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2002/6/22-23 [Science/Electric] UID:25169 Activity:moderate
6/21    Is there any hope that a printer connected to twice its rated AC
        voltage before starting to produce smoke can be fixed by just
        replacing its powe supply?
        \_ Maybe.  Depends on whether the foolish owner managed to destroy
           the whole thing or just the ps.
           \_ Well, how does one find out if more than the PS is fried?
2002/6/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:25170 Activity:moderate
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And your point is? Check out the soda one.
2002/6/22-24 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:25171 Activity:high
6/22    Does anyone know of a video board which does:
        1)  Decent 3D
        2)  Decent 2D
        3)  Dual monitor
        4)  Supported by XFree86?
        5)  Support for at least 1600x1200 resolution?
        \_ If your're using Linux, get an Nvidia GeForce card of your choice.
           Nvidia driver support is pretty good for Linux (though, you might
           have to go to their site to download them)
           \_ they have dual monitor? which ones?
              \_ search pricewatch or similar site for Gefore(3|4) AND dual
                \_ Thanks, this advice was right on.  Now a follow up question,
                   (which I will research myself as well), how good are
                   the GeForceN MX boards?  --PeterM
                   \_ Looks like VisionTek Geforce4 400 MX Dual is it. -PeterM
                      \_ If you've got a few extra bucks get a g4-4200 instead.
                         It's almost as fast as the 4400/4600, doesn't cost
                         three arms and a leg and is a real gf4, which the MX
                         is not.
                      \_ The MX cards are usually stripped "Celeron"
                         equivalents of their more powerful GeForce
                         counterparts. Also someone once told me that the
                         Geforce 4 MX cards are architecturally the same as
                         Geforce2 cards. This article has a good chart
                         of various cards on the market with benchmarks:
                         \_ Uh yeah that's exactly what was said above about
                            the MX.
        \_ Why you needed 3D performances on Linux anyway?
                --linux newbie who care more about display a lot of text
                  clearly at high resolution.
            \_ I want some sort of 3D capability on the Windows side for
               the occasional game.  Also, my work might involve 3D stuff,
               though my home machine hasn't much horsepower for it.  Mostly
               I wanted dual-head support and 1600x1200 on XFree86.
               I have the board I mentioned above working fine.  --PeterM
               \_ Ah, xinerama...
               \_ Got the MX?  Oh woe....  Can you still return it?
        \_ MX is so much cheaper.  It's a good card if that's what youare
           looking for.
           \_ But it's already verging on obsolete.  It's the best tech from
              2-3 years ago.  A g4200 will have a much longer life.
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