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2002/6/23-24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25172 Activity:moderate
6/22    Have housing prices come down in the past few months? I'm a potential
        condo/house owner.
        \_ no.
        \_ Prices have come down for over-$700K homes, most definitely. But
           for condos, expect prices to be about the same; but you should
           have less competition in the market. A townhome across the street
           from mine was in the mkt for 2+ months before being sold for $20K
           less than asking price. (this is in inner East Bay) Depending on
           where you are, I think things are getting slightly better, although
           my advice to you is probably to buy in the Fall after the dust
           settles and kids are going back to school (think parents, school
           district, etc.) Hope this helps!
           \_ one thing to keep in mind is that there is less supply, usually,
              in the fall, and prices might continue to rise by then as well,
              if this market continues to sizzle.
           \_ Do not gamble.  Find the house you like most with-in your price
              range and buy it now.  If the OP gambles and loses they'll be
              really fucked later.  If they gamble and win, they might save a
              few bucks or get a slightly nicer house but there isn't going to
              be any dramatic upward *or* downward pricing in only a few
              months.  Forget housing prices.  The real cost is in interest
              expenses which are *much* more likely to rise by Fall rather
              than decline any further.  They're already rock bottom low.  You
              may not see rates like this again for the rest of your life.
                --Happy homeowner who no-cost refied from 30yr/7.8 to 15yr/6.3
2002/6/23 [Industry/Jobs] UID:25173 Activity:high
6/22    To the liberals - have you ever had a positive experience
        dealing with any government agency (eg. DMV)?  Or, as in
        my experience, are all bureaucrats rude, lazy and painful
        to deal with.  Then take a look at the Federal Register
        (accumulation of SOME federal regulations since 1940):
        \_ I got pistol whipped once right by Reel Video and
           the nice cop gave me a ride home.
2002/6/23-24 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:25174 Activity:high
6/23    Where did this brand of cell phones, Kyocera, come from? Is it new?
        \_ Kyocera is a well-established Japanese company
        \_ Qualcomm sold their handset unit to Kyocera a little over two
           years ago. Cell phones have been sold under the Kyocera name
           for a while now. -lcddave
2002/6/23-24 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:25175 Activity:high
6/23    Why are the FreeBSD 4.6 .iso images less than 200 MB each?
        Couldn't both of those fit on one disk?
        \_ bad images?
        \_ the mini iso is ~200 megs.  The others are 600+ full cds.
           \_ can I do a base install w/ the mini isos?
              \_ no idea.  I use the boot floppy method.
2002/6/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:25176 Activity:insanely high
6/23    CNN finally admits bias in reporting and promises to not be such
        incredible fuckups in the future.
        \_ When US bombed China's embassy a while back, I don't recall
           there was ANY coverage on the victims neither.  Join the club.
           \_ Yes there was.  I recall names, body count, professions, and a
              bit about their families.
        \_ Hmm, I don't see any pro-Isarel US media being pressured to correct
           its bias.
           \_ Name em.
                \_ ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS
                   \_ *laugh* They're all pro-Palestinian if anyone ever was.
                      Anyway, no one who wants real news goes there anyway.
                      That's bubblegum news for the masses.  Why do you watch?
                      \_ yeah they go to instead!
                         \_ Yawn.  What a weak reply.  Total strawman.  There's
                            only one conservative on the motd lame enough to
                            use biased propaganda pseudo news like the free
                            republic web site as a source and I'm beginning
                            to think it's a lefty shill looking to create an
                            artificial strawman.  Get over it.
        \_ At the end of the article: "Jordan said the company was taking
           criticism from both sides, with Palestinian officials he met on
           Saturday accusing CNN of serving Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
           Sharon.  ``They believe that CNN is the propaganda arm of the
           the other way round.
           Sharon government,'' he said."
           \_ Palestinian whining is not at all the same as CNN admitting
              they fucked up.  The first is just a PR tactic.  The second is
              about CNN's guilt and correcting that misbehavior in the future.
              I can honestly claim CNN doesn't run enough stories about my
              daily events (zero so far! shocking!) but that doesn't mean CNN
              is biased against me since I'm not newsworthy, nor am I a savage
              terrorist murderer who targets school buses.
              \_ What's wrong with targetting school buses? The goal of
                 terrorism is terror after all. Get the fuck out of those
                 \_ You mean the settlements in places like the capitol where
                    buses and cafes are targets?  Settlements my ass.  They
                    won't be happy until the jews resettle in Atlantis.
        \_ I thought the US media has always been accused of pro-Isarel, not
           the other side.
           \_ Spend less time listening to Berkeley-style "liberal"
           \_ Uhm, no.  And as the above points out, accused by who exactly?
              SF/Berkeley is not the center of the country.
              \_ Arab countries, Europe, Japan, China. Pretty much the whole
                 world, except maybe India.
                 \_ Arabs countries? Uhm ok whatever.  European journalism is
                    extreme left wing and Europe is the home to anti-Semitism.
                    Japan is opposed to anything that might drag their economy
                    even further down.  It's easy to whine when someone else
                    is covering your ass.  And China is an enemy state which
                    is opposed to the US and her allies on general principle.
                    \_ and the principles are:  complete disregards of
                       international treaties of any sort, completely
                       disregards of sovereignty of other nation, for the
                       sole purpose of expand its economic interest and
                       overwhelmingly dominance over the world...
                        \_ This is what *all* countries do.  Next!
                       There was a time where Chinese were really look up
                       toward Americans (through out the 80s).  It's American
                       themselves start to treat China as an enemy after
                       TeinAnMen Square 13 yrs ago, after the collapse of
                       Soviet Union, as China become the only country
                       left has remote (and i mean REMOTE) chance to
                       chanllenge American's dominance over the world.
                        \_ You mean when the Chinese ran over peaceful
                           pro-democracy protestors with tanks?  With friends
                           like that I'd rather have enemies.
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