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2002/6/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25159 Activity:nil
6/21    Please recommend a good/free schedule/script program.
        \_ for what OS?
        \_ cron?  could you describe your problem in more detail?
        \_ cron for unix, at for unix for one shot jobs, and nt/2k/xp have an
           at command which I've never used so best of luck with that one.
2002/6/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:25160 Activity:very high
        "The bottleneck on the Palestinian side is not the suicide attacker,"
        said a senior Israeli security official. "It's the bomb."
        \_ It will end only when Palestinian mothers love their children more
           than they hate the Israelis.
           \_ It seems to me that if Israel tried to make life better for
              the Palestinian's not as many would be willing to die in
              suicide attacks.  For example, if Israel built decent public
              schools, health care, etc. and took steps to make help
              Palestinians find decent jobs some of them might decide that
              rebuilding their country and moving forward is better than
              terrorism.  Then again, if one of my friends or family members
              was killed by a terrorist I might have a hard time taking
              such steps.
              \_ This is all UN controlled territory and the UN, EU, and others
                 pump many millions a month into the PA.  Where is all the
                 money going?  Not schools, jobs, or healthcare....  You're
                 looking to the wrong folks for these things.  Oh yeah, this
                 is also all supposed to be demilitarised land.  Why is the UN
                 sitting on it's ass while weapons pour into the area?  It'll
                 end when the Palestinians love their children.  As a side
                 note, this was all Jordanian territory untl 1967 and they ran
                 it even worse than the Israelis.  Why were mass Jordanian
                 executions ok but the Israelis are somehow supposed to be
                 lifting up the people who are specifically targetting their
                 children in a self-proclaimed "war of the buses"?
                 \_ because people have short memories.
                 \_ I'm not saying that what the Palestinians are doing is
                    good.  What they should be doing is massive non-violent
                    protests a la Gandi or MLK, but they aren't.  My point
                    was only that Palestinian parents won't start encouraging
                    their children to be peaceful unless they feel that
                    they can have happy, productive lives.  As long as life
                    sucks, their will be no shortage of martyrs.
                    \_ But Gandi and MLK both did it under severe adversity
                       and oppression. I don't understand why Palestinians
                       refuse to take the non-violent approach.
                       \_ Those activists that have tried non-violence
                          have been shot and beaten. They also tend to
                          get pushed aside for attention by the violent
                          types. In India, the independence movement had
                          both violent and non-violent elements and even
                          in the civil rights struggle, MLK was one of
                          the more moderate elements. Isreal is also far
                          more willing and able to use violence against the
                          Palestinians than Southern Sheriffs were against
                          King (sad but true). So, the short answer is,
                          many Palestinians have tried non-violence. The
                          longer answer is that non-violence is probably
                          only ever effective as one part of a multi-pronged
                          approach. Unfortunately, the Palestinians seem to
                          have lost sight of this as well, and are increasingly
                          dominated by the violent and desperate factions
                          such as Hamas, leaving the Isrealis with no one
                          reasonable to negotiate with.
                    \_ Wow. Both of your arguments are basically clearly
                       stated, respectful of others' points of view and
                       earn sympathy from the reader. Maybe the football games
                       have the normal crowd still asleep. In any case, I'm
                       afraid this thread is too decent for politics on the
                       motd. You're going to have to leave now.
                       \_ YOU ESS EH! YOU ESS EH! YOU ESS.. oh damn it...
                          \_ Try again in 2006.
                \_ Maybe the Palestinians wouldn't be so violent if their
                territority wasn't being littered with Israeli "Settlements"?
2002/6/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25161 Activity:high
6/20  in /csua/bin, new -s option for statistics
        \_ Needs to include # of yermom references.
           \_ The correct term is "Yermom Invocation" or YMI. And what's with
              all these people who can't figure out how to fucking format motd
              entries.  sheeit..
              \_ Uh-huh. How about you throw down some FAQ or a URL, bitch.
                 \_ It wasn't hard to figure out.  Follow the pattern you
                    fucking monkey!  You're a Cal student!  Figure it out!
          \_ Agreed. Something like a pipe to grep "yermom"|wc|awk'{print $1}'
            \_ I meant per thread.
2002/6/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25162 Activity:nil
6/20    Anyone has experience on reading and parsing XML documents via
        a socket?  My xerces parser doesn't know where the end of
        document is.  The work around documented on doesn't
        work either.
        \_ uh read till the end of the last tag?
2002/6/21 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25163 Activity:moderate
6/20  I'm so confused.  Isn't a non-routing network?   ...
        \_ should not be routing these packets. Neither should
           XO really, but they might have an agreement with CNC that
           makes it hard for them to filter traffic.
        \_ Welcome to the world of routing.  Sadly, certain Network Operators
           are, shall we say, less than clued.
        \_ A lot of providers use RFC1918 addresses for 'private' interfaces;
           frame relay clouds are a good example of this.  They're not
           supposed to be routed, but rather just used within a given
           cloud or circuit for routers to be able to contact each other.
           Sometimes routing information about these slips out, when someone
           exports a default route, or doesn't filter correctly (correct
           me if I'm wrong, but aren't some protocols, like OSPF, a pain
           to filter individual routes/networks with?) so people with
           different providers will see these addresses as "existing"
           in various places.  Shouldn't do any harm, it's just not very
           clean.  -John
           \_ still, one shouldn't be using RFC1918 addresses even for
               transit links, as it will get important ICMP messages generated
               by the routes filtered out.  Things like unreachables and
               fragmentation-needed stuff. Its sloppy/bad practice. -ERic
               \- terminal administrative domains such as put on a
                  lot of filters like this, but for some reason, various
                  transit domains like esnet are refusing to do so ... they
                  are saying there are some performance issues ... we didnt
                  argue much or demand to see the evidence but it is possible
                  there is sort of a reason, i.e. even if the overhead is
                  small, the fraction of these packets is vanishingly small
2002/6/21-22 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25164 Activity:high
6/21    Since keyinit has been disabled and ssh doesn't work for me (behind
        company firewall/proxy), what other options do I have to login to
        csua?  Already tried ssh with http-tunnel and socks2http.  -allenchu
        \_ Find someone who'll let you telnet into their shell account
           and ssh in from there. -Someone who ran out of keys too.
           \_ People like you are simply irresponsible bastards. You know
              the difference between telnet and ssh but you're still insisting
              on using telnet, potentially compromissing not only the security
              of your personal account on both machines but also compromissing
              the host security of both machines in general. Lots of root
              breakins start with sniffed passwords. But you, of course, don't
              give a flying f**k to this because you're probably not the one
              who will end up fixing the problems later.
              \_ If the company's firewall didn't block port 22,
                 he would of use SSH.  Just because you are an irresponsible
                 idoit doesn't mean everyone else is.
                 \_ that's not an excuse for using telnet and
                    jeopardazing the security of the entire machine. I am
                    also surprised that a company that filters outgoing
                    ssh still allows outgoing telnet.
                    \_ I doubt there is one.  It's too stupid to comprehend.
        \_ How did you post your question without logging in?
           \_ Because I have ssh at home. Also have a few keys left.
        \_ can you ssh to port 80 on scotch.csua
           \_ Thank you.  This might be it.  Of couse this assumes the
              lovely M$ proxy that prevented http-tunnel to work will
              not do the same to this solution.  -op
        \_ sorry, I haven't been paying attention: why is keyinit disabled
           \_  The answer I got was some sort of security hole w/ skey.
2002/6/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25165 Activity:moderate 50%like:23870 50%like:24290 66%like:26400 66%like:26401
6/21    Motd Poll about the motd!
        (feel free to add options and vote for more than one option)
                The motd...:
        Not enough censorship:
        (other choices deleted) ...
        Is easy to restore after being brutally chopped: .
        Is perfect the way it is: .
        Has too much censorship:
        Not enough censorship:
        Should only be for techie and student news:
        Should be changed so it's no longer anonymous:
        Should only be for announcements re: RIDE BIKE! USE LINUX!:
        Should be set to zero bytes every hour:
        A haven for anonymous anarchists determined to destroy the free world:
        Is nothing I care about:
2002/6/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:25166 Activity:nil
6/21    Filter Klez:
        :0 Bh
        * > 50000
        * ^Content-Type:[        ]*(audio/x-|application)
        * 1^0 ()<i?frame[        ]*src=(3d)?cid:
        * 1^0 ^--[^ ]+$$Content-
        \_ ifile!
2002/6/21-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25167 Activity:very high
6/21    Big bad apache hole in the wild.  Patch/upgrade now.  See
        or your favorite security site for details.
        \_ So they finally learned from Microshit?  "In order to gain free
           press we need to introduce security holes."
        \_ Does anyone think this vulnerability could lead to a fast spreading
           worm like  Code Red, for example?
        \_ What's the point? Apache + modules (esp. php) are full of holes.
           \_ So, don't use the modules you don't trust.
           Patch one, and there are still a hundred others that the '1337
           H4X0R5 will use to break in. Even if you patch all the modules,
           you still have all your executable content (perl cgi, ssi, php,
           servlet, jsp, etc) which is undoubtedly riddled with holes.
              \_ 1) try formatting.  2) just because there are other holes is
                 no reason not to patch this one.  3) glad you're not the admin
                 at my company.
           \_ It is possible but cracking a site by exploiting the holes
              in locally written code is much harder than exploiting a widely
              publicized and well understood vulnerability that possibly
              affects nearly every apache site out there.
           If you care about security, run publicfile.
           \_ publicfile does not support CGI scripts or any kind of server
              side programming which makes it fairly useless for lots of
        \_ Um, it's not actually that bad.  It's a DoS exploit at worst on
           many architectures.
           \_ nnnn!  go read the security alert, not msnbc.
              \_ Actually I read all three.  Plus the apache one.  Plus the
                 debian security-announce summary.  It's a DoS explot.
                 \_ Well you didn't read the one that said it's a full root
                    exploit.  Whatever, go use telnet.  Not my problem.
                 \_ At least one exploit (for openbsd) has already been posted
                    on bugtraq with intent to prove people like you wrong.
                    \_ If your OS doesn't execute data off the stack, it's
                       not exploitable (but it's still DOS).  And it's not
                       a root hole, just the user Apache runs as.  Still,
                       it's potentially bad.  -tom
                       \_ Lots of people run apache as root.  Lots of sites
                          that run apache as 'www' or whatever will also have
                          local holes if they haven't fixed this one.  Thus it
                          is highly likely that getting in through apache is
                          just one step from root.  Layers....
                          \_ I challenge you to find one person running
                             Apache as root.  -tom
                             \- the csua used to run a WEEB server on it's
                             name server. there was a bug that let you get
                             a shell running as the WEEB server uid. now it
                             turned out the WEEB server uid owned the WEEB
                             config file, so you could just changed the run-as
                             user to root and repeat the process and you would
                             have a root shell on the name server. this is
                             detailed in some comment by myself and P. Norby
                             some time ago. I dont think this is that big a
                             deal and right now the "real" denial of service
                             is all the people running around recommend things
                             like vulnerabilty people immidiately delete their
                             defaultroutes and such. --psb
2002/6/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25168 Activity:very high
6/21    There are songs about SF, NYC, LA, etc. Are there songs about
        Berkeley? Say from the 60s or something?
        \_ it's not a reasonable comparison.  berkeley is a college town.,
           and those are real cities.  how many songs can you name from
           cambridge, ma, palo alto, cambridge or oxford england,
           north hampton, ma, ithica ny, an arbor michigan, or new haven,ct?
           sure, there are colleges in the cities you mentioned, but
           that's not why there are songs about them(unles you include
           college fight songs in which case berkeley has an annoyingly
           high number.)
           high number.)  people sometimes seem to forget this, but
           berkeley is really just a college town.  no one would even
           think to ask the above question about State College, Pa for instance.
        \_ "The Elements Song", by Tom Lehrer at least mentions
           Berkeley, since two elements are named after Berkeley.
        \_ From the 60s I don't know, but you can start with Green Day,
           "Welcome to Paradise" from the mid-90s.
        \_ Berkeley?  You're confused about what Berkeley is all about.  No one
           in Berkeley actually *does* anything of any note, they just *talk*
           about it a lot and sometimes carry signs.  Why would anyone bother
           to write a song about Berkeley?  Would it be a take off on the "I
           left my heart in SF" song?  Like so, "I left my 3 sheets and my
           bong in Berkeley!"  Nah... doesn't work.  Berkeley shmerkeley.
           \_ attempted comedy? attempted troll? sorry... failed on all
                \_ Neither.  Stop looking for what isn't there and wasn't
                   intended.  This isn't a comedy club.
                   \_ Let me guess. You are one of the bitter angry
                      conservatives on soda, right?
                      \_ Hell, I'm a non-bitter, non-angry liberal, and I agree
                         with him/her.  --scotsman
                         \_ Haven't been robbed yet, Ben?
                      \_ Why do you assume all conservatives are bitter and
                         anygry?  Your assumption that anyone with a differing
                         philosophy must have social and psychological problems
                         is a huge intellectual cop-out.
                         \_ You must have huge social and psychological
                            problems.  If he though that ALL conservatives
                            were angry and bitter, he would not have had to
                            specify "one of those bitter angry conservatives"
                            and could have just said "conservatives".  Are
                            you one of those dim-witted, hyper-sensitive
                            \_ Yawn.  Are you one of those moronic and
                               blindly stupid ultra leftists who has to
                               determine the meaning of "is" and then attack
                               based on what you've falsely decided someone
                               has said by putting unspoken words in their
                               mouth rather than directly address their
                               statements?  No, you're probably not.  Have a
                               nice day.  :-)
           How about all those Cal fight songs?
        \_ Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today
                I want to be a part of it - Berkeley Berkeley
           hm, I guess that doesn't sound too good
        \_ Berkeley gets mentioned a fair amount.  Counting Crows
           "Down on Virginia and La Loma/Where I've got friends who care
           for me", Warren Zevon in "Roland, the Headless Thompson Gunner".
           John Denver has a song called "Berkeley Woman".  Joni Mitchell
           mentions People's Park in "Court and Spark."  -tom
           \_ the Barington[sp?] co-op is mentioned in a Primus song
              "if barington starts to breathe again, we might all
               just fade away."  perhaps someone can name the song. i forget.
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