_ yeah but in the curent shortage of job openings, it's not
                 going to help us unemployed/undeemployed folks NOW.
                 \_ If you want to get rid of them now, I guess you can sue
                    the company or report them to INS.  But then you'll have to
                    explain how you know the H1Bs' salaries since supposedly
                    it's confidential.
                    \_ If I had bothered to file a complaint I sure as hell
                       would have spilled it all if I had to.  Anyway, I don't
                       have to know what the H1b got, I just have to know they
                       hired the Aussie and not me and have them investigate.
                       I predict death by xmas anyway so I'm happy fate and
                       karma has taken care of it.
              \_ Yes, but their job will follow them out of the country.
                 Soon all the "high-tech" work will be done in India and
                 China by barely tech literate people (by Berkeley EECS
                 standards) for peanuts. Software is about to become a
                 commodity and the days of six figures (at least in dollars)
                 for coders will be over shortly.
                 \_ Nonsense.  And no I'm not a programmer so I'm not worried
                    or threatened by the possibility.
                 \_ Then you can exploit the holes in the software and make
                    \_ No, you can't, since the feds will come to your house
                       take your computers and lock you up for violating the
                        \_ DMCA?  That has nothing to do with anything. Sheesh.
                           If you're going to whine about the gub'ment, please
                           at least educate yourself about it.
        \_ Follow Rep. Tom Tancredo who is authoring H.R. 3222 to kill
           the H1-B program.  He is also an active opponent to illegal
           immigration (eg. Bush's 245i amnesty).  FWIW you can read
           about him, where else, but
        \_ You're not victimized for being a citizen.  You're victimized for
           asking for a higher salary than those H1Bs.  This is not a case of
           discrimination.  Sun is "discriminating" against those getting
           higher salaries in favor of those getting lower salaries and doing
           the same jobs.  This is simply a business decision, not
           discrimination under law.  The real issue here should be whether
           or not those remaining H1Bs are getting below-market salaries,
           thus breaking the law.  That law relates to protecting US labor,
           not preventing discrimination.  -- former H1B
           \_ Last time I checked, these H1B workers are making way more
              than CA's minimal wage.  When is compensation below market
              average is breaking the law now?
              \_ I don't know when it started.  When my employer sponsered my
                 green card application six years ago, the lawyer had to do
                 some paperwork to quote several major salary surveys in this
                 area to prove that I was getting above-market salary.
           \_ No the real issue is whether companies should be allowed to
              import labor from the third world to replace citizens here.
              They're getting all the benefits of being an American company in
              the US but not paying their dues back to the country that makes
              their company's existence possible.  The answer is that they
              should not and are not legally allowed to hire an H1b to fill a
              job when there's an American available for the position.
2002/6/25-26 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25191 Activity:very high
6/24    Got that apache bug.  Our e-commerce based site with a few million
        users is vulnerable.  We're using some proprietary extension to apache
        so upgrading has become a "business decision".  Fucking nuts.  At least
        I'm on record as saying "patch it now!  super serious!  someone could
        hack in and wipe us out!" (paraphrasing my self of course).  Sigh.
        When will they ever learn?  And no, there's no fucking way I'm going
        to replace their proprietary apache with a totally open sourced one.
        \_ Lemme guess... websphere.  Move to a different fucking platform.
           \_ Not websphere.  I can't implement any changes or convince any
              one to do it or go along with it.  Just crossing fingers.
        \_ got backups?
           \_ Lots of it but not all.  It's many many terabytes worth anyway
              so even if we had perfect backups it would take uhm a long time
              to restore everything.
        \_ Get the vendor to release a fixed version.
           \_ I'm still guessing it's IBM's IHS, and GOOD FUCKING LUCK!
2002/6/25-26 [Science, Politics] UID:25192 Activity:moderate
6/24 --jon
        \_ DAMN YOU JON! I was trying to get work done today, too. DAMN YOU.
2002/6/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25193 Activity:nil 54%like:24661
6/25    /csua/bin/motd_warriors replaced by new version.
2002/6/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:25194 Activity:nil
6/25    Anyone heard of something KFC uses, called "Animal 57"?
        \_ chicken lips?
2002/6/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:25195 Activity:high
6/25    In terms of food, how health conscious are you?  College students?
        \_ Unconscious.
           \_ pizza?  Grease?  Cheese?
              \_ no, unconscious. passed out drunk.
        \_ I am willing to eat college students but Alumni are too crusty
           and stale.
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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